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WEiRd FAMily by littleasian1995
WEiRd FAMilyby Little Asian
Snapshots of daily life lead by 'Aloha' family. What are the taboo topics you can't talk about in your house? Periods, sex, relationship, LGBTQ, atheism, mental health...
Cheerleader by DaddyHatred
Cheerleaderby DaddyHatred
Incest/taboo smut story about a cheerleader, her brother, and their very loving family. THIS STORY DOES CONTAIN SMUT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
George Harrison Smut by harrisonkrshna2
George Harrison Smutby Harrisonkrishna2
Smut involving your favourite Beatle George Harrison! Warning: -very kinky -daddykink -smut
Daddy's Little Girl  by philippamcloughlin
Daddy's Little Girl by meepmorp
Not mine, this is an Avenged Sevenfold fanfic and all credit goes to the original author mkay ty
TABOO by GlampireBytez93
TABOOby Sandra Elle
"Harry, we shouldn't be doing this. It's so. . . taboo." Stella has always hated her adopted brother Harry and couldn't contain her excitement when he left for...
Uncle by rosemariehermogeno
Uncleby rosemariehermogeno
Uncle" (completed) Author:Zombie Mom / Zombie Mom [Fiction picture] (not necessary) Introduction to the work (copywriting): Uncle and nephew essay. other works: rem...
Feral Blood by Sufferance
Feral Bloodby Sufferance
She was born of werewolf and wolf; her mother had committed the ultimate taboo... and now she was to pay the consequences. She is untameable- she does not submit to any...
Breeding For my Brother by Secret_Author_12
Breeding For my Brotherby Secret_Author_12
I didn't know much about my step brother, I never let myself get to know him, I despised his dad. For no other reason than the fact that I enjoyed it being just my mom a...
Learning how to Love You by harrisonkrshna2
Learning how to Love Youby Harrisonkrishna2
"And god forgive me for saying this, but i'm but a man. A man who hasn't felt a woman's touch in over three years. Do you think that when she teases me it has no ef...
Working on It by bookworm103101
Working on Itby Morgan
{ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE} "Why are we back here?" "No one will see us here." "Why is that important for the surprise?" "No one ca...
The Fawn and the Coyote by SinkYourSins
The Fawn and the Coyoteby SinkYourSins
An ex convict and a neglected child meet by chance and form a strong bond.
Eli Loker ( fanfic ) Liz dedication by Collarbones-ballet
Eli Loker ( fanfic ) Liz dedicationby Alice
when the rich, Lucile Alston meets Loker her new English professor he sees through her lies as clear as seeing through glass. LIZZY THIS IS FOR You!
HEROXX by OliverQueen87
HEROXXby Caleb Stefan
Xavier Ricardo --- After a long darkness filled three years with heartbreak, betrayal, death, and a chronic battle with a monster well known in today's world as heroin a...
The Love of One by LilaKaneWatanabe
The Love of Oneby Lila Watanabe
Margaux and Olivia are friends with a dark and complex relationship. Olivia, considered psychotic by others is deeply attached to Margaux, a little too attached. In her...
Forbeodan (Mxb) by Chemistry_in_between
Forbeodan (Mxb)by E.J.
Forbeodan-> old term for forbidden King's love. Burning passion, forbidden fruit. A poison that corrupts from the inside. Rin, the head servant of the glorious Queen...
WTF Tales by ItsWhatYouMakeIt
WTF Talesby ItsWhatYouMakeIt
A series in which I bring you f*cked up plot twists. Enjoy :)