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I'm a Hero too! (Bakugou X Suicidal! Deku) by CrashTheParty
I'm a Hero too! (Bakugou X The FitnessGram™
[Sequel officially out titled "Beautiful dreams"] [COMPLETED] Hello, My name is Izuku Midoriya. Right now, I'm in U.A HighSchool. Before I met All Might, I was...
I just thought that red looked good on me (Tommy Angst) by LoveTheCutestPain
I just thought that red looked Geographical name
Tommy is a very anxious and shy person, everyone knew him as a very obnoxious and loud person. His panic attacks started to worsen and turned into derealisation, so he f...
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AU by Amiss_Covert2022
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AUby Amiss_Covert2022
Eburnean Tommy belongs to @blublu_by either on Insta or YouTube, This AU is completely not mine. The story's filled with the creator's headcanons and ideas, but I also p...
mentally ill by blizzardinsummer
mentally illby 𝔯𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢
a single glimpse inside my mind will show that i'm not fine.
You'll Be Okay by boggox
You'll Be Okayby boggox
you'll be okay - a five part story anxiety, depression, dissociation & depersonalisation a short story on how harry lewis experiences mental illness, and how his friend...
A Clove of Fates by YoItsYeau
A Clove of Fatesby Adia C
BOOK ONE OF THE BINDING TRILOGY CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! Some big changes are likely being made while you are reading, and you might miss them. ...
Your Daily Dose Of Self Love by PositivumQuestae
Your Daily Dose Of Self Loveby Ari ପଓ・゚
In today's word everyone needs a spoonful of positivity and happiness for surviving. This book is written for this purpose only. ••••••••••••••••• Everything written in...
Thanks for your trauma <3 by Alexiatheperson
Thanks for your trauma <3by 🖤Alexia🖤
I guess this is just life, I hope you heal from everything or atleast accept it and move on🤍 Trigger warning : +18 , sewerslide , abuse , eating disorder , PTSD , gore...
cave voices by ellielien
cave voicesby ellielien
a voice like the taste of paper a voice like the touch of scissor blades a voice like the smell of bed cushions a voice like the views of rush hours a voice like the mov...
WALKED THROUGH HELL   ⤷  POEMS/QUOTES  by basicallyblake
❛ i would've walked through hell to find another way , ❜ ˖*°࿐ originals by me lmao they'll probably suck softiebyers 2020
Happiest Years (ANGST / DNF) by mineCraftYT2
Happiest Years (ANGST / DNF)by MCYT
Dream downs a bottle of pills and his last instinct is to call George and tell him all he wished he could have said before. Based on the song "happiest year of my l...
breathe - tyler joseph by holdingcnto
breathe - tyler josephby e
just a story about a troubled boy ~tyler has depersonalization and anxiety~ *•.¸ de·per·son·al·i·za·tion dēˌpərsənələˈzāSH(ə)n/Submit noun a state in which one's though...
THERE IS WATER IN THE SUN by juliet_dies
the world is on the cusp of its next rebirth, won't you hold my hand to see what we've become? © -immortalitatis beautiful cover by the equally beautiful @hurtcopain
La Da Dee ✔ by heartsspeech
La Da Dee ✔by megan 💌
melancholic poetry, prose and other random pieces of my heart in word form. ♡ // highest ranking: #62 in poetry // • march 11th, 2017 - august 4th, 2017 •
Vents by viossxoxo
Ventsby June <3
if you relate feel free to comment :))
sincerely, me.  by charliemercer
sincerely, me. by charliemercer
a collection of poems signed by a girl who sometimes hurts far too much or far too little but never in between. TW for suicide and self harm
Mental. by Trans_former
#19 Dani Rought
Kyle has OCD Alex has Anorexia Andres has Tourette's Jésus has DID/ and voices in his head Danny has depression Hunter has ADHD How does it effect their lives? How w...