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ENAMOURED//JIKOOK  by sugaplum_0sw
ENAMOURED//JIKOOK by bts_shipper3
"Get away from me!!!" ~jimin "You're a fucking liar jimin!!!" ~jungkook ⛔OMEGAVERSE ⛔ALPHA×OMEGA ⛔ALPHA JUNGKOOK ⛔HIGHSCHOOL AU ⛔JIKOOK ⛔CROSS DRESSI...
Run Away (Jikook) by ManoKitty4831
Run Away (Jikook)by Mano Kitty
What happens when Park Jimin run away English is not my first language So please cooperate This is jikook No hate to the ship No hate comments If you don't like it don...
MEANT TO BE || JIKOOK✅ by StillWithYouJikook
A short story! This story contains -Angst -Violence -suicide Top - JK Bottom - JM
Alpha's wrath  by blue-tigress
Alpha's wrath by blue-tigress
" I feel pity for the person you will marry. " said taehyung looking at the alpha with disgust. " you have to pity yourself now Jeon taehyung." said...
So Far Away - Taekook FF {C} by AutumnLeaves1018
So Far Away - Taekook FF {C}by cup of tae
"Why are you always so far away from me? So far that I can't reach you...." - Taehyung Taehyung, an omega who only desire to cherish the love between himself...
Something New  by k00ktaek00k
Something New by Jaehee
What happens when omega Taehyung who always wished for something different finds something new? Something new in the form of a rogue alpha who recently joined the pack...
~ My Innocent Omega! ~ || JiKook || by PhoenixRider_20
~ My Innocent Omega! ~ || JiKook ||by PhoenixRider_20
When an innocent and cute omega Park Jimin refuse to acknowneldge the mating bond between him and his alpha chaos ensues. A fluffy and lame one shot that came in my mind...
Alpha Mates [Taekook] by Lee_Suho
Alpha Mates [Taekook]by Suho
[SHORT STORY] Story where Alpha Jungkook and Alpha Taehyung was living their best life with being eachothers best friend..... bickering and pulling pranks on each other...
Secret Omega [Jikook] by jeonkookminie
Secret Omega [Jikook]by jkjm
When male omegas are the most rarest in this ABO world and park jimin is one of them but nobody knows about it. "Jungkook we have to find the omega no matter what...
Eyes on You (TAEKOOK)✔ by kobaekoo
Eyes on You (TAEKOOK)✔by kamilee
For Taehyung, Being in a secret relationship with a popular alpha who has omegas falling for him, never bothered him. But it is being vey difficult when he is pregnant a...
Leaving Is The Hardest Part | VKOOK/TAEKOOK by vangst_
Leaving Is The Hardest Part | vangst_
Taehyung thought that he could change Jeongguk. After years of being together, getting married and having a child together it seems like Jeongguk is still the same playb...
TROUVAILLE - Jiminxbts  by Redamancy_Bangtann
TROUVAILLE - Jiminxbts by smile
"So what are we gonna do now? He is a human. I don't think he can cope up with our life style." Hoseok broke the silence. "I know. But he don't have no wh...
Cloaked lust | Taekook (Arranged Marriage)  by winter_bear_x
Cloaked lust | Taekook (Arranged winter_bear_x
In which-alpha jungkook is a rich carefree playboy he messes around with anyone anywhere , his grand father forces him to marry taehin a two faced model he appears to be...
The Silver Fur ♡ A Jikook Oneshot ♡ by Princessblack2882
The Silver Fur ♡ A Jikook Oneshot ♡by Princess Black
Pure Silver Omega Jimin wanders into the woods on a dark night and gets caught between three wolves. True bred Alpha Jeon Jungkook saves him. Destiny has plans for them...
Wine & Blood by EvaBadger
Wine & Bloodby EvaBadger
18 years ago something happend to Jin what changed his whole life... someone raped him and while he is an omega he got pregnant. Back than he was a high school student a...
Nicotine vk ✔️ by autumnawe
Nicotine vk ✔️by hiatus
Everyone is terrified of Jungkook Except the new omega And now Jungkook is terrified Because he's feeling things he's never felt before (soft alpha koo × sassy omega tae)
Unwanted Husband/kookjin by Littlebirdy00
Unwanted Husband/kookjinby Littlebirdy00
سوكجين، يك امگاي شانزده ساله كه محكوم به يك زندگي شده كه براش مثل يك كابوسه. جونگ كوك، يك الفاي هجده ساله كه وارث يكي از بزرگترين كمپاني هاي تجارتي كشوره و همه چيز در زن...
Daddy Duties [Jikook AU] by nocturjkk
Daddy Duties [Jikook AU]by Catt🦋
idol Jungkook wakes up one morning to his notifications flooding with the same picture of a little pup that looks exactly like him. he thinks it's cute but doesn't spare...
My Sky is Pink ۝ Namjin by Jooniesjinnie_07
My Sky is Pink ۝ Namjinby Baby C
Namjin divorce au.. with their kids.. I know you left me Namjoon but i still love you.. you hurt me but my heart clenched always around you.. why namjoon you ruined our...
The Perfect Mate - KOOKMIN by lonely-heartless
The Perfect Mate - KOOKMINby ⚔️
He loathes Alphas but because of a stipulation in his grandfather's will he is forced to mate with one. *** Park jimin is the grandson of one most powerful clan's leader...