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Royal Blood II: Beyond the Crown | Francis Valois by vo1dstiles
Royal Blood II: Beyond the Crown | vo1dstiles
SEQUEL TO "ROYAL BLOOD" The late 1500's in the continent of Europe. Where Queen Arabella Tudor and her husband Prince Francis Valois will live and learn throug...
April Fool's by Bobbiejelly
April Fool'sby bobbiejelly
Meredith and Addison are bitter rivals in an endless prank war.
Grasp (continuation)BenEarth by PeNO84ling
Grasp (continuation)BenEarthby PeNO84ling
Since my old account Nome-enom is malfunctioning I decided to continue this story on this account. it was not supposed to be. But I am having trouble with my tablet and...
Beneath the clouds  by wtfiswrongwidoli
Beneath the clouds by wtfiswrongwidoli
"I did itttt!!!!" "We're so happy for you darling never fail to make us proud ....Love you so much" "Btw where is it?" "The Un...
Beautiful darkness beneath by InStoryland
Beautiful darkness beneathby InStoryland
The beautiful yet scary and evil, young siren, Nerissa Moonlit was always witnessed singing at dusk and night by the Pirate king, George Evans till one day when her frie...
Run From Love by _xJustBeYoux
Run From Loveby _xJustBeYoux
<3 Can they be escape in time before love can stop them? <3 One word. Captured. Two girls live on their own after their mother and father died in a mysterious acc...
Stories and Poems of Several by ProwlingInForests
Stories and Poems of Severalby Dawn
A collection of both, stories and poems by me. Each story is different and none of the parts are the same. Some may follow the same theme or it may be similar to one of...
Parasite by NefariousNematode
Parasiteby A. E.
Fantasy and Science combine to make a mind-boggling world of magic and technology. Moira Vanna gets swept into this world thanks to a school drop-out Alexander Reese and...
Beneath The Water by RainbowDashLoyalty
Beneath The Waterby 비키
Sapphire and Pearl are identical twins. They look, talk, and generally act the same, occasionally including thinking the same thing at the same time. Their best friend i...
Beneath Night's Shadow by Maegan-Danielle
Beneath Night's Shadowby Mae
Moving from the sandy beaches of Florida to the landlocked countryside of Tennesee is very difficult for sixteen year old Maegan Byrne. But after she moves into the his...
The Dark Side by anjanina365
The Dark Sideby anjanina365
Three days ago I was running for my life, and I'll tell you why. Well it all started like a normel day at college. I was just walking down the hallway looking at all...
What Lies Beneath by Nedume
What Lies Beneathby Nelson Mejia
Lena's parents have recently divorced, and her father has remarried. Forced to live with her two new step-sisters, and her new step-mother, she struggles to live day by...