The Rookie (manxmen...
By ladydianna01
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Young, fit, and fresh from the Fire Rescue Academy, Rookie Firefighter,Thaddeus Martin landed the newly opened position to the infamous Ladder 29 station. Ecstatic to be getting the chance to put his training into real life action, he was more than eager to jump into the deep end with both feet, the heroism of the job fully seducing him. After settling into the lively group of gorgeous men, especially with the gorgeous mammoth bear of a man, his Chief, Lance Garrison, who left him blushing and tongue tied. Thad comes to the realization of just how close the men of Company 29 were during one night of no emergency calls coming into the station, he stumbles upon what could have been described as the most erotic gay man's dream. He was tugged into a world of mind blowing ecstasy. Will he fit in and prove his worth and ability to hang with the big boys and as a firefighter, especially in handling the burly Fire Chief, or will he get overwhelmed and go running for the hills? Read to find out. ***This is a mxm story containing graphic multiple male on male encounters. This story is for the 18+ crowd. Mature content, harsh language. and rough sex involved between men. If this is not your genre, please don't read. Thank You***

The Rookie (manxmen)

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The Rooki...
by ladydianna01