The CEO Commands (m...
By ladydianna01
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Corey is the shy young artistic intern. The ink was barely dry on his Degree, but he managed, with the help of a childhood friend to land a sweet job with Roche Marketing Inc., where his creativity can shine. On his very first day of work he literally ran smack dab into the Sexiest man he had ever laid his eyes on and it was like he was struck by lightning when none other than Marcus Roche, the CEO of the company, stopped his fall. The man's touch seared him, marked him and even though the man was his boss, Corey wanted desperately to belong to him. Marcus Roche is the brilliant force behind his company, the CEO of Roche Marketing INC. His cold and unyielding personality commanded respect and perfection of those around him. His personal life was no different, Marcus is a Dominant, an badass one at that, he craved to have sweet little boys kneeling at his feet worshipping him, he was content to have his subs fawning all over him at his club, The Dungeon; but he had no desire to have a relationship with any of them outside of the playrooms. What will happen to his well organized world when a young intern literally stumbles into life with big innocent blue eyes that he felt could see right into his soul?

The CEO Commands (manxman)

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The CEO C...
by ladydianna01