My Billionaire Neig...
By WhiteSwordsman01
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WARNING: THE BOOK CONTAINS HUGE AMOUNT OF PRANKS THAT COULD BE USED AGAINST ANYONE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYONE GETS INSPIRED ENOUGH AND USE THEM IRL ;) He's been running from his past - she's been running from her future. When you mix ice and fire, bad stuff happens and it was same with Nikolas and Alis. Nikolas had it all: looks, money, killer eyes, perfect body, best friends, company to inherit, trouble with each step where he'd emerge like a hero and the best girlfriend he could ever get: the one who would forgive him for anything he does. But in all his glory, he slowly began to lose sight in what was important from him, and in a mere instant - his future was gone. All that he could have could not even begin to compare with what he already had that moment when he lost both his girl and a child. With demons of past and inability to accept her love, he shut himself and let the bottled up feelings eat him slowly with each passing day. But once he begun to realize what he's lost, there was simply too much that it overflowed. So he decided to run away at last. Alis was complete opposite to him, she never truly had a thing to call her own. Dolled up in the world other envisioned for her, she didn't even have a future where her thought mattered. She couldn't keep it bottled inside either, so she decided to run away from that future. Working hard to change everything for herself, you can say that Alis turned a brand new leaf in her life and everything's been doing just great in that little world of hers for the past few years. But when Alis gets a new neighbour who does nothing but cause trouble for her - she sets herself a goal to make him move out as soon as possible, even ignoring her motto to keep a low profile no matter what and not give "them" excuse to confine her back to that fake reality. Unfortunately for her, Nikolas knows how to strike back. Will they manage to win this war among themselves, or will sparks of attraction get in the way?


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My Billio...
by WhiteSwordsman01