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On Or Off (season -2) (Myanmar Translation)  by YaoiJi9
On Or Off (season -2) (Myanmar Tra...by Yaoi Ji
season -1ကိုဖတ်ပြီးမှ season -2ကိုဖတ်ကြပါ season -1ကိုဖတ္ၿပီးမွ season -2ကိုဖတ္ၾကပါ
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All because of Biana by KOTLCFANGIRL1227
All because of Bianaby Ms.Wood
Sophie and Fitz find themselves playing a game of truth or dare. A dare that Biana gives Sophie changes the relationship between Sophie and Fitz changes, but the questio...
I switched to a girl!? by tododeku_stories08
I switched to a girl!?by AJ & Livy
Completed!!! Female Deku x Todoroki fanfic. Deku was pulled into an alleyway and somethings happened to him Todoroki falls for him/her. Maybe other ships like Kiribaku a...
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition)  by CHASEBOII69
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition) by dayum he THICCCC
Rated PG-13 FOR OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, ROMANCE AND ALL THAT SHIT Okay,I know that what cover shows, but there will be Chase x Skye on this, and maybe a little Marshall x Ev...
~desired reality: hogwarts scripting template~ by s0ph_sf
~desired reality: hogwarts scripti...by .・:*𝚜𝚘𝚙𝚑:・゚
hi everyone! although it says this is made for hogwarts shifts, you can use it for any desired reality! the link to a google doc for copy and paste purposes will be in t...
klance truth or dare by Grako_straklin
klance truth or dareby Grako_straklin
truth or dare in witch they KISSSSSSSS Lol are you proud of me now mom
The Spark: A Sokeefe Story (COMPLETED) by avewave_
The Spark: A Sokeefe Story (COMPLE...by avewave
Hey y'all! This is my first fanfiction! I hope you enjoy The Spark: A Sokeefe Story! More fanfictions in the future as requested. Please leave a comment and vote on what...
Arts by abnormally_bonkers
Artsby Abonk Mayhap
So this is a book full of my drawings. Various types of fanart. It'll mostly be related to BFDI/II and Ducktales. Leafy has to win BFB. And Louie is my heart and soul.
Ask or Dare Poyo? by MidnightSnowFight
Ask or Dare Poyo?by MidnightSnowFight
Kirby: Hewo! I mean- Hi! This is an ask or dare book for the readers who have questions and dares for me and my friends! There'll be fun stuff too! Unmasking and- Galact...
back for Hank Voight by KennyJacinta
back for Hank Voightby Jacinta Kenny
Jess Halstead has been away from Chicago for four years..... and all she could do was think about Hank Voight..... and her brother's Will and Jay..... over the past four...
Guide To Shifting by spencerreidsbitch111
Guide To Shiftingby spencersslut
This is a Guide to Shifting. I will talk about what shifting is, scripting, methods for shifting, my experiences, subliminals, and helpful tips. I hope I can help some...
Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski  by Stackson23
Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski by Ziall Love
Is if from there they fist meet each other and from then on. Will they be together or use different people to make each other jealous. Is Jordan Parrish going to be a P...
Would you rather : BTS by Miss_V1028
Would you rather : BTSby 태희기의 아내
Would you rather pick the one? Or the one?
Why Me? by KennyJacinta
Why Me?by Jacinta Kenny
Bella Swan was happy in her relationship with Edward. Charlie thinks she's spending too much time with the Cullens. Knowing that she would stay away from the Cullens wh...
• Destination: The Stars • by ThatBabyQuinnDoh
• Destination: The Stars •by Harley Quinn
There's legend of a talent, a rare talent that has the responsibility of decorating the night sky with the stars that you see right outside your window. It's a busy job...
Pokemon Truth or Dare by WhiteThunder506984
Pokemon Truth or Dareby I have no idea what to put he...
Jenzie or Kayden? by paulaleia
Jenzie or Kayden?by paulaleia
(COMPLETED) Johnny and Hayden start a fight to see who is gonna win kenzie over. Who do you think Kenzie will choose?
Trolls: Truth or Dare by sanhitaa
Trolls: Truth or Dareby 👁👄👁
Truth or Dare with Branch and Poppy!
Mystreet Truth or Dare by agmillss
Mystreet Truth or Dareby 𝚊𝚐𝚘𝚖𝚗𝚒
Another Aphmau Mystreet Truth or Dare book! I will be your narrator today by the name of Pandora. In this playful book, the readers will get to interact with the chapter...