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You and Me (Ninjago) by MeganxB3
You and Me (Ninjago)by Megan
When Lloyd is faced with his inner demons, will Nya help him see the light? Or will Lloyd succumb to the darkness that lies within. This story takes places from season...
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All Eyes On Me by AriaLord
All Eyes On Meby AriaLord
Aria Lord is the precious only child of Empress Layla of Ninjago. The princess has everything, born with beautiful looks and riches, she was given everything she wants...
Handcuffed To The Player (kai x reader) by gigi27lambert
Handcuffed To The Player (kai x re...by Gigi
Ninjago- Kai x Reader --- "What are you so scared of to not answer a stupid simple question!?" I yell back angrily. He didnt reply. "Just fucking answer...
Emerald Embers | Ninjago Greenflame OneShots by xann_is_gone
Emerald Embers | Ninjago Greenflam...by Failure0nHiatus
#LLOYDISNOTAKID (like movieverse age) This used to be a Ninjago oneshots book, but I'm changing it so this is just greenflame and there will be a separate book for the o...
Trey Walker II Zane Julien x Male Reader by S28692648
Trey Walker II Zane Julien x Male...by Trey Walker
Trey Walker. The twin brother to Jay Walker. The two of them have had the strongest bond since they were babies. Although they have the same hair, eyes, and smile, they...
The Ninja Hero [LLOYD MALE READER X MHA] by LaTacoM
The Ninja Hero [LLOYD MALE READER...by E_Ball_Player
Now I haven't seen a Ninjago X MHA Story for the reader but here I am to deliver "My father may be a Villain... but I'll be the Hero to stop him!" Like my Mac...
Ninjago: One More Ninja by AriaLord
Ninjago: One More Ninjaby AriaLord
Aria Lord is the daughter of the Overlord, but instead of following in her father's evil footsteps she chose to stay with Sensei Wu and became a ninja. Aria is joined by...
Lloyd G. x Y/N || Incorrect Quotes by arcadeliaa
Lloyd G. x Y/N || Incorrect Quotesby lia
*Completed* Incorrect quotes with Lloyd Garmadon and you-- I'll be doing the other ninja plus one with all the ninja as well. Not gonna lie y'all, some of these were so...
My Princess | Fem!readerxLloyd by Michael1Silver
My Princess | Fem!readerxLloydby Michael1Silver
Y/n was a new princess of Ninjago City. Because of earlier events with Harumi not everyone likes her family and they quickly gain enemies. When someone finally tries to...
Forgotten- Morro X Reader by ApPLe_29x
Forgotten- Morro X Readerby Apple
Destiny. It must have been destiny for a little stray boy meeting a man with a kind heart. It must have been destiny for that boy to find out he was a descendent of the...
Spin of Change by Cookiecrumble361
Spin of Changeby Cookiecrumble361
When Alex, an 18 year old guy from our world dies and appears in Ninjago shortly after Season 4, his first thought isn't on how he is going to help the Ninja. No, its on...
Green Mistress | LloydxFEM!Reader by YaSi666
Green Mistress | LloydxFEM!Readerby YaSi
"Lego ninjago?" I rasp out, dragging my hand through the strands on my head. "Okay so a perfect match. A soulmate?" "Platonically..." Ther...
Fear of Falling Apart  by leesneedtostop
Fear of Falling Apart by ʟᴇᴇ
[Series!Lloyd x F!Reader] Don't you hate it when you're plucked out of high school right before your graduation and made the new Princess of Ninjago? Yeah me too. <CO...
The Lego Ninjago Series by SavannahNinjago
The Lego Ninjago Seriesby
It's the same as the Lego Ninjago but I add three characters in series. I do not own the Lego Ninjago. only I own is my three characters. Character - Kai - Jay - Nya ...
Ninjago Texting by JamesTheSwagg3r
Ninjago Textingby The Duck Prince JamesTheSwagg...
Texting with your favourite Ninja! Thanks for reading. Will mainly contain JAYA as the shipping, but others will be mentioned. Requests welcomed!
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"I'm Fine" A Ninjago Fanfic by AlexTaylor03
"I'm Fine" A Ninjago Fanficby .
SO I see a lot Ninjago Fanfics of Lloyd and they see him as a happy cheerful kid, right!? But this is a story about Lloyd isn't fine. !WARNING! This story contains Self...
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone x Reader) by pip1111
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone...by Pip
{Set in Season 4, Tournament of Elements} Y/n is a direct descendant of the Elemental Master of Crystallization. With the ability to form weaponry and armor at will, she...
▬promise of particles▬lloyd x FEM!reader▬ by Cottagecore_sock
▬promise of particles▬lloyd x FEM...by Sockofthewood
"see you sometime?" ▬ a Lloyd x reader story▬ lowercase intentional ▬ starts between Seabound and Crystalized ▬ 2nd book to 'Greenlit Light' Only Fluff :D (wit...
Rivals {Ninjago AU} by beep24
Rivals {Ninjago AU}by Lil' Bo Beep
Ridgewood Academy, a prestigious boy's school in Ninjago City, is renowned for its placement rates in Ivy-League institutions. Some call it closed-minded and accuse it o...
Evil of a Broken Past (Ninjago) by meowybiscuits
Evil of a Broken Past (Ninjago)by meowybiscuits
TW: s3lf h@rm, mentions of su!c!d3 As the son of Garmadon, the total king of evil, villainy was the only thing Lloyd knew. He'd never questioned the family business. But...