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A Second Glance by zerozaki_Zen
A Second Glanceby zerozaki_Zen
(Complete | Currently editing for a better read) After refusing his father to work on the same hospital in the city, Eren chose his own path as he set his foot on the tr...
Little Experiment by Koreaboohoo
Little Experimentby chiyomi
Attack on Titan Fan fiction! Levi humanity's strongest accidentally gets turned into humanity's youngest. How did this happen? Do they turn him back? Who takes care of h...
My Stupid Alpha by zerozaki_Zen
My Stupid Alphaby zerozaki_Zen
Summary "Dad!" My daughter laughed at his father. "We couldn't solve the horoscope!" "Oh! I thought we have to solve it like those puzzles."...
My little Heicho  (ereri fanfic) by MyImaginaryRomance
My little Heicho (ereri fanfic)by MyImaginaryRomance
When Hange's experiment backfires leaving Levi as a toddler. How will a certain brunette react to his even smaller heicho? (I don't own the characters and I was inspired...
Speechless by zerozaki_Zen
Speechlessby zerozaki_Zen
Levi was forced to do a dare which is to sign "I really like you. Please, be my Alpha," to a total stranger in a cafe. The dare is very embarrassing but there...
Ereri Oneshots (Smuts and Fluffs) by AngelPromentira
Ereri Oneshots (Smuts and Fluffs)by AJ's contents🌹
Seme Eren x Uke Levi Some ereri stories, some are connected and some aren't. I hope you enjoy<3
The Beast And A Beauty by OneDarkWish
The Beast And A Beautyby OneDarkWish
"You're not a monster" "If you've seen and heard what I've done, you would regret that Sentence" "Well you havnt given me a good enough reason t...
my boyfriend is now my girlfriend?!!!! by fanfreakout3
my boyfriend is now my Nevinea Damons
when Levi discovers that eren isn't comfortable with being out publicly he does something crazy... we'll what is a boy to do?!...dress as a girl and pretend to be his g...
one shots of Eren x levi ( most of then are probably going to be smut ) by im_probably_Adopted
one shots of Eren x levi ( most itdtdkxjtdody
il do a sine if it's going to be ⚠️⚠️ or 🍑🍆😏 and I always do Top Eren x Bottom Levi
Unforgivable Mistakes: Ereri by AngelPromentira
Unforgivable Mistakes: Ereriby AJ's contents🌹
Modern AU: Eren is a hard working assistant secretary on a company called "The Scouting Legion".He lives happily with his wife Levi Jaeger and their adopted so...
Eruri Smut ~ Distraction || LevixErwin by ava1ackerman
Eruri Smut ~ Distraction || Ava-cado🥑
'Erwin decided, with hollowed cheeks and his dick between the lips, Levi looked especially good.' Or 'Are you just going to stare or are you going to fuck me Erwin?' _...
A Stranger to the Wilds by zerozaki_Zen
A Stranger to the Wildsby zerozaki_Zen
Edited for a better read♥ One of the good things about being born as a domestic wolf was: humans treated you like a king. They provided you food, shelter, medicines and...
Ereri one shots / top eren x bottom levi 😃 by ficikitcjdmkuesdjalm
Ereri one shots / top eren x weeb._.Queen 《DreamSMP》:)
is this is just a bunch of oneshots offffffff Ereri *This means ( ) thinking " " talking ' ' move meant * WARNING ⚠️ Most of these are going to be...
The Bathtub |Ereri OS||Ereri AU| by LuKa_y
The Bathtub |Ereri OS||Ereri AU|by LuKa_y
Just a random Ereri OS in the modern universe. I hope you enjoy reading it. !!! the characters belong to Hajime Isayama !!! !!! Kind of a smut warning !!!
Who Knew  by 0CALLMEDADDY0
Who Knew by Sam
When Levi spraines his ankle while fighting, Eren takes him back to the castle against his will, but neither of them expected Eren helping him to turn out the way it doe...
A Day With Eren Yeager by zerozaki_Zen
A Day With Eren Yeagerby zerozaki_Zen
All that Eren knew is that humanity lost the war. His friends and comrades are dead. And Levi, his mate. He saw how that titan crush him on its fingers and threw the ra...
Ereri/Riren One-Shots //REQUEST OPEN// by Levi-is-squeakyClean
Ereri/Riren One-Shots //REQUEST ErenYouBrokeMyMop
Give me your ideas!! I will write anything !!!as long as it isn't any kind of bodily function/toilet play!!! I will say that some of these one shots will probably be ang...
Levi x stepstool by RayIsjust_gay
Levi x stepstoolby Ray_lol
"Help me step stool I'm stuck..."
My true love by lucylove_anime
My true loveby Lucylove
Levi Ackerman goes to a school called Freedom University. His two best friends Hanji and Erwin are in the school as him.The new students have been transferred to ther...
A Mafia and a Inoccent boy by EreriandBTSismylife
A Mafia and a Inoccent boyby Hyunjin's Hair
Eren is known as the most dangerous man in the world. Levi is a normal College student being bullied by a certain group what will happen if this 2 meet.