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Five Times Draco Went To Potions And One Time He Didn't by firebolt-
Five Times Draco Went To Potions A...by felix felicis
In which Harry and Draco get partnered in Potions by Slughorn and Harry thinks that it might be the worst thing that has happened to him in all his six years at Hogwarts...
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What they always wanted by DearDiaryIHaveADream
What they always wantedby Gerda
Hermione Granger has always been one to never break the rules. Draco Malfoy breaks almost every rule ever. She is on the good side. He is on the bad side. Or so it seem...
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Ms. Samantha? by Rosie-Blue
Ms. Samantha?by Rosie
I suddenly woke up, but my mind is blank. Who am I? Where am I? What is happening?
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The "Chosen One" has a Sister. ( Harry Potter Fan Fic ) by SachikoKana
The "Chosen One" has a Sister. ( H...by SachikoKana
Aislinn Potter has been hidden in the shadows of her brother. She is two years younger than Harry, and they haven't met since they were both infants. This is Aislinn's c...
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Dragon by NGreener
Dragonby N.Greener
A Draco Malfoy Love Story We all have a partner in life. Even if we don't know who they are, they still exist. Vena Hatrix is a Beauxbatons pure blood witch, 16 years...
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Being a wizard @ Hogwarts (sequel to wizards @ Hogwarts) by smileyankm11
Being a wizard @ Hogwarts (sequel...by Aphrodite+Apollo kid
Alexa Lily Potter is now waiting impatiently to be going to Hogwarts. From her brother's point of view it seems awesome. Except for the almost dying at the hands of the...
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Sick Senseless Sanity by madamexlestrange
Sick Senseless Sanityby Bella's Cissy
Causing pain to another was Bellatrix' sick sense of sanity. Leaving them helpless at her mercy held captive by the unbearable sting under the cruciatus curse. That was...
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Desperation by Always_Wondering
Desperationby Always_Wondering
Marauders era. Blackinnion & Jily. Oneshots.
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Veritaserum // Draco Malfoy FF by sectemsempra
Veritaserum // Draco Malfoy FFby samantha
Veritaserum; colourless, odorless potion that forces the drinker to tell the truth. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and sometimes, the truth will set you free.
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Dramione One-Shots by grangerspureblood
Dramione One-Shotsby Hermione Granger
Dramione one-shots. Hope you enjoy.
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Invisible by MyLittleGoldenBoy
Invisibleby Jas Walker
Harry Potter is a student at Hogwarts, a school for Witches & Wizards alike, but his "undeserved" popularity causes him to come face to face with many enemies...
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Really Good Quotes by Jenniplite
Really Good Quotesby Jenniplite
Some random quotes that I particularly love
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Addicted - Dramionie by benlyonss
Addicted - Dramionieby benlyonss
Just when it's going perfect for Draco and Hermionie ………………… happens.
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I'm sorry for loving you. (A Draco Malfoy love story) by An_apple2103
I'm sorry for loving you. (A Draco...by An_apple2103
Ruby Swift is known for apologising. Should she be guilty or not, it does not metter. Draco Malfoy is known as the boy who never apologises, should he be guilty or not...
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The Potter Girl {~ A Harry Potter fanfic~} by harrypotter73198
The Potter Girl {~ A Harry Potter...by harrypotter73198
"Lily! It's him! Take Harry and go! Now! Run!" James Potter yelled to his wife. "I've got Haley.. just go!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All Haley Evans want...
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The Way I Loved You: A Draco Malfoy Love Story by xoNessa
The Way I Loved You: A Draco Malfo...by Vanessa
I stared at the picture, a small smile on my face. A boy and girl were racing each other on their toy broomsticks, both aiming to capture the snitch that was lazily flut...
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Mischief Managed by PedroVilanova
Mischief Managedby Pedro Vilanova
This story happened many years before Harry Potter received his letter inviting him to enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and way before he defeated th...
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Dramione fan fic two: Broken by Dramione_loveaffair
Dramione fan fic two: Brokenby Dramione_loveaffair
A Gryffindor and Slytherin? Together? Yeah right! It was impossible! Until Last Monday...
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - From Different POVs by Annabubble14
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Pr...by Annabubble14
I have just picked out my favourite bits of the book/film or bits that were never shown and I've rewritten them in different points of view! Sorry, but the chapters are...
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Demigods and Magic Schools. by 23Firecat23
Demigods and Magic Schools.by Firecat
Though for many centuries Chiron and the wizarding society have been hard at work to keep their existence secret it all goes wrong when a wizard suddenly appears at camp...
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