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Taking The Bad Boy's Virginity by Sammy_Am_I
Taking The Bad Boy's Virginityby Sam
I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Natalia, and I'm twenty. I'm still in high school and I have the sex drive of a rabbit. I tend to be very carefree, and s...
Addiction by Amyheart5599
Addictionby Amyheart5599
A lonely world; no one to help me. This is my life now that not even you can help me. He is a monster that was stalking me. His love was like an obsession for me. He w...
Toxic (NEWLY REVISED AND EDITED) by MadelineCourtney
Toxic (NEWLY REVISED AND EDITED)by MadelineCourtney
Studying abroad has always been a dream of Elena Montgomery. Where better to study English Literature than England, the birth place of almost all her favorite classic no...
True Colour by BackwoodsWh0re
True Colourby HONEY 🖤🐝
"I rather have my Daddy and Master be 2 different people." "Your wish is our command Princess." "Your wish is our command Kitten."
Short Freaky Stories by Tinyrtatortot
Short Freaky Storiesby Evelyn Desire
It's late at night and your desires are rising. I'm here for your callings, I'll get you lost in your fantasies.
left in the dust ➳ 18+ by bookofuranus
left in the dust ➳ 18+by 𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒇𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒓
she's a flower child trying to escape her past. he's a chef with nothing to look forward to. between adulting, family drama, and old heartaches, maybe a few nights in...
Alpha Lukas (Sample) by lolabre49
Alpha Lukas (Sample)by Lola B. Elswood
Highest Ranking: #5 in Werewolf IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: THIS BOOK CAN BE FOUND ON DREAME. (Note that the book cover is different on Dreame. Also this is the first boo...
Silence And Submission (Editing) by xxRedStainedKissesxx
Silence And Submission (Editing)by Katherine Sol
This is an unedited first draft. Therefore, any mistake will be corrected when the story is completed. Irene returns home after years abroad only to find out that her f...
In Charge by MaedjyBeau
In Chargeby Maedjy Beau
What happens when a young college student catches the attention of a rich, alpha male lawyer? Dominance vs Dominance is a interesting dynamic between two people who sta...
Burning Desires by GhostWriter_Lylie
Burning Desiresby GhostWriter
I was on high, if cloud nine was a person it was Damon. He makes me feel things I never thought was possible. "I love kissing you." He said in between our kiss...
INNOCENCE || YUTA OKKUTSU by icriedduringsex
[yuta x reader] In which you plan to seek revenge on a former friend, Yuta Okkotsu , only to have the plan backfired when he had you cornered to the wall as his low voic...
Mending Maggie [COMING SOON] by kjobrien
Mending Maggie [COMING SOON]by kjobrien
[18+] [this story is a Closer to You spin-off. it can be read as a stand-alone, however if you plan on reading the Closer to You series, I recommend doing that FIRST as...
Mozzafiato (Sample) by lolabre49
Mozzafiato (Sample)by Lola B. Elswood
Highest Ranking: #157 IN ROMANCE 06/10/17 Arabella Eden Persephone Ambrosia is practically greek royalty. Her father is a billionaire and she also is a second cousin of...
{Completed} Harsher Than Red : Taehyung's hits his first rut at school and Jeongguk appears at his house outta nowhere three days after shit has fallen on earth after h...
Calypso [Completed] {Preview} by EbonyOlson
Calypso [Completed] {Preview}by Ebony Olson
In my town, there are two kinds of people; those from the sophisticated Eleri, and those from the gang run Riverside. The natural divide is the Eleri River, the human di...
Unforgettable by TheCondemnedAngel
Unforgettableby TheCondemnedAngel
All RIGHTS RESERVED. Any re-creation of any plotlines or characters will be pursued. All rights to this novel and any after belong solely to the writer/owner This is in...
Ruthless by DarkenInRegret
Ruthlessby Anonymous
DYSTOPIAN ACTION ROMANCE! (MATURE CONTENT) Sometime in the future, during a time of poorness and poverty in the U.S., people struggle to just be middle class. Many peopl...
Double Booked by MattViklund
Double Bookedby Matt Viklund
Jack is already pissed off that he missed his flight, and now there's someone else staying in his hotel room. Whoever she is, she certainly likes to sing!
after dark || James Potter by parad0xical
after dark || James Potterby parad0xical
"You are the light in the darkest parts of me," she whispers, holding onto him so tightly - afraid that if she let go she might lose him forever. or in which L...
The Dark Soul Of Phobos by Merry786abc
The Dark Soul Of Phobosby Mary
He hated her before even seeing her. Why? Because his father was forcing him to marry her. But it was one glance which had every instinct in him roaring for her. Posses...