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Wish (COMPLETE) by HunterOwl
A Wish Everyone has a wish Even a man who we thought has no more humanity left in him He who we told our children to stay away from He who became a nightmare in everyone...
In love with my best friends ex. by chocolatechocobean20
In love with my best friends chocolatechocobean20
" kiss me " he states. Looking down at my lips. " you know why I can't " I say almost whispering. Before I know it he has my head against the locker...
Love Mentality by shaniadavis370
Love Mentalityby blackwrites87
This book is about a girl named Kennedy and a boy named Tyler. Kennedy has had a rough upcoming and is left to take care of her younger brother and sister which are twin...
Her Dog Days by zeveize
Her Dog Daysby ∴ evelyn ∵
Charlie Sheer only has to power through one more dreadful week of senior year in high school... what could go wrong? She's a quiet and reserved person who only wants to...
ICE  by Julie999999
ICE by Julie999999
Watching someone struggling with addiction
My HOT TEACHER by TeenWolfLove98
My HOT TEACHERby ILoveDerekHale
We all know it's hard to resist and keep our feelings hidden when we see an extremely hot guy. And what happens if that hot guy is your young English teacher? We can't...
Stay With Me (Completed)  by QveenR17
Stay With Me (Completed) by R💜
Amber and Chris meet at school and instantly click. But can their abnormal problems outweigh the love they have for each other ?
Why Weren't You Back  by mananstorylover
Why Weren't You Back by mananstorylover
guys my story is about manan from kaisi yeh yaarian it is a fan fictionn and also its my first time so if it does not satisfy you plz do let me know so coming back to th...
How To Stop A Wedding by naruxsasumi
How To Stop A Weddingby naruxsasumi
Kongpob and Arthit are soulmates. After the first time they died without any fulfilment of their love, a benevolent god decided to make sure that they would be together...
Romance Short Stories by cutie137
Romance Short Storiesby cutie137
Collection of short romance stories I came up with. I will be taking requests so please comment if there is anything specific you would like, One shots, two shots, what...
Smoke by Aight-motherfers
Smokeby Abandoned Demon
This will be like my diary, but public, so enjoy! All of this is completely real and I will fake nothing. I write purely from heart, I don't think. Just type.
Addictions [REVERSE] by letty505
Addictions [REVERSE]by BehindTheScenes
Addictions are the worst because once you get addicted there is no stopping and all of us get addicted be it to a song or a band or to a certain type of food. Once we're...
My Possessive Bad Boy by dangerouslysmexy
My Possessive Bad Boyby Jamie Dornan's Sex Slave
cover by: @worldgirlalways Emma Rosewood is what you'd call introvert. She keeps to herself except when it comes to her friends. Or ice cream. So when her friends drag h...
Harry Potter Funny Memes {Wattys 2017} by Sanjana_chitthoor
Harry Potter Funny Memes {Wattys Sanjana
Just know 1 thing, if you are a fan of Harry Potter. put this book into your library, NOW! trust me It's HILARIOUS!!!!!!
Weregirl | Book 1 | COMPLETED | EDITING by warriorcat725
Weregirl | Book 1 | COMPLETED | warriorcat725
OMG TYSM FOR 5K!!!!!!! Love u all!!!! "You don't know me, but I know you. and like you, I am a werewolf." Alice is a normal teen.. at school she is anyway. E...
If we ever meet again by emma78245
If we ever meet againby Emma
Gabriella Carson is an ordinary teen who just wants to finish high school without any mishaps. She's introvert, guarded and keeps a stern attitude most of the time. Brit...
Romance Tales by RXJXV0
Romance Talesby RXJXV0
This book will have a various selection of •Korean Drama's •Chinese Drama's • Taiwanese drama's • Japanese drama's Reminder that it's not in any particular order t...
Weregirl: A New Life | Book Two by warriorcat725
Weregirl: A New Life | Book Twoby warriorcat725
NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK OF WEREGIRL!!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK "He's not dead," Ebony said as Clovis emerged from the bush. "...