Help by Antonia_xoxo
Helpby JustAMidget
Just talking through some of my experiences and giving advice to anyone that needs it.
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Plotting Potter by TheHalfBloodPrincess
Plotting Potterby Lυcу Sηαρє
I've been on wattpad since I was twelve and for almost eight years. In that time I've gathered a lot of experience on writing and reading Harry Potter fan fiction. Now...
  • potter
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Elle's Random Advice by weirdohime-san
Elle's Random Adviceby Ellie P.
Some self realization and advices
  • selfharmawareness
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How to: WATTPAD by magrotte
How to: WATTPADby magrotte
Heres a 'how to' book for wattpad! ENJOY
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Poems by melissa_24687
Poemsby Melissa_24687
I am not that good but plz read and bit e comment ... whatever I want to share my story in every way I can
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Self Help (Insecurity) by linaphee17
Self Help (Insecurity)by linaphee17
This is just what I use to cope with so please don't write lengthy comments about your therapist mum and/or lawyer father. Thanks
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Take care of yourself  by April-Blossom
Take care of yourself by April-Blossom
Some nice reminders and pictures to make you smile 😊
  • depression
  • self-esteem
  • anxietyattacks
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ambivalent by issajokebih
ambivalentby thiwa ┅
am·biv·a·lent: /amˈbivələnt/ Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. About a petite girl struggling with anorexia but some boy miraculou...
  • selfhate
  • inlove
  • disorder
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Tips For Love (From Someone With No Luck!) by chestnutia
Tips For Love (From Someone With Chestnutia
Are you like me? Do you struggle to find love? Do you find yourself tripping more than flirting? Do you fall flat on your face in love and end up with a broken heart? Th...
  • social
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The new age by Darky0021
The new ageby Darky0021
The new age...what a time..people passing things without seeing them..what an age.. -Feeling weak ? Feeling strong ? How do you feel ? Have you ever asked your self ? ...
  • life
  • selflove
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self care // tips. by flowerdecade
self care // 𝐬𝐚𝐦 ☆.。.:*
i wish you clear skin and a lovely day.
  • confidence
  • bodypositivity
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My Diary. ??‍♀️ by kidgeAppreciation
My Diary. ??‍♀️by Emily :-)
Idk here are my thoughts and current/past feels. I also might help you move on and be more happy!!
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Through My Heart : A Collection Of Poems  by darkashes_
Through My Heart : A Collection darkashes_
This book contains poems written originally by Dark Ashes. Some poems will contain mature topics while some are plain and simple. Read with Caution. All rights reserve...
  • loneliness
  • hate
  • love
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HOW TO BE A GOOD PERSON-emh by henlostinkybirboof
1st stage of the book! its dire of you to read this chapter! it has a big impact!
  • happiness
  • selfhelp
My rape story/ recovery  by kyky_mariee
My rape story/ recovery by kyky_mariee
A 15 year old girl got raped by a guy friend.
  • bullying
  • alcholism
  • school
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Strive Selected for the Recommended Reading List by Tribeca by ScottAmyx
Strive Selected for the Scott Amyx
Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success by Scott Amyx has been selected for the Recommended Reading List by Tribeca
  • bestseller
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Back from the brink by PeterHalse
Back from the brinkby Peter Halse
Alittle about me shows a much larger perspective on everyday. I'm writing this in hope someone may get something out of what I have seen or what I have done and why I ma...
  • lifechanging
  • life
  • shortstory
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thoughts from a broken heart / compile of poems by totallyoliverr
thoughts from a broken heart / 𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔲𝔢 ♡
i love too much. i trust too much. this is why i'm broken. • my experiences through life. this is a way to help me cope with my feelings and accept my mistakes. feel...
  • impulse
  • health
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