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Reapers - Thirteen Brothers by Tsubame
Reapers - Thirteen Brothersby Shim Simplina
(Reapers Chronicles Book I of III) (Watty Awards Paranormal Story of 2012) I know I'm supposed to be dead. But for some reason, I'm not. I am Aramis Rayne. Occupation:...
Once in a Blue Moon [Disney Twisted Wonderland OC] by HeroProject39
Once in a Blue Moon [Disney HeroProject 39
"Don't chase the dreams. They'll lead you to nowhere, just an abyss you'll never be able to wake up from." -??? A young girl is magically warped to the realm o...
The strongest huntress's weakness by da_tiny_jelly_ghost
The strongest huntress's weaknessby Da_tiny_jelly_ghost
You own your own little bakery in Mistral. It was what you wanted to do after graduating from beacon. Pretty weird right. Everyone at school thought of you as the greate...
Fairytale  by StAl2LiGhT
Fairytale by 🍄Brooke 🧚🏼‍♀️
⚠️ warning: mature content, including gore, abuse, mental illness( small scale),sexual relations, and some beastial play between protagonist and the wendigo "Heed t...
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by ____joelk
Extremely Short Horror Stories ( Joel K
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
Guarded by Death ✔️  by HardinsGirl1
Guarded by Death ✔️ by H.L. Swan 🧡
When Pierce - the Angel of Death - lands his emerald eyes on a beautiful girl named Scarlett, his mundane eternal life will change forever. For him, there is no greater...
Death is Around the Corner by LastLightAlive
Death is Around the Cornerby LadyNebula
Transformers Prime x Grim Reaper! Female! Reader Cover made by @Kurokine ---------- It was just any normal day really.. Collecting souls and crossing out names in her bo...
Burning Castles | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
Burning Castles | ✓by sher
∞ A Wattpad Featured Story on 17 January 2018 ∞ "There are two sides of the same coin." In a dystopian society where people are discriminated by their social...
The Red Hunter by Belle_Books05
The Red Hunterby B e l l e
*A Little Red Riding Hood retelling* --- Rose LaRoux is not your delicate flower. At least not after witnessing he...
The Inheritor [Twisted Wonderland FF ft. OC] by Kazuki-Rina
The Inheritor [Twisted kazuki-rina
Himemiya is just an average young woman that was thrown to an unknown world where people using magic is of the norm. With no way to go back, she will have to survive and...
Fear of Flying ✓ by arcticstars
Fear of Flying ✓by arcticstars
A fear of flying is one thing. Being seated next to a Tetris-addict who claims to be the Reaper is quite another. "He pulled out a business card. Where his profes...
Death at Hogwarts - A Harry Potter fanfiction by SophiaFireweaver
Death at Hogwarts - A Harry SophiaFireweaver
Humans know them as the 'Deathly Hallows' I know them as mine. I am the Grim Reaper, and I'm taking back what belongs to me.
The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer by DistantDreamer
The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Monica Sanz
Abigail Archer lived a non-existent life. That is until Death arrived at her door with an interesting proposition... He asks her to live. But what will Abigail do when s...
The Reaper by arcticstars
The Reaperby arcticstars
As far as lazy roommates go, Death is probably as bad as they come. Rosa Delgada only wants a nice, ordinary weekend. When some guy claiming to be the Reaper comes knock...
The Pawn of Ink [Twisted Wonderland Reader Insert] by GemiAndMini
The Pawn of Ink [Twisted GemiAndMini
[Twisted Wonderland x Fem!Reader] You wake up in a sea of ink and tar. As you slowly sink down into its murky depths, a mirror floats in front of you, with a hand reachi...
The Grim Reaper's Daughter by filmguyTTT
The Grim Reaper's Daughterby Trentice Leonard
After a prank gone wrong causes her death, Bree Ellis receives a gift from the Grim Reaper and returns to her town a year later to seek revenge upon those who shunned he...
The Dragon's Valkyrie by Eternalautumnfire
The Dragon's Valkyrieby Jeremiah Wilson
All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is...
NEW Grim Edventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy by ReginaldKonga
NEW Grim Edventures of Ed, Edd n ReginaldKonga
What if the Grim Reaper never met Billy & Mandy? What if instead he met Ed, Edd n Eddy? In this alternate reality, the Eds will abuse Grim's powers for scams and go on p...
Never told Nursery Rhymes by Nuyadha
Never told Nursery Rhymesby John Saxon
Are these the sort of things you like, my dear? the stories and the rhymes that make you shake? are you the sort who seeks darkness and fear? I surely hope you are, for...
The Grim Reaper's Possession by DecemberDoll
The Grim Reaper's Possessionby Circe December
Seeing what others can't see can be both a blessing and a curse. But what if a female who accidentally earned it caught the eye of the grim reaper himself? -The story is...