• c a c o p h o n y • by Zoovi_TRV
• c a c o p h o n y • by Zoovi
Highest Rank - #1 in Poetry • ° Cacophony ; a meaningless mixture of sounds ° Here I present, yet another, a messy cluster of my thoughts. Just like what the title mean...
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  • poetry
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How To Write Stories People Will Love by Zoe_Blessing
How To Write Stories People Will L... by Zoe Blessing
If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how...
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LOVE YOURSELF. by -ohmytae
LOVE YOURSELF. by † heather †
❝someday, you will be happy.❞ ↳✦advice & guidance of self love, and self worth↲ ©-ohmytae
  • selfharmawareness
  • advice
  • bodypositivity
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unstuck ✎ writing advice by JeddieJay
unstuck ✎ writing advice by Jayme Dray
effective strategies on planning and writing stories that get finished and read.
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Loved you || JinMin by Whaleonair
Loved you || JinMin by MenYoungGae
"I hate you, hyung! "--Jimin "I love you too. "--Jin In which Jimin jealous of Jin while the older keep his secret from the younger. *lil teaser: . k...
  • brothersconflict
  • taejin
  • boyxboy
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Rosy Cheeks by arabellamonroe
Rosy Cheeks by Arabella N. Monroe
one was shy, the other was sad, together they were the two who loved art, both with rosy cheeks and caring hearts. [highest ranking]: #4 in short story 6.24.15 book one...
  • selfhelp
  • depression
  • painting
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Love Hate: Friendship Stage (Book 1) by RedZetroc18
Love Hate: Friendship Stage (Book... by RedZetroc18
***Not a typical rich guy novel*** "She is my poison. She is my cure." Joaquin Velasquez, a hotel owner and a renowned lawyer who has a high standard when it c...
  • memories
  • romance
  • diary
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Maureen Green Saves The World (Or Maybe Just Laura) by Ritanitatita
Maureen Green Saves The World (Or... by R
Maureen Green is in a bind. With her best friend pushing college, and her mom pushing the the family business, she's in need for a lovely distraction. Her distraction...
  • general
  • generalfiction
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Tips For Writing On Wattpad (just the basics) by CrystalScherer
Tips For Writing On Wattpad (just... by Crystal Scherer
Let's take a deep breath as we dive into the wonderful world of writing on Wattpad. No need to hold your breath, I am going to ease you into it, and we aren't going that...
  • advice
  • spelling
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dreamer boy // victuri  by v-v-victor
dreamer boy // victuri by ♡
"And from that moment on, it was apparent, that nothing was, or ever will be the same again." ♡ ; lower cases are intended // completed ; yuri!!! on ice fanfic
  • victorxyuri
  • therapeutic
  • yuurikatsuki
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the 48 laws of POWER (notes) by user10131650
the 48 laws of POWER (notes) by ArtFanatic
these will be my notes where ill be analyzing the book "the 48 laws of POWER" by Robert Greene {dont worry ill make the notes simple and useful}
  • robertgreene
  • sucess
  • phycology
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Staying Strong. by GiaXOX
Staying Strong. by Gianna M.
This book is filled with inspirational quotes, and the meanings behind them. This book is to remind you to also keep your head up, and as it says in the title, stay stro...
  • self-help
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  • strong
How to Escape an Abuser by GythaLodge
How to Escape an Abuser by Gytha Lodge
Some while ago, I was in an abusive relationship. And the weird thing is that I went into it with my eyes fully open. I knew that he had profound problems and could be a...
  • abusive
  • abuse
  • relationships
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Simply Complicated | Poetry¿ by nadhirahsaring
Simply Complicated | Poetry¿ by nadhirah~
my thoughts formed into words. WARNING: Some of these words are sad. Like fucking sad. Read at your own risk. Hope you enjoy my work ♡
  • poetry
  • demilovato
  • depression
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Blissful; Self Help Book by i_is_Karina
Blissful; Self Help Book by | (• ◡•)| 人 (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Quotes, Tips, Music, Books and Advice on how to deal with troubling times from depression, OCD, self esteem panic, self harm, sleep issues, stress, ADHD, eating disorde...
  • quotes
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The Troubled Ones ( Kinda A Cliche Story)  by jokerivory
The Troubled Ones ( Kinda A Cliche... by jokerivory
  • depression
  • sadness
  • brokenfriendship
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Bipolar Baby by bellatuscana
Bipolar Baby by Carmen DeAngelo
A memoir and guide to depression, mania, being diagnosed/misdiagnosed, narcissistic relationships, personality disorders, and the self-help section of the library. Based...
  • essays
  • selfhelp
  • psychology
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You're Here by Dany103
You're Here by Daniel Davs
Ben Hollins has come out of a four year war unscathed. Physically that is. With his city in chaos along with all his interpersonal relationships, Ben will have to mature...
  • highschool
  • love
  • friends
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PHOTO EDITING by mystiibear
an informational book on how to aesthetically edit photos ♡ includes fonts, themes, and apps. highest rank | #366 in random
  • editing
  • tutorial
  • cover
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Kat's wattpad guide by headstronghalsey
Kat's wattpad guide by —kat♡
In which Kat gives you little hints and tips for improving your writing to help you during your journey as a Wattpad author
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