((please dont mind my nonkpop fics they are works of a literal child and solely was made because my friend insisted on it xDD))

Hi!😆 I am:

» a very socially anxious, shy and weird bean
» she/her
» i draw and try to write. (read: failure)
» @Arisa_Zicara is said friend and my bae. Do not touch. I bite!
» I like anime! My main anime fandom is Haikyuu (my main anime waif is Yamaguchi Tadashi; Katsuki Bakugou is slowly climbing up that list).
» My kpop waifoos atm are Han Sanghyuk, Kim Taehyung and Shin Hoseok.
» Yoongi, Jungkook and Jin are my bias wreckers.
» I'm a fujoshi!
» I am also currently obsessed with MXTX novels! Please do treat yourself and give them a read!

» English is not my first language!!! So my grammar isn't exceptional, but I try to always improve!

» Feel free to befriend this lonely whale!! //throws hugs and smooches ew

((also read my rant book below if you're up for my babbles abt my life hihi))

My ships ♥ (no particular order, "♡" one is main!)

○ BTS: TaeJin ♡, Jinkook, TaeJinKook, JiKook, YoonMin, YoonKook, Jin x Maknae line.

○ MONSTA X: Hyunghyuk ♡, Kiho ♡, Wonhyuk, Jookyun

○ VIXX: Hyukbin ♡, RaKen, Neo

○ EXO: Chanbaek, Kaisoo (im staying strong lol), SuLay, XiuChen

○ INFINITE: MyungYeol, WooGyu, YaDong(porn) lol

[] Haikyuu!!: KageHina ♡, TsukkiYama ♡, Iwaoi, DaiSuga, KuroKen, LevYaku, BokuAka, AsaNoya, OiYama lol

[] Boku no Hero Academia: TodoDeku ♡, KiriBaku ♡

[] Yuri!!! on Ice - Viktuuri ♡, OtaYuri

[] Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: WangXian ♡, XiCheng,

[] Scum Villain's Self-Saving System: Bingqiu ♡

[] Heavenly Official's Blessing: Hualian ♡

@_choochun (BTS main);
@chaelattae (Monsta X main);
@shizuwun (MXTX main)

tumblr: choo-choon.tumblr.com

tap: GolGi15

aff: feels_train

ao3: feels_train

Enjoy your stay!!!~ ♡♡♡
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