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Bad idea | Sirius Black  by dilfsandmiIfs
Bad idea | Sirius Black by I don’t know
She always knew it was a bad idea. But loving was apart of the Potter genes. • CURRENTLY WRITING Slow burn {Sirius black x female oc} {Maruarders era} Cover : @moth...
The Marriage Law // Remus Lupin by theawriites
The Marriage Law // Remus Lupinby thea :)
After the first wizarding war, the ministry passed a law for all eligible wizards to marry. the ministry sent out letters of who your soulmate is and by when you have t...
issue | james potter by elleira-
issue | james potterby arielle
"There is one more thing. No matter what happens, you're not allowed to fall in love with me." "Won't be an issue." ... in which james potter tries t...
attached | james potter by kill-zones
attached | james potterby di angelo
James Potter is infatuated. Utterly and completely infatuated. And he isn't going to give up that easily. (James/OC) UNEDITED!!!
PERFECT // JAMES POTTER by -nausicaa_
"You can cry, You can laugh, You can scream out your feelings for the whole world to hear. Whatever you do, you will always seem perfect in my eyes." PERFECT A...
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE | peter pettigrew x oc ✓ by yellowbeesknees
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE | peter pettig...by 𝗔𝗗𝗔𝗥𝗔
❝ yeah, alright pettigrew ❞ COMPLETE When Peter meets Jane Anderson he hardly sees her. She's been around before, always friends with the girls in Gryffindor. But it's a...
𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐄 // james potter by anjo1006
𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐄 // james potterby anjo1006
"Look at her. She's perfect." "Yeah, Lily does look good tonight." "What? No, I mean Lyra." [Marauders Era] [©-anjo1006]
I'm Your Daughter (Sirius Black's Daughter) by -LoonyLupinn_
I'm Your Daughter (Sirius Black's...by 🥀✨
In which her Dad cares more about the chosen one, where she finds her safe place with her Aunt Andy, Uncle Ted, Her Cousin Tonks, and His Godfather Remus Lupin. At times...
Dear Porcupines| Marauders Era by thatredskittle
Dear Porcupines| Marauders Eraby silvanus kettlebum
Amaryllis Evans is too obsessed with a greasy haired Slytherin, who's obsessed with her twin, to realize that her own dog with a shining fur coat is falling for her. -M...
The Sun, Moon & Stars by magicalpadfoot
The Sun, Moon & Starsby magicalpadfoot
Wolfstar daughter fic. Follows years 1-7. Canon-compliant. OC has a love interest eventually. Content Warning's (CW) will be given for any explicit or potentially trigg...
A Wolfstar Alphabet by foodandbooksarecute
A Wolfstar Alphabetby miranda
A-Z of Wolfstar Oneshots - //credit to @textureisland on insta for the texture used in the cover//
Mini Padfoot by EllieLupinBlack
Mini Padfootby ☽𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎-𝚖𝚊𝚎☽
This is a Modern Day AU of the marauders era, where of course, James and Lily never died and Peter is just like his younger self. . Or is he? Remus and Sirius had been...
You'll Be Quiet, Hm? | Marauders Era by Lana_theterror
You'll Be Quiet, Hm? | Marauders E...by Lana
"Don't be dramatic, and for merlin's sake, stop scaring her." "Shush. Let me speak." His presence was thundering and no doubt about it, his stormy an...
Serendipity (S. Black) by wildflowersandink
Serendipity (S. Black)by shieldmaiden
Serendipity (n) finding something good without looking for it - Marauders Era Fanfiction - Eva Taylor. Sixth year. First female keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team...
The Marauders: Year One | #Wattys2016 by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year One | #Wattys2...by Hannah
Moony. Wormtail. Padfoot. Prongs. Their adventures were the stuff of Hogwarts legend. But there are untold stories, stories that only the four of them know. Come along a...
unrequited love | jegulus by prongsadvocate
unrequited love | jegulusby crazy capricorn
"you're mine now, reggie," whispered james, "yeah?" the story is complete but i will be doing bonus chapters <3
The Marauders: Year Three | #Wattys2016 by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Three | #Watty...by Hannah
Third Year promises to be the most exciting yet as James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter decide to live up to their title as the Marauders of Hogwarts. Prepare for laughs and...
BELOVED | James Potter by potterdrip
BELOVED | James Potterby jpotter
James Potter lied to his parents that he was in a relationship. Who's the unlucky girl? Gwen Selwyn, his childhood friend and neighbor. "Who's your girlfriend James...
The Marauders: Year Seven Part One by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Seven Part Oneby Hannah
The Marauders' final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From surprising changes in staff to a Christmas holiday moment you've all been waiting for, Yea...
serendipity - 𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐔𝐒 𝐋𝐔𝐏𝐈𝐍 by chlorinestoken
serendipity - 𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐔𝐒 𝐋𝐔𝐏𝐈𝐍by 𝐜𝐡𝐥𝐨𝐞 ⚘
༄*:・ in which genevieve lewis is completely oblivious to one of her best friends feelings towards her.