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By poetedeteste_
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Rebecca's light bulb has been flickering on and off for precisely seventeen years. The constant rotation of cocktail parties and questioning every human in her path is annihilating. And if there is one person who she believes to be the cause of weakening her even when she left her previous life behind, it is Dallas Winston. He has every terrible trait bestowed in him. He never takes the burden of morality, he only dodges it until he is the embodiment of terror. It is too easy to despise him. For who truly doesn't? But little do they know that they are far more similar than they would like to think. And whether they would prefer to admit it or not (they most indefinitely do not, for they are stubborn as hell), he was meant to be hers, and she was meant to be his. Disclaimers: *there will be talk of sexual assault, acts of violence, racism, sexuality, classism, etc. So if you're not comfortable with any of those things don't read! I really want this book to be realistic to the time period and bring to light how people were treated but if I miss anything important please let me know!


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meant to...
by poetedeteste_