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[1] The Generation War by eggbertwastaken
[1] The Generation Warby eggbertwastaken
Jax Becker has always lived in the shadow of his family. The son of a great general, and the brother of a war hero, he grew up with big shoes to fill. Now, on the verge...
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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady by yeneChiko
The Good For Nothing Seventh yeneChiko
She was the godly thief of the 24th century, yet she was reincarnated as a good-for-nothing idiot with no parents. Not only that, she had to bend her will according to h...
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ADVENTURE _GAME by Palaboyisreal
ADVENTURE _GAMEby Palaboyisreal
Isang pagkakataon na bumago sa aking buhay Mga taong nakilala na hindi maganda ang naging umpisa at nauwi sa isang pagkaka-isa at pagkakaibigan Aking natutunan na hindi...
GERHARD'S DREAMLANDS. A Gerhard Tale.  by Gloryinwar
GERHARD'S DREAMLANDS. A Gerhard Glory in war
Taking Place 6 Months before The First Dreamlands, 6 Months before Oscar Wiking And Phoebe Raynham came a group of four People. Follow the Adventures of Gerhard Meyer Th...
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WOVAM by browning000
WOVAMby browning000
Alison is a teenage who never had a normal childhood. She thinks its because of her father being in the military, which forces them to constantly be moving. However, aft...
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A Swordsman From the Past In A Modern Fantasy World. by SngJiaHao
A Swordsman From the Past In A SngJiaHao
[ ] was once a great swordsman, who had battled to the death with numerous legendary and or infamous swordsman and assassins, as well as wild beasts. However, a batt...
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My Life in Middle School by christianaAgidi
My Life in Middle Schoolby christiana Agidi
Life in middle school can be filled with ups and downs, dealing with those haters can be dangerous but that's how Life in Middle school this story to get to kn...
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A Naughty Christmas  by malcolmjthepoet123
A Naughty Christmas by malcolmjthepoet123
Every holiday season, Santa gets to travel the world, eat cookies and be the star of the show. Mrs. Claus, on the other hand, ends up being a little neglected. Well not...
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Being Butch Green by Hollie_Wilson
Being Butch Greenby Hollie Wilson
A file. A boy. A criminal. An illegal medical lab. All is not what it seems when young rebel, Butch, decides to make a run for it with his criminal file. There is just...
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The Tepes Wolf  by WolfenMiner
The Tepes Wolf by
History knows little of my tale. But knows much of my Master. Come sit by the fire and see how much of my tale you truly know. NOTE: the vast majority of scenery...
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On the way home by Quadrant-Oracle
On the way homeby Hermes™
On the way home is a coming of age story that tells the tale of an apathetic scholar named Robin Wizen, desperately trying to piece back what has been lost in the world...
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Derailing The Plot by That_1_Dimple
Derailing The Plotby DimpleWrites
A variation on "Reincarnated as the Villainess" storyline. Carmin "Cari" Veritas is the rival of the popular Otome Game that Blissine loved. Howe...
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Christmas with the conte's by heidi1533
Christmas with the conte'sby heidi1533
This story is about a contest where you can win a christmas with the conte's. Y/n (your name) win the contest and can pick one friend to join your christmas with the co...
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The Ice Dragon by princesspopply
The Ice Dragonby princesspopply
Two fire dragons have an ice dragon? After Ice Lily's mother was murdered by human scientists, Ice Lily went to find these scientists. However, they find her first. Will...
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Hero's _ Mashima Hiro by FuzuowaYumi
Hero's _ Mashima Hiroby FuzuowaYumi
Đây là bộ manga cross-over giữa 3 bộ manga nổi tiếng của Mashima Hiro: Rave Master, Fairy Tail và Edens Zero.
Wayward by DawsonsLonesome
Waywardby Dawson
Dreams. Dreams are what give us the drive to bring objects or goals into reality. Dreams are what brought Tiberius Frazier out here, to this desolate part of space, but...
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The Emeralds In His Eyes  by onlythenoir
The Emeralds In His Eyes by Noir
The kingdom of Estrium, 1389. Villages throughout the country are being found completely destroyed, the people violently slaughtered, crops turned rotten, etc. Ruthless...
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Rinnet of King's Helm by AnnaKYoung
Rinnet of King's Helmby Anna K. Young
Rinnet is frustrated. A peasant isolated from the glorious conquests of her own kingdom, she longs for an escape from farming and into the excitement of battle. Impatie...
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The Horizon Catcher by marilyngreene
The Horizon Catcherby Marilyn Greene
The tragic legend of the Queen of Sirens and her human love had always circulated however three years ago its map had been found. Ginevra Sinclair was seventeen at the t...
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Sparks May Fly by CrowsHill935
Sparks May Flyby Crow Hill
Sam wakes up with no memories of how she got where she is. Not long after, she meets an unexpected ally that saves her life, leaving everyone surrounding her dead. The p...
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