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"aттenтιon"||ĸтн.втѕ||  by cutetaeminkook
"aттenтιon"||ĸтн.втѕ|| by •D•
"All he wants is their ATTENTION" Started: 01/20/17 Ended: 06/04/17 Highest rank: #23 in Fanfiction ||07/02/17|| ©-cutetaeminkook
VxBTS-Voices by WhyYouGotNoJams
VxBTS-Voicesby lol no
Taehyung didn't mean to bump into them again, not after everything they put him through. Some seemed more than happy to see him again. Oddly enough, considering they wer...
From Afar-VxBTS [Complete] by WhyYouGotNoJams
From Afar-VxBTS [Complete]by lol no
[Completed] Taehyung is the last omega, a royal one at that. He hides his scent and eyes so he isn't hunted down. He knows who his mates are, he knows they can protect h...
// The boy backstage \\ V x BTS // by 0v3rl0ad
// The boy backstage \\ V x BTS //by MiNEcRaFT GamR
Taehyung got a new job, he works as an assistant for a new popular Kpop boy group called BTS. The manager thought it would be best if Taehyung lived with them and insist...
Baby's care (vxbts) (EDITING) by _fluffytaetae
Baby's care (vxbts) (EDITING)by Flufftaetae
What happens when one day six rich heartless guys gets a 2 year old baby Taehyung at there doorstep? Are they able to take care of him and how will our baby Tae changes...
Protective brothers  by Tasnem488
Protective brothers by ✨♥️ mellow ♥️✨
This story is about 7 lovely brothers but the thing is that the 6 brothers are really protective and possessive about their little bear Taehyung's biggest wish is to see...
~Lied To~ by CupcakeAULoveSoul
~Lied To~by Still A Cupcake
The Kpop Band, BTS, is still known to be the most popular group in the world. All 6 members were alphas- whoops I forgot to add one. Hey, prompt-hyung, is Taehyung even...
Let Me Out [Taehyung Hurtfic/KTHxBTS] by SSears90
Let Me Out [Taehyung Hurtfic/ SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] An abusive ex manager sneaks back into the company building and hurts Taehyung.
GREAT PRETENDER // VxBTS // ✔ by greenyluck
GREAT PRETENDER // VxBTS // ✔by wella
Taehyung... Everyone hates him so he decided to move from Daegu to Seoul... He found the love he wanted when he bumped into BangPd. He became a trainee and got loving me...
The Baby (BTS X V) by Annu_Ot7
The Baby (BTS X V)by Annu
First story in Wattpad !
Taehyung's Angst(one shots) by greenyluck
Taehyung's Angst(one shots)by wella
Bunch of shitty one shots. Taebear being hurt, sick, and in pain situations. I know this is a total crap but who cares? I'm really into angst this days so lemme do thi...
Strict Doctor by reane_bea
Strict Doctorby reane_bea
Rated: M [VRENE ZONE] Jujur saja, selama 23 tahun Heaven hidup dan bernapas, tidak pernah sekalipun ia merasa putus asa dan frustasi dalam menjalani kehidupannya. Mau se...
The Cold Popular Girl (Kim Taehyung X Reader)  by NatashaTasyaar
The Cold Popular Girl (Kim Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N... isn't always how she is. She used to be a cheerful and kind girl. But after the death of her mom, things starts to turn for the worse. She turns emotionless and...
OCEAN EYES:what hurt's [kthxbts] by lightxflower
OCEAN EYES:what hurt's [kthxbts]by
"I didn't know what it hurt but it hurts"Kth In which taehyung is an idol and member of bangtan.They are successful and quite famous.All are happy until taehyu...
BTS Scenarios (Discontinued) by Stitched_up_weeb
BTS Scenarios (Discontinued)by Stitched Up Weeb
FIRST LOVE (WenGa) by justA__
FIRST LOVE (WenGa)by bbyushipxrvts
Because of a dare, Yoongi was forced to make Wendy, a chubby girl with golden heart fall inlove with him, not realizing that she was his first love. Can he make her stil...
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just one day • jungri  by squishytuan
just one day • jungri by squishytuan
❧ from glancing at each other in award shows to trying their best to hide their relationship on stage... a realistic story of how jungri came to be ♡ most impressive ran...
I Don't Know If I Can by lilasimonejohnso123
I Don't Know If I Canby lila simone
Taehyung was always depressed. His background story traumatized him. He has been in the group Bts for a long time. what happens when they start neglecting him.
Oneshots || BTSRV by Reveluvey
Oneshots || BTSRVby 🤍
You are the cause of my euphoria.