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  • Why Wattpad Drives Me Crazy | ✔️
    1.9M 75.6K 144

    (and yet, I still love it). ©genie_us :: Unedited, unfiltered, and damn filthy.

    Completed   Mature
  • The CEO Commands (manxman)**Power Tops Book 1**
    6.2M 154K 34

    Corey is the shy young artistic intern. The ink was barely dry on his Degree, but he managed, with the help of a childhood friend to land a sweet job with Roche Marketing Inc., where his creativity can shine. On his very first day of work he literally ran smack dab into the Sexiest man he had ever laid his eyes on and...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rookie (manxmen)**Hothouse Book 1**
    4.5M 123K 32

    Young, fit, and fresh from the Fire Rescue Academy, Rookie Firefighter,Thaddeus Martin landed the newly opened position to the infamous Ladder 29 station. Ecstatic to be getting the chance to put his training into real life action, he was more than eager to jump into the deep end with both feet, the heroism of the job...

    Completed   Mature
  • RoomXMate
    1.6K 25 3

    Josh Pecker and Alex Ebola are now new room mates living together. Josh is a strong tall man who is grateful for others and likes to help. His parent's uses his kindness for there own selfish reasons but he can't learn to hate them because he is too kind-heart. Alex is small young boy but is really the same age as Jos...

  • Breaking Finn (18+, ManXBoy)
    6.6M 186K 50

    We were watching a movie together and he was laying on his side with his head in my lap while I ran my fingers through is wavy blond locks. When the movie ended I turned off the TV with the remote. Finn sat up and turned to look at me with those intoxicating baby blues of his. I watched as his mouth opened slightly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Acidic Love (MXM BDSM)
    409K 13.5K 33

    Eoin is a man close to giving up. Perhaps because he's realized nobody in his town will ever show him any interest. What's keeping him there? A dark club on the end of town, His brother, His job? Or maybe there's someone or something else. Roan's top dog and he's bored of it. He wants something new. Needs it. However...

  • The Porn Star - LGBT, manXman - FREE EXCERPT
    105K 955 3

    Alexander Oxford makes adult films. He's one of the highest-paid stars ever employed by Digital Movie Studios. But he hates his work. He feels dirty, un-clean, sullied by the films he makes. And he's lonely. Men expect so much from him when they realise he has sex for a living. As a result, Alex has pulled away from d...

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    6.8M 234K 25

    Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ***** Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favouri...

  • NB: The Search (BoyxBoy)
    45.2K 2K 42

    When a cute new boy moves into town, life finally starts to get a little interesting for Aaron Hart. When an angel tells him about his destiny, things get a little too interesting. Now he has to get through high school, get the girl (well boy), and save the world. Basically, we're all doomed.

  • Conversion (Sebaciel) (SebastianxCiel)
    21.2K 891 20

    Ciel had gotten tired of hunting for revenge, he was getting ever so close in his search to finding revenge and then he would die... But he didn't want to. His heart had chosen another target, his butler, Sebastian. He was slowly dreading when the day would come. He knew it was impossible for demons to have emotions b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Malec One-shots
    848K 22.3K 99

    A collection of short one-shots based around Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

  • My...Stepbrother? [boyxboy]
    6.8M 212K 32

    Hyperactive Kory is moving in with his mom, his new stepdad, and his stepdad's son. His sexy new stepbrother, Trace, takes an instant dislike to Kory. As Kory tries to get Trace to like him so they can get along living together, he finds himself becoming a little too attracted to his new stepbrother.

    Completed   Mature
  • [First Draft] Crystals (girlxgirl) (studentxteacher) (lesbian story)
    2.6M 64.2K 57

    Lilly's family are different from other people's. They each have a crystal which controls who they fall in love with. They have two years, from their eighteenth birthday to their twentieth, to find this 'soul mate'. Lilly's big brother Harry died because he didn't find his in time and Lilly is petrified that the same...

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  • Coming Home (Malec fanfic)
    43.1K 905 11

    He signed the paper and even in his drunk state he could see the outline of the word 'Lightwood' written on the paper. Sebastian gave an evil chuckle and twisted the ring around his finger enveloping them both in darkness. ~~~***~~~ Alec is kept slave and prisoner under Sebastian's watch being 'disciplined' to do...

  • Boys Will Be Boys
    2M 85.7K 34

    Luke Adams is everything your girlfriend wants you to be. He's smooth, charming, insanely attractive, and undoubtedly the best guy on the basketball team. He treats dating almost like another homework assignment he's required to complete. Until Emery Scott comes along. A transfer student from Indiana, Emery is quiet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just For You, And Maybe Him Too (BoyXBoy)
    146K 2.3K 6

    WARNING: This story contains gay sex, graphic language, and incest. If you don't want to read about gay incest then don't read this story. You have been warned. Twins Raven and Phoenix Montgomery have a secret. They are in love with each other and have been hiding their forbidden relationship from their father and...

  • Cell Mates (boyxboy) (Book 1: Behind Bars)
    6.7M 168K 51

    Arrested for a crime he didn't commit, eighteen year old Riley Parker is thrown into a maximum security prison to carry out his sentence. He expected a cold hard life, filled with danger and uncertainty, what he didn't expect was his cell mate Nathaniel Grayson; he was gorgeous and more than a little frightening but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Master (BoyXBoy)
    1.2M 27.5K 40

    The master has a new pet, but the pets past haunts him. will everything turn out alright when secrets are told and more created.

  • Pleasurable Pain (MxB BDSM)
    1.3M 19.5K 29

    Ben was a normal gay 18 year old male, going around to parties, worrying about his looks and checking out other boys. that was until he met his new principal.. How will he cope with the fact that he wants his principle to tie him up and make him his? Here are the privet chapters:

  • All It Took Was One Look (BoyxBoy) {Book1: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)
    28.4M 549K 59

    The last 10 chaps will be taken off from the book so it will be a really long sample lol. Find it on Amazon! =^.^= [WARNING there is BOYXBOY action in this story so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Awesome cover by AEBauer! Aiden is your average seventeen year old senior with crazy best friends and a very suppor...

  • Six Million Feet Under
    102K 3.5K 19

    “Angel of Death, my ass.” “I'm not forcing you to believe me, but get it into your thick skull that you're not in your world now. Here is a different one; the Underworld if I may, but really, after time, titles became less significant. All except to the main man, of course, Lord Lucifer.” If I heard him right before...

  • Insatiable [boyxboy] On Hold
    4.2M 85.4K 26

    [WARNING: There is MATURE boyxboy action! So if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Is it wrong to love two people at the same time? How do you pick one from the other when they both have qualities that you love? Wyatt Evans has had his heart broken by the one person that he thought he would be with forever. It didn't h...

  • Healing Gabriel (BoyxBoy)
    4.6M 93.1K 53

    Haunted. Terrified. Alone. Those three words seem to be the only emotions that seventeen year old Gabriel Adams knows how to feel. At the age of thirteen, when other boys were chasing after pretty girls and playing in the dirt, Gabriel had been kidnapped and molested. Now, several years later, Gabriel still can't retu...