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Straight? Sorry I'm Gay [bl] by PenguinFlippy
Straight? Sorry I'm Gay [bl]by ✿*:・゚Pengi゚・:*✿
Straight? Sorry I'm gay Aka System Transimgation: Turn the target gay --------------- Maybe being gay is easier than being straight. What's there to lose? ...
Gentleman Rich Person Sir, I'm NOT Yours! by SilentWatch83
Gentleman Rich Person Sir, I'm SilentWatch83
Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction and twice as perilous. Sometimes, the last thing you wished for, happened first. Sometimes, Celestial Matchmaker Yue loves me...
My love(Completed) by CathrinaRose18
My love(Completed)by CathrinaRose18
The next story after My Bride. Zu Xing is a emperor bodyguard ( Bou Zing) when suddenly he saw Zui Xiang walking out from tge emperor chamber and crush onto him.His hear...
Con artist Wangfei by koeygurl93
Con artist Wangfeiby koeygurl93
Luo Ren Ai, she was the con artist the richer people don't want to be facing. When she con someone, the conned person don't have a good ending and always ended in jail...
The Very First Wound - Hua Hua You Long Fanfiction by a_yuppo
The Very First Wound - Hua Hua Yu Xian
I am a King. Having anything that I desire in this world is an absolute destiny for me. Not to mention... You! But what if I lose you? How God will compensate me? Well...
'The Emperor favours Lady Linh over anyone' --- The Qiuyue Empire was the most influential, having everything from goods to trade and a powerful leader to rule their cou...
Unfair - HHYL Fanfiction by a_yuppo
Unfair - HHYL Fanfictionby Yu Xian
When desire to monopolize you become unreasonable and unbearable My first fict for my beloved Jing and Lu Chang. Pleaae forgie me since my english is super suck XD
Mulberry Song [Burmese Translation] by SuYadanar301
Mulberry Song [Burmese Translation]by Haruko
(Zawgyi) က်ံဳးၿမိဳ႕႐ိုးက ခုန္ခ်မႈတစ္ခုက ခ်န္းရဲမႉးမတ္ရဲ႕ေအာင္ပြဲခံမႈျဖစ္တဲ့ကမၻာကို သိမ္းပိုက္စိုးမိုးဖို႔ေခတ္သစ္တခုတည္ေထာင္ဖို႔ ျဖည့္ဆည္းေပးခဲ့တယ္။သူမကေတာ့ အထီးက်န္ဝိညာဥ...
Accidental Counterattacks of A Young Miss by TigerAkemi1
Accidental Counterattacks of A TigerAkemi1
___________________________________ She is a Young Miss that has been given a new life to live... and maybe love... ___________________________________ I can accept tran...
Reminiscence of Kun Lun || 3L3W Fanfic by shinaxlee
Reminiscence of Kun Lun || 3L3W 『 Shina Lee 』
ON HIATUS Their first meet was indeed an absurd one. Alerted by a Kun Lun artifact, Mo Yuan seeks out the mysterious tiger goddess, Lian Yi, who claims to be the owner...
Blood of Deception [ON HOLD] by KurosuMiei
Blood of Deception [ON HOLD]by Mayer Cross
Why it's on hold? Because the first draft is crap and I want to slap myself in the face when I read it. So, please read it at your own risk. ____________________ Amidst...
Reborn as a Tyrannical Princess?! by nemuiii
Reborn as a Tyrannical Princess?!by 懶女孩
For some random reason, Jianna Suizon perished on the spot. Just when she thought it was all over, Jia woke up shocked to find herself alive but in an ancient Chinese fa...
The Two-faced Venerate Emperor by BlindBeast_10
The Two-faced Venerate Emperorby @BlindBeast_Darkers10
She is a glutton without troubles or worries crossed over and became a young fat chick with a deep vengeance. He is a young master of the continent's number one power; a...
Fall Of Han (On-Hold) by takoverse
Fall Of Han (On-Hold)by TAKO
In the land of distant future, there lived a man by the name of Kyle Underwood. Trapped by the prison called society since he could first talk, he searched for a place t...
Green Blaze by EneresPage
Green Blazeby Momo
*Published for exposure* He is untouchable, a cruel and sadistic man. Yet even he has his own charm. She is a bird whom he saved. She reincarnated just to meet him. Yet...
Scorned Jewel In The Palace  by pizzabae_18
Scorned Jewel In The Palace by [🌈❤]Lara [❤🌈]
During the Song Dynasty, Liu Rushi was born on an auspicious night meant for greatness to a loving peasants family. However when the Northern Barbarians usurp the thron...
Your Majesty's LOVE  by NishikaNethmini
Your Majesty's LOVE by Nishika Nethmini
Hii ... Dear friends :-) This is my first story .🌷 I really like Chinese ancient stories .💞. So I decided to write a my own story . 💟 If there is something that make...