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My Daughter, Audrey [ON HOLD] by EKShortstories
My Daughter, Audrey [ON HOLD]by e. k. clifton
Peter Holmes is a tailor in Liverpool, England. He has his eyes set on a gorgeous showgirl, Jennie Willis, who he hopes to marry someday. However, life throws him a ne...
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Just Add Walter by CrayonChomper
Just Add Walterby krista
Every story needs a catalyst. For Wren Jamison, it was Walter Quinn. * * * * * Catalyst. Science will tell you it's a substance that speeds up change. So I looke...
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Moving On. by viner_
Moving viner_
Sweet little Sarah has no idea that her ex boyfriend,-now business partner is trying to ruin her with just one single weapon: love. Alex seems to be getting his little p...
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Tips For On-line Stock Trading by pipekieth52
Tips For On-line Stock Tradingby pipekieth52
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Captured By The Mermaid Prince Of The North by HeyPoptarts
Captured By The Mermaid Prince HeyPoptarts
Lily is a Princess of the Middle Ring (Mid-terrain) of the ocean. She decided to go on a cruise in the ocean, all the creature that are able to transform could be there...
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I'm ordinary and a hot guy likes me? WTF! by Bookworm12
I'm ordinary and a hot guy likes Adrianna
Rose Nylon has always gone unnoticed the only time she's ever alive is when kids make her the center of a joke. The only one that does notice her is Jason. But is it eno...
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Set Fire to the Rain by fireburning
Set Fire to the Rainby fireburning
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Identity by mssonder
Identityby Ms. Sonder
My name....well that's not important. Let's just put it this way. I am the girl who is no one, I have no name no face and no one.I am the person that gets passed in the...
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The Bittersweet Marriage by NiranjanaPrayag
The Bittersweet Marriageby NiranjanaPrayag
A powerful and sexy man got married to a normal and poor woman. When he gained his senses back, he carried on life ignoring his unfortunate wife. She was in the midd...
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Troublemaker || Neymar Jr. Fanfic by ThatGirlWithaStory_
Troublemaker || Neymar Jr. Fanficby ThatGirlWithaStory_
What happens when a young star and a pro athlete are forced to be together for "their own good"? Jessica Robinson is an 18 year old actress who has been bring...
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue (Alternate Reality--Nicolas) by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogue ( Olga Guevara
What if? What if Leila had not run away from her pack and met Dylan? What if she had stayed behind, and followed through with her engagement to Alpha Nicolas? This is an...
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Dear Camilla, Where Are You? -on hold- by DoubleBelle
Dear Camilla, Where Are You? -on Belle(s)
Who knew school projects were actually fun? Flamboyant Camilla Rose Parker and reserved Angelie Baker were just email pen pals for school – “KNOWING A LOT ABOUT EACH OTH...
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Accidentally Married by --nutatoXcaj--
Accidentally Marriedby --nutatoXcaj--
After one crazy and troubled night, Rian woke up finding out that her bachelorette days were over being married to a stranger by the name of Luis.
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The Player Games by bubethh96
The Player Gamesby bubethh96
Tiffany James is almost an identical copy of her older brother, Simon. Even though two years apart, they could easily be mistaken for twins; matching light brown hair, i...
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The Agreement by TruthAndHeart
The Agreementby Maggie Hiver
Writer Alex George - Independent, strong and a self proclaimed cynic - decides she's had enough of fantasizing about her perfect relationship and finally takes matters i...
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Dancing in the Fountain by 13LadyJiyu
Dancing in the Fountainby Sonny
((I do not own picture. Here is original link: Just a short story I wrote for class. Contains dark th...
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Drown by Vunata
Drownby Tracie Cineus
"Violet." His accent and my name sound nice together, when he isn't angry. I get up from desk and walk into his office. "Yes? You called?" I ask try...
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The Billionaire's Idea #Wattys2015 by xviimm
The Billionaire's Idea #Wattys2015by anon
Seline and Andrew. Two complete opposites, and a propistion. Lot's of arguments, passion, and conflicted feelings are ahead. And it all started with the billionaire's id...
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The Fire Within (Ongoing) by farzeenmoulvi9
The Fire Within (Ongoing)by Fez Knight
Seeing him standing around six foot tall in front of me, eyeing me from top to bottom with a blank expression on his perfectly scultped face. I slapped him hard but he d...
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Meeting Matthew Black by mihalkay
Meeting Matthew Blackby mihalkay
Meet Hilary Davis. She is a model. She has straight, brown hair that reach’s a little over her shoulders. She was told it made her hazel eyes stand out. She is 5’10 inch...
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