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That Butler: Caring? by Azruphel
That Butler: Caring?by Charlotte Chessman
A Sebaciel fanfiction. After Ciel is kidnapped and harmed yet again, Sebastian's attitude towards his master finally begins to change. What is this strange feeling he is...
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Phantom Thief Spades (Black Butler fanfic) by Wolfphantom8
Phantom Thief Spades (Black Wolfphantom8
The Phantom Thief Spades successfully got away from the cops once again, leaving Sebastian, an 16year old head of investigation, dumbstruck. He wanted to catch him and f...
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Playing With Dolls by LifeSucks56535
Playing With Dollsby Ciel_Motherfucking_Phantomhive
Ciel isn't familiar with the town he lives in and wants to learn more. While he plays with his friends in the woods, he sees the familiar burned down mansion that both h...
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Collar [Sebaciel] by LustDem0n
Collar [Sebaciel]by hades
Highest rank in Sebaciel:#12 Last rank in Sebaciel:#14 [RED RIDING HOOD AU] (REDOING THE DESCRIPTION)
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Reincarnation (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fanfic) (Ciel x Sebastian)(Sebaciel) by cutekawaiiciel
Reincarnation (Kuroshitsuji/ cutekawaiiciel
Sequel to Kuroshitsuji II. Following a moment of betrayal 100 years ago, Sebastian meets someone named Ciel that resembles his young master exactly in present day London...
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Sebastian x neko ciel (my lord you have ears?) by Yesse_kurenai
Sebastian x neko ciel (my lord Yesse_kurenai
one morning in the manor as ciel finished his work called in Sebastian when he came he gasped to see his master .(this includes demon mating season for Sebastian some l...
Sweets and Seduction [SebaCiel Yaoi] by sxbaciel_
Sweets and Seduction [SebaCiel ⎾ᴄɪᴇʟ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍʜɪᴠᴇ ⏌
It's strange how one piece of cake turned Ciel's life into a mess. Especially when he's fallen into the arms of his demon butler, Sebastian. Every night alone with Sebas...
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Moonlit Meetings (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) (Sebastian x Ciel) by yumenosakura
Moonlit Meetings (Kuroshitsuji/ yumenosakura
To track down the people that killed his parents and destroyed his life, Ciel creates a persona of a Phantom Thief and becomes the head of the task force to capture the...
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~Sebaciel smut one shots~ by YellowBaguette
~Sebaciel smut one shots~by YellowBaguette
The title is the description XD
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Sebaciel smut. by Alexzandria_hannah
Sebaciel Alexzandria_hannah
Their growing love for each other becomes unbearable so one of them acts upon it.
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The Demon's Neko by KillerandBeastly
The Demon's Nekoby Killer/Beastly
Yaoi You been warned
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One Hell of a Hickey - SebaCiel by River_Reynolds
One Hell of a Hickey - SebaCielby River_Reynolds
Ciel has been a little bit more demanding than usual. Sebastian decides to do something about it. I don't own Black Butler or any of its characters.
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Now on Hold: A long day (SebaCiel/ Black Butler Fan Fic Short Story) by AfternoonNapWorld
Now on Hold: A long day ( Kagamine Rin
short fanfic that will turn into an Mpreg story. I do NOT own black butler or the characters just the story idea
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The Light of my Life by Lunarcatphantom
The Light of my Lifeby Lunarcatphantom
(Sebaciel) All Ciel knows in pain and heartbreak after he got married to Sebastian, in which their marriage wasn't their plan. But who knows? Maybe a little kindness...
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Demon love lasts forever by WeirdoEmmy
Demon love lasts foreverby Skylar
What happens if a demon falls in love? Can a demon even fall in love? Will Sebastian ever see Ciel's beautiful smile again? Let's find it out and get into the world of...
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Sebaciel (ddlb) by dxddyyissues
Sebaciel (ddlb)by baby❥
Ciel Phantomhive, a fifteenth year old little, moves to a new school. Outside, he's kinda a fucking badass. But inside, a sweet, innocent baby boy. What'll happen when h...
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Dollhouse ○sebaciel AU○ by ThatOneGayBoy
Dollhouse ○sebaciel AU○by ThatOneGayBoy
"You hit like a twelve year old girl" Highest Ranking: 12 in Sebaciel DISCLAIMER: This is my oldest story and I'm not very proud of it nor do I like it as much...
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forgotten memories (sebaciel) by ciel_phantomhive977
forgotten memories (sebaciel)by Luna
Ciel has been a demon for a few years now and within that time Sebastian changed. Ciel becomes depressed but how does the older demon react? will they end up together? w...
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Ciel's Got T✰lent || A SebaCiel AU by Ciel_the_Writer
Ciel's Got T✰lent || A SebaCiel AUby 🎪 Sмιℓє 🎪
An 18-year old Ciel Phantomhive has an amazing talent for singing, as he had been told by all his peers and even his parents. Ciel was convinced to audition on Britain's...
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Oneshots Sebaciel (Sebastian x Ciel) by bandloveforlife
Oneshots Sebaciel (Sebastian x Band_love_for_life
Hehe...yes just yes, .........................................SEBACIEL FOR LIFESEEEEEE!!!!!
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