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BDSM by kiki1274
BDSMby kiki1274
Kora didn't know exactly what she was getting into when she signed up as a Sub for a BDMS collage dorm. Her master, Slavko, didn't care much for the color rules as othe...
Hold My Breath by Toribur
Hold My Breathby Tori WG
Sebastian Gadbois, a lonely millionaire who unexpectedly meets the smart and introverted Lydia Vasquez at a party. As Sebastian deals with his anger and the issues in h...
Brat Diaries by digitalbby
Brat Diariesby mickey
Generic One shots, slightly fucked up. Enjoy Pls don't read this garbage
GIVE IT TO ME by Hobidrippin_247
GIVE IT TO MEby Hobidrippin_247
"Shit your so tight." He groaned thrusting deeper inside me. [Being drunk causes you to get out your shell.]
Rambo  by FaithThaWritaaa
Rambo by Faith💙💫
Read to find out💫
His Angel by sunshine_vivi
His Angelby sunshine
"Anyone but not me?" His voice was filled with malice. "Not me, huh?" "Let's have some fun. I'll give you two options." He tilted his head...
Aggressive Wolf Father by MeganWolf16
Aggressive Wolf Fatherby MeganChristine
Jazmine Blare a young 17yr old accidentally gets injected with sperm and realized after her symptoms appeared she is unsure about her decision and to make her life harde...
The Hidden Servant by CrazedTemptations
The Hidden Servantby CrazedTemptations
⚠️!Omega Verse!⚠️ Once young and a small prince, kicked out to the roads for a mistake he didn't make. Years passed and he became a useless servant, an unused, pushed ar...
Arc 1-5: Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping by lazycrazymiszy
Arc 1-5: Quick Transmigration L.C.M.
ARC 1-5 Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Author: Origami Glazed Tile Luo Qing Chen is a wandering spirit that died thirty thousand years ago, ro...
My Ememies Sister  by katiecotterill
My Ememies Sister by Katie2/4/5
I actually don't know haha 😆
Dirty desires by APoeticPotato
Dirty desiresby TheElementKeeper
When the new kid at school catches the attention of Tessa, strange things begin to happen in Tessa's life, but little does she know Isaac Burns holds a mysterious dirty...
Chase of desire by bundleofjoy24
Chase of desireby bundleofjoy24
Kavya - a modern girl with Indian traditional roots. Ankur - a hot, confident, young Indian business tycon. "After our marriage, we will be moving to Lo...
Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^)  prince jimin x reader  by pumpmymakeup
Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^) Manu _rios
''no...stay away....I don't want this. i don't want any of this. please ''. He stepped closer and caressed her cheek . ''but hidenka this is for you ..this ....all of...
HIS |L.TY by kpopfiqs
HIS |L.TYby kpopfiqs
" It hurts... " " So ? Do I look like I care ? " Jeon Sera , the only person who can soften Lee Taeyong heart . But , that was the past . Sera who s...
It's All About The SPARKS: Best Completed Werewolf and Lycan Books by OrtizArrue
It's All About The SPARKS: Best Ortiz Arrue
Coz it's all about the SPARKS! I just want to share the Werewolf and Lycan books that really kept me up at night and made me wish that their worlds are real or at least...
Likes Also Attract. #PROJECTNIGERIA. #wattpride #wattpad by haybee_queen
Likes Also Attract. haybee_queen
Meet Florence a beautiful biochemist, she had everything she wanted from money to the perfect family to the perfect job but what she lacked and wanted was the perfect re...
Blu's Love Story by yolichi
Blu's Love Storyby yolanda etheridge
Blu's an peppy lovable runt who's son of the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack he's named after. His father and his older brother (next Alpha in line) are both very protective...
°°°LIGHT ON ME°°° by Dewminialoka214
°°°LIGHT ON ME°°°by Kim Taehee
Losing is difficult but your aggressiveness is most difficult to my lonely heart........🍂💔🍂 So.., Please try to understand me at least one time..........💔🌷 That's...
Keep Your Demons Closer by suckkitup
Keep Your Demons Closerby suckkitup
"Why are you crying, little human?" Alaric trailed his finger over the marks his sharp teeth had left on her perfectly golden skin. "Did I hurt you?"...
K.I.M.- Keep It Metal (Aggretsuko) by thiger
K.I.M.- Keep It Metal (Aggretsuko)by World’s Best Idiot
(Post season 3) Retsuko wasn't entirely sure what to make of her relationship with Haida. Fenneko's manic analysis of social media and the phenomenon of thigh pics was s...