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Distorting Destiny by SunnypuppyKate
Distorting Destinyby Kate
A decidedly female soul gets reincarnated as Lloyd Garmadon. She goes through the ups and downs of this second life trying to find happiness and family. A/N: Any suggest...
We Are Survivors by FireCloud3
We Are Survivorsby FireCloud3
[AFTER EPISODE 84] In Ninjago, all hope seems lost. The two remaining Ninja, Lloyd and Nya, along with their allies, muster whatever strength they can to resist Emperor...
Ninjago Crystalized: Shattered  by DraGun327
Ninjago Crystalized: Shattered by ReNinjaing
A whole year has passed after Nya's sacrifice. Many of the Ninja had deserted from the team to do their own personal things, however that wouldn't last too long when the...
Ninjago: The Cursed Child by AriaLord
Ninjago: The Cursed Childby AriaLord
The ninja discover the prophecy of the green ninja, then they discover is the prophecy of the purple ninja, together the two ninja would be unstoppable, but apart they w...
Silent wind (Ninjago x mute reader) by Illo_wat
Silent wind (Ninjago x mute reader)by Illo_book
A little girl name (Y/n), who had a mother and father, and lost them at the age of 5. She became traumatized and muted. She was all by herself. Stranded, nobody helped h...
The Ninja Hero [LLOYD MALE READER X MHA] by LaTacoM
The Ninja Hero [LLOYD MALE READER...by E_Ball_Player
Now I haven't seen a Ninjago X MHA Story for the reader but here I am to deliver "My father may be a Villain... but I'll be the Hero to stop him!" Like my Mac...
,dandelions' || Lloyd. G x Reader by 0lynxO
,dandelions' || Lloyd. G x Readerby lynx
[rise of the snakes - hands of time] .•° ✿ °•. 𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 an abandoned oni finds true happiness in their group of friends 𝗼𝗿 𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵...
Birthright | Ninjago by CASTIKLINE
Birthright | Ninjagoby 𝐂𝐀𝐒
❛ I AM NOT MY FATHER. ❜ The story of the Overlord vs. the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master has been passed down for generations, but few people still believe in the legend of g...
Ghost Friend | Ninjago × Reader ✔️ by ZTA1692
Ghost Friend | Ninjago × Reader ✔️by ZTA
Losing a friend was hard, but him returning as a ghost possessing another friend just to become the green ninja was something Y/n did not expect at all. ...
Childhood love lost at sea (Ninjago x male reader) by MafuLuzx
Childhood love lost at sea (Ninjag...by Mafuluzx
"It's... You, (y/n)! (n/n)!" At this (y/n) froze, before looking at Jay in surprise. Jay rushed closer and examined the boy's face before smiling. "(y/n)...
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone x Reader) by pip1111
Last One Standing (Cole Brookstone...by Pip
{Set in Season 4, Tournament of Elements} Y/n is a direct descendant of the Elemental Master of Crystallization. With the ability to form weaponry and armor at will, she...
My Protector (Lloyd X Reader) by PhoenixBTS
My Protector (Lloyd X Reader)by PhoenixBTS
Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago using four elemental weapons. But when he passed, a dark presence sought out to collect them all...
|| GARMADON FAM one-shots ||  by a_lazysloth
|| GARMADON FAM one-shots || by kita best boi ✨
Might include some Garmadon x Misako fluff one-shots from the past or present because who doesn't love them two? Will not have any Wusako, I am strongly againts Wusako...
Lloyd x femreader oneshots by iivrzwebb
Lloyd x femreader oneshotsby iivrzwebb
Just random one-shots of you and Lloyd I promise it gets better Things to know: ---------- • you and Cole are cousins • you are the elemental master of telekinesis •...
Fight Beside Each Other | Lloyd X Reader by MehIWritem
Fight Beside Each Other | Lloyd X...by Writem
Y/n is a girl that was adopted by loving parents. When her powers start showing, does her adopted parents accept her? Will she meet friends? Does she believe everything...
Ninjago Incorrect Quotes with (Y/n) by K1TKAT1211
Ninjago Incorrect Quotes with (Y/n)by Kit_Kat
[ALSO ON QUOTEV] I do not own Ninjago or most of these quotes, very few of these I made up but I'm too lazy to tell you which ones, you're still welcome to use all of th...
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Ninjago : The Purple Ninja - Book 1 by GamerGirl_2000
Ninjago : The Purple Ninja - Book 1by IndigoPhoenixx
Katarina's life has been all over the place: She ran away from home, she got taken in by Wu and Garmadon and fought alongside them, and joined the Elemental Alliance. Bu...
between these walls | ninjago au by alirxi
between these walls | ninjago auby predebut han
"A lot goes on between these walls." "This isn't some ordinary boarding school." "People call us freaks. We think it's cool though." "...
Ninjago- "An ending is really just a new beginning" by KDMXEDITS
Ninjago- "An ending is really just...by Khadee
Hi guys! This is my first time actually writing a book and publishing it! So this story takes place after crystalized. The ninja have still not yet found their powers, H...
Querencia  by Morro_the_Cursed
Querencia by Morro_the_Cursed
(n.) A place where one feels safe, a place from which one's strength of character is drawn. [M/n] Caelestis has no memory of who he is, relying entirely upon Sensei Wu t...