Puppet (TaeKook)
By xabish
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This world is not for a simple and innocent beings. People can eat you alive, without thinking twice. Same happened with a small town farmer's boy. He just wanted to study and learn more, was it really wrong? To wish for a better life? To be eligible for someone? You know Human can be ruthless, they hit you where it hurts the most. They said, until the end is not happy it's not the end. That's not how it works in reality. They say everyone get better, everything gets better, but what if destiny decided not to give you the chance to be better? What would you do? Think before you do anything. It all started with an absurd mistake and that made an innocent boy's life a living hell. When death was only safe escape for him. The other was guilty, ashamed and wanted to apologize but to whom? When the one whom he wanted to apologize was already gone. WARNING: This is not a peaceful and loving story. There is no happy ending cz life doesn't work that way. Top: Kook Bottom: Tae.

Small Town Boy

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Puppet (...
by xabish