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Behind Closed Doors(PeRyl One Shots):Volume 1 by Cherylouise_
Behind Closed Doors(PeRyl One x y r a✨
A book that consists random PeRyl Behind Closed Doors situations. NOTE:EVERYHTING THAT'S WRITTEN IN THE BOOK IS PURELY FICTIONAL.
Left Behind (A Fred & George fanfic) by PriscillaWrites
Left Behind (A Fred & George Priscilla
What if Fred Weasley's mischief wasn't quite managed yet?
Behind Closed Doors  (boyxboy) (edited) by MaxNight
Behind Closed Doors (boyxboy) ( Max Night
For two years now Kaine has been in love with his roommate Seth. Seth didn't let Kaine's love for him affect him at first but one day he started growing feeling for Kain...
Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story) by Amaterasu
Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Amaterasu!!!!
The combined seasons of 1 and 2 of Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story) Summary per each season in author notes. Note: And yes, that bookcover is mine, so no snatch...
BEHIND [Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction] by loey414
BEHIND [Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction]by icy4loey
Living with my step brother, the famous Oh Sehun, should be a simple thing to do before Park Chanyeol stepped into my life. This asshole (네, 새끼) is either ruining or fil...
DOLOROSA POEMAby @bookwormiee
poems about sadly truths that we can't avoid
What I Left Behind by dinaAbu
What I Left Behindby Dina
She loves him and he loves her. But that is as friends of course. Blake Gray and Ethan Bradley are the closest of friends living their young, wild lives. But what they...
Girl Behind the Mic by purple_princess143
Girl Behind the Micby isabella
Let's face it there are shy, awkward people in the world and Emily just happens to be one of them. Her love of singing makes her start a Youtube Channel and her insecuri...
The Trouble Behind You by YshArtemis
The Trouble Behind Youby Eiisha
(On-going) I was just living my life freely and simply, no pressure and just enjoying my highschool life. In school I interact a lot, I make friends with whoever I meet...
Behind (HS1) [✔] by Swe3tNCold
Behind (HS1) [✔]by Vivien
Do you want to be rich? Do you want to know what's heiress life? I am Yana Amoncio and I will tell you what's my life for being a heiress. 'Si Kamatayan? 'Wag mong takbu...
Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone) by OfficiallyKenz
Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone)by Kendra ✌
Anna has once again found herself alone in the walker infested world. But she's not completely alone this time, she has Andrea with her after the farm was overrun. Will...
Behind The Scenes by jesmolloy
Behind The Scenesby Jessica Molloy
Charlotte Paxton grew up wanting to take after her father's (Bill Paxton) job. She can't pursue her dream job due to reasons of fear, but finds a way to be around people...
Left Behind by Alianthdra
Left Behindby Melissa Vakarian
Rynn of the Southern Water Tribe is in love with her best friend, Sokka. But she also has a deep secret - she is a Waterbender. In a time of war where the ruthless Fire...
ChanBaek: Behind The Cameras by soranokonan
ChanBaek: Behind The Camerasby Sorano Konan
What is Chanyeol doing to Baekhyun behind the cameras? When no one was around? When no fans around clicking their camera phones at them and when they're alone or back to...
Behind The Jersey by LilMissSpontie
Behind The Jerseyby Alexandra :)
How can a person be so infuriating yet so intriguing? ••••••••••••• Elizabeth Kennedy never really thought of sexy football all star slash steamy quarterback, Colton Bla...
Behind The Screen [BXB]  by MickeyLCA
Behind The Screen [BXB] by Mickey
It started with a computer screen.
Left Behind {ON HOLD} by CharlieTrenka
Left Behind {ON HOLD}by Charlie
When Jurassic World first opened, people flooded in with their kids and loved ones. Owen Grady was one of the workers there. He worked with the Raptors. Grady was first...
Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita] by Millie055
Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita]by Emily
Katherine Joni Quinn pulled strength from her traumas when she found herself in a dark place. Having killed one of Division's main providers, she has ended up inside Div...
Untold Vows of Medallion (ONHOLD) by GirlFromEspanya
Untold Vows of Medallion (ONHOLD)by ℨenith J
Sacred Series 1: Ma. Aliandria Daneuveria Virtuadazo- A typical high school student who loves seeking thrill and adventure in life to fill colors in it, not until he met...