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CeCeLib S CHAPTERS by Stunning_face02
CeCeLib S CHAPTERSby stunbih
Check niyo reading list sa baba sunod sunod na ung possessive Series. CHECK NIYO RIN UNG JONAXX S CHAP SA PROFILE KO HEHE
BNHA Lemons/Oneshots  🍋 by shoto_txdo
BNHA Lemons/Oneshots 🍋by Dxbi
🍋Hope you enjoyyyy!🍋 Requests are open :)!!
Love Square||Saiki K x Reader by babybooteacup
Love Square||Saiki K x Readerby Ayla
Why do they all love you so much?! [There will be alternate endings depending on whatever boy you want to end up with. There will be an ending for every boy (or girl) an...
Mature chapters from my books that can be read as one shots. Includes extracts from: -ARDEN -AMELIA -AMORA -PAPER CROWNS -THE FALL OF ARTEMIS -TO KILL A KING -HIS DIRTY...
Story ideas by m3g555
Story ideasby Megan
Story ideas free for anyone. Don't worry about credit I'm just here to help writers out. Also there is story and chapter titles free for anyone too. Free to use any of m...
Stepmom by Jane-Link
Stepmomby Jane-Link
Leo dreams of following in his father's footsteps of becoming a wealthy self-made man. Being like his father is something that he's always wanted, but it all changes whe...
One More Mistake | ✓ by ephemereals
One More Mistake | ✓by 𝒄.
❝ I'm just as broken as you are ❞ When Thea Nightingale enters her senior year she didn't expect to see the boy who had died over a month ago in the same room as her, al...
Connection Between Us (xxxtentacion) by shainaulmer
Connection Between Us ( ShainaLynn Ulmer
An Xxxtentacion love story♥️
Arranged Marriage || Kim Taehyung by jimintely
Arranged Marriage || Kim Taehyungby a
In your family's tradition it is that the second daughter of the household marries according to their parents. Unlucky for you, you are the second daughter. Ahn Mina (y...
histoires courtes  by Jiwonmanoballl
histoires courtes by watermlxon
Short stories about the Love of two beautiful young women.. other stories aren't mine credits to the owners
Elroy and Fay Extras by TubeText_it
Elroy and Fay Extrasby 𝓡𝓔𝓑𝓜𝓔𝓛𝓓𝓘𝓝𝓔
In which I give you the inside scoop to Elroy and Fay's life together... check out Dating Mr. CEO to read their story.
Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Wattpader! by JonathanMagistad
Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Look At My Username
Hello, my fellow Wattpaders! I will be your tour guide this evening! Your food and drinks should arrive soon! In the meantime, I will be able to answer all your question...
Don't you dare (Jimin ff 21+)  by taekooktaekook95
Don't you dare (Jimin ff 21+) by TAEKOOKLOVER
Jimin such a jealous person but he's so cute when he is jealous. He's y/n bf for more then 4 years. Because he is so jealous he becomes clingy and that's not bad, but yo...
We're broken people~ Adopted by Tyler Joseph by Isleofthejudge
We're broken people~ Adopted by Isleofthejudge
Crystal has been living in an orphanage ever since her parents got arrested... until one day she sees people who look very familiar....Tyler Joseph? (Trigger warnings- s...
Au!Sans x reader one-shots by MadhisStories
Au!Sans x reader one-shotsby Whomst the heck
This is a book full of one-shots. There will only be Sans(with Aus) x reader. No Sans x Sans.
Paint |•| Destiel by teawithmyotp
Paint |•| Destielby evie parker
"I could paint you. Your life. Your dreams." "Show me then." •artist!cas• •model!dean•
Fictional Love; Natsu X Reader by pajamabird
Fictional Love; Natsu X Readerby Mallory
You are one of the biggest Fairy Tail fans. You've seen all the episodes (subbed and/or dubbed), read all the manga, have tons of merchandise, and you're up-to-date on e...
Imagines: The Beatles by allwehearisQueen
Imagines: The Beatlesby allwehearisQueen
Just one of the thousands books containing Imagines, Preferences, Scenarios, Fluffs and Smuts about The Fab Four!!! #REQUESTS OPEN!!!# Best Rankings:- #2 in beatlemania ...
Infected: An Interactive Story by MW3_SH0TGUN
Infected: An Interactive Storyby Sh0tgun
The world is attacked by a disease. Zombie-like people are stumbling across the world. Infected people are slowly turning into blood-thirsty monsters. You are armed wit...