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Blades: Road to Shogun by SupernovaTrea
Blades: Road to Shogunby SupernovaTrea
Follow the adventure of Jin Steele, a boy who has the potential to become the strongest samurai. After being betrayed and left for dead by his father; Jin will learn to...
World of Roses by LuthienSeregon
World of Rosesby Lúthien Séregon
When you walk along the shore, past old lamp posts decorated with flowers, you shouldn't pick up any roses. Pick one up and you will be forced to listen to their stories...
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CROWNS: OF BLOOD AND FIRE [Part 1] by iStormhawk
Jaessa and her family part ways to go on their own adventures and so she sets off for the capital where she quickly realizes there are no friends, only enemies around ev...
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Lost and Forgotten  by Joshua0610
Lost and Forgotten by Joshua0610
Wendy is a quiet, shy introvert with a really sad life full of bullying and big family issues. After a while Wendy's life finally changes a little when she gets a few fr...
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Fairytale's Children | Apply Fic by Xx_Hufflepuff_xX
Fairytale's Children | Apply Ficby L.V. Baines
When the children of our classic fairytale's are given the chance to change their destiny whether that be walking the path of a hero or villain... will they use it as a...
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13th Doctor x reader (3rd book) by SimbaDisney27
13th Doctor x reader (3rd book)by SimbaDisney27
You've been struggling with depression and mental health problems for a while. You started self harming and drinking as a way to cope. And it was only getting worse sinc...
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A Winter's Hero by user71706638
A Winter's Heroby Ace626
Akela is childhood friend of Ruby and Yang. Instead of going to beacon he goes to Atlas and one day he loses his voice.
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Born Wild by Vibrantly_sassy
Born Wildby Aurora
A new start is all she wants. A new beginning where she can forget all her past. But the constant nightmares and the scar on her waist is a reminder of who she was and w...
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Icicle by Olly2663
Icicleby Lamee
The day I had turned sixteen was a day that I would never forget. I do not know why the others do not see it, but I see it. He doesn't stare at me. He glares at me. And...
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Shadaze: The Ebony and Lavender by StephenJohnsonII
Shadaze: The Ebony and Lavenderby Steve J
Shadow is finally living a somewhat peaceful life working for G.U.N. while living with his brother, Eclipse, and his new rival, Infinite. Shadow was enjoying his day unt...
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A Riddle to Solve by SSTAR2000
A Riddle to Solveby S.H.Y
"Love?" He scoffs, black eyes emotionless. "I don't even know what that means." She was a girl born in the midst of a war. She was the forgotten chil...
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Return to Jorgaldur by lls_sll
Return to Jorgaldurby lls_sll
When he dies in his bed due to his advanced age, he still remembers an NPC from an MMORPG that he played in his youth, without understanding why he has never forgotten h...
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The one and only Varian by Varia4Life
The one and only Varianby Varia4Life
These are those one-shots you fellow TTS lovers came for! Have fun! ;) also I am open to suggestions ideas and requests I am open to anything! I'm just here to make you...
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metanoia  by summerjadeg
metanoia by S.
"the pain of missing you comes and goes in waves, and tonight I am drowning."
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Max the dog Adventures: Book 1 by SoulMidnight64
Max the dog Adventures: Book 1by Soul Midnight
Book one of Max the dog series. All characters and plot belongs to me. Please enjoy!!!! :) Btw, the cover was made by me and my artistic skill. ;) Max was a normal every...
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The Hidden Isles by joynotes
The Hidden Islesby Sarah Montsinger
Teen Colette Curtis thought she had life figured out. After all, she was going to have the greatest sixteenth birthday party of all time. But when devastating news hits...
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The Green Demon by allywolf_reader
The Green Demonby The Wolf's Voice
Izuku Midoriya always loved working with Joey Drew Studios. They were like his second family, but when he suddenly went missing the most unexpected of people were worrie...
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Under Another Sky by CarrieGolden
Under Another Skyby E.L. Hart
**A New Story From The Harry Potter Universe** Follow 13 year old Zoey Moss as she struggle with haunted memories of her slain family while adjusting to a whole new worl...
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Supers | Apply Fic *hiatus* by Xx_Hufflepuff_xX
Supers | Apply Fic *hiatus*by L.V. Baines
When a new threat comes to life, endangering all beings as we know it, 6 supers are chosen as the saviors... But how are they supposed to fight together in an otherworld...
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Crimson Roses by annabellewearne
Crimson Rosesby Annabelle Wearne
A time of war and secrets. They were the best spies any intelligence service had seen. They were known as the Crimson Roses; a group of female spies trained by the best...
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