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Voltron: The Lost Lion { Keith X Reader } by Stephiecake03
Voltron: The Lost Lion { Keith X ❁Steph❁
•W E E K L Y U P D A T E S• {Highest rankings: #1 in voltronlegendarydefender & keithxreader & voltronxreader & purplelion & a lot more 💜} You are (Y/N), half Galra a...
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 Completed by tolllancey
They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 tolllancey
What happens when a part of Voltron, a paladin to be exact, is taken hostage by the Galra Empire? Would Voltron search far and wide for their missing piece, or would he...
Langst One Shots  by tolllancey
Langst One Shots by tolllancey
[Klangst/Langst. Requests will be taken in the first chapter] Does include: Self-Harm Depressive thoughts/actions Heartbreak Suicide Suicide attempts A Failure.. A Weakl...
Unexpected: A Voltron x Reader by amoriliaaa
Unexpected: A Voltron x Readerby your fellow writer <3
You didn't get into the Garrison like the other paladins did. You have been friends with Lance a while before he got into the Garrison. He had promised that he would vis...
𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕥 Ω 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻 Ω by Bi-Butterfly13
𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕥 Ω 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻 Ωby Arixa
The Galran race is becoming a dying breed. Many of them have undergone screening to see which would be fit to carry a child to full term. Those that test positive are ta...
VOLTRON: Legendary Defender Preferences/One Shots by SmegolsFree6246
VOLTRON: Legendary Defender -Oddball
A Voltron: Legendary Defender preference/one shot book. *REQUESTS CLOSED*
Keith x Reader by Dragonhybrid0112
Keith x Readerby Cassy Lynn / Casey Lane
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for the small parts of the plot that I make up. Okay, everyone knows that the heart of the Voltron lions are rocks, right? If not, you d...
//Silence// Pidge x Male! Reader by PhoenixAlikan
//Silence// Pidge x Male! Readerby choking hazzard
||CANCELLED|| (Y/N) and Katie (pidge) have been best friends for years. After her brother and father go missing on the kerberos mission, (Y/N) decides to do all he can t...
missing in action // Shance by chuuyalikesbutt
missing in action // Shanceby dazaieatsbutt
in witch lance had been missing for a year to join a secret rebel force and the team had been looking for him. what will happen when shiro finds lance in the hands of t...
Space boy by wafflecakeswithsyrup
Space boyby wafflecakeswithsyrup
Y/N L/N has always been different From a young age, she'd always wondered if her parents were the cause of this. Wherever they were. She then joins the space adventure...
Lovely-   Keith x reader [HAITUS] by voltronpaladins8
Lovely- Keith x reader [HAITUS]by Dancing_doofus
A confused galra halfbreed, and a clueless altean halfbreed from earth. Lets see how this goes...
Realisation and Freedom (A Voltron and Galra!Keith fanfic) by MEJ2235
Realisation and Freedom (A MEJ2235
It's always the same. Assignments beneath your skill level just because of what you are, not because of what you can do. Wait... what do you mean? A new assignment under...
The Black Lion Of Earth x Transformers Prime by DiarcyWalker
The Black Lion Of Earth x king the conquerer
Jack Darby gets into a big argument with Arcee which leads him to being banshished from the base. weeks later he gets into an energon accident set up by MECH and Silas...
Remembering the Past- Voltron Keith by Thedynomitefangirl
Remembering the Past- Voltron Keithby Vol-tron? Keith is Bae
*spoilers* Pain and fear. The only thing Keith felt, the only things he was allowed to feel in his first years of life. But, Keith was given the blessings of ignorance t...
The Wolf Shifter's Saviour by NicoleC2000
The Wolf Shifter's Saviourby AngelBlade
(On hold) Keith X Reader (Y/N) has been a prisoner to the Galra for as long as she can remember, a cell is all she has ever known. (Y/N) is the last of her species, the...
What they don't know won't hurt them by winterx_owonder
What they don't know won't hurt 🌼Izzy🏹
He nearly cried out at the impact. The Black Paladin dug his hands into the fabric of his shirt, pushing him harshly against the wall, "Where is Lance?!" Keith...
Red x Robin by TheGoodWitchsWonder
Red x Robinby Cheryl Carter
*I watched the Secret Of Moonacre just a few days ago, and I instantly fell in love with Robin De Noir* My name in the story is 'Red'. She has a few powers and tricks up...
Home... (Book 2) by RuneWrights
Home... (Book 2)by RuneWrights
Book Two of the Hold On series. And once again, shit has happened. If you haven't read Hold On I Still Need You, GO READ IT!!! ... Did you read it? ... Good!!! *dodges k...
Voltron Oneshots {Discontinued} by Klance_Fam2000
Voltron Oneshots {Discontinued}by Klance_Fam2000
One shots about the lovely characters of Voltron. The story has been discontinued. Along with that, they were written a long time ago, so overall the oneshots aren't the...