Six Million Feet Un...
By PreyDelaCruz
  • Paranormal
  • angel
  • bxb
  • demon
  • devil
  • heaven
  • hell
  • lucifer
  • paranormal
  • slash
  • yaoi


“Angel of Death, my ass.” “I'm not forcing you to believe me, but get it into your thick skull that you're not in your world now. Here is a different one; the Underworld if I may, but really, after time, titles became less significant. All except to the main man, of course, Lord Lucifer.” If I heard him right before, he said he would offer me to his Lord as a present. Then, he referred a name Lucifer as his Lord. He mentioned the Underworld, and if I was remembering the Bible right… No. No, no, no. I knew what I did was a sin, and that I deserved to go to Hell. I jumped off a cliff to see and be with Flinn again, not please some guy who defied God and… “Wait,” I said, pulling Ciel to a stop. He looked at me impatiently, and I barely recognized we were now in some unreasonably long staircase that seemed to endlessly go down, only lit with glowing red stones on the corners of each step. “You said Lucifer; the Fallen Angel? As in… Satan?” “The one and only.”

Six Million Feet Under [BoyxBoy]

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Six Milli...
by PreyDelaCruz