Dragon slayer Mating Season  by KaylaArachnid
Dragon slayer Mating Season by Jade Arachnid
It was a normal day like no other in Magnolia. The birds were chirping, the bee's where buzzing, and a loud obnoxious fight was rumbling out of Magnolias top guild, Fair...
  • nalu
  • lemmon
  • lucy
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Natsu's weakness by Sky931
Natsu's weaknessby Sky931
What if... when Natsu first got to the Fairy Tail guild he never trusted anyone except Master Makarov and Guildarts. What'll happen when Lucy comes into the picture? H...
  • anime
  • what=if
  • mean
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The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu fairytail] by lupoleopard
The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu lupoleopard
There are 4 werewolf packs in the hilly lands of Fiore. There are the Mermaidheel, Bluepegasus, Sabertooth and Fairytail. There are many loners in the area, but most st...
  • ilikefairytail
  • sabertooth
  • lucy
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation{NaLu} by IronRhiyaSenpai4
Fairy Tail: Next Generation{NaLu}by IronRhiyaSenpai
One day Lucy finds out she is pregnant with her best friend's children. She leaves the guild, because she didn't want to hurt Natsu and Lissana. Years later something ha...
  • wattys2017
  • gruvia
  • storshi
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Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairies by monstergal31
Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairiesby monstergal31
Lucy Heartfilia is a new student at Fairy Tail High School Of Creative Arts. Everyone thinks that Lucy is just a nerdy girl who wears clothes that are too big for her. L...
  • fairy
  • tail
  • nalu
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My Big Secret  by _anime_lover_23_xoxo
My Big Secret by animelover23
****UNDER EDIT***** Lucy was pregnant and couldn't find the courage to tell him. After the Edolas, Lucy finally found the courage to tell Natsu.....but.....Lisanna h...
  • jerza
  • gruvia
  • gale
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 Roomates (Nalu Story) by Lu_chan_official
Roomates (Nalu Story)by Lu_chan_official
Lucy being a new student at Fairy Academy, has to be roomates with a boy named Natsu. They have a tough time getting along, but soon start getting to know each other slo...
  • drama
  • fairytail
  • highschool
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The Playboy of Fairy Tail High by sleepingintheshadows
The Playboy of Fairy Tail Highby Shadow Cat
AU/OOC Natsu Dragneel is the well-known playboy of Fairy Tail High. But will his demeanor change when the new transfer with good intentions, Lucy Heartfilia, makes her w...
  • fairytailhigh
  • natsudragneel
  • fairytailacademy
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Why? by CutieOtakuKikay
Why?by Kikay
Lucy has been called weak by her guild and kicked out of Team Natsu. She is always bullied by everyone. No one talks to her, not even Mira,Levy,Wendy,Master, nor the Exc...
  • jerza
  • milaxus
  • betrayal
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Mute.. {A Nalu Fanfic} by obsessionjar
Mute.. {A Nalu Fanfic}by ObsessionJar
No one has heard her voice, except her best friend , Levy McGarden,since her parents both died in a car accident ,she has never talked to anyone , it would be really rar...
  • natsu
  • nalu
  • teenagelove
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Nalu - The Bad Boy by Dragneeel_Twins
Nalu - The Bad Boyby Dragneel twins
Just the usual Natsu being a Player and Lucy being a nerd. Lucy being abused at home and having depression, then Natsu finding out and helping her. There will also be MI...
  • lucy
  • badboy
  • nalu
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He's a Vampire [NaLu] by thefinestwine
He's a Vampire [NaLu]by Thunderbitch
Lucy is taken by a vampire who seems obsessed with her blood. She learns what it's like to live with royalty and to serve as a maid. But she feels something is wrong wit...
  • natsuxlucy
  • romance
  • lemons
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The Princess And E.N.D (NaLu) by 666reddog
The Princess And E.N.D (NaLu)by Red
The war with Zeref was going good for Fairy Tail. The was winning the war turning Zeref's demons onto their side or ending their lifes. It was going great for them until...
  • anime
  • lucy
  • natsudragneel
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The Nerd X Bad Boy {NaLu} by Willowing_Whisp
The Nerd X Bad Boy {NaLu}by i Am uNStAblE
Lucy Heartfilia is a beautiful smart girl, who gets abused by her father and is called a nerd. Natsu Drganeel the handsome heartthrob of Magnolia high, whose goal is to...
  • suicide
  • bullying
  • zervis
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The Baby Project (NaLu) by ambernight65
The Baby Project (NaLu)by ☆I'ᗰ ᔕᒪOᗯ☆
"Look I'm not happy with this either you know" I sigh and look up. "Our lives are about to turn into living hell." He laughs. "Especially your...
  • dragneel
  • pregnant
  • fairytail
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The Last Heartfilia  by Drina_Bloom
The Last Heartfilia by Drina Bloom
She's back... they ignore me... They don't notice me. Not Levy, not Natsu... no one... Lisanna this. Lisanna that. Funny thing is that she's the only one that talks to...
  • dragons
  • natsu
  • nalu
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⚽Boy meets Tomboy | Nalu ⚽ by denby_alyssa
⚽Boy meets Tomboy | Nalu ⚽by • アリッサ •
Meet Lucy Heartfilia, a tomboy who is hated by girls for not suffocating herself in makeup and liked by boys, many boys. She is the football Captain which every boy cou...
  • fun
  • denby
  • ft
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Kidnapped by ziall_nalu
Kidnappedby ziall_nalu
Lucy Heartfilia is a normal girl. She goes to Fairy Tail Academy and is one of their top students and leads a normal lifestyle. She lives alone in a tiny flat and doesn'...
  • gory
  • fanfiction
  • conflict
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I'm the Alpha's Mate...[NaLu FF] by chimpotato_
I'm the Alpha's Mate...[NaLu FF]by Idk what to put 🖕
Lucy Heartfilia is an ordinary young...well not that ordinary. The memories in her past have been forgotten except for a little boy. She has never forgotten about him un...
  • natsuxlucy
  • anime
  • natsudragneel
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One Night Stand Drama by StzzMak33
One Night Stand Dramaby Tersiah
Waking up bare naked on a morning wasn't what Lucy planned. Not that she woke up naked but along with her idiotic best friend, Natsu Dragneel. Feeling both embarrassed...
  • friendship
  • anime
  • love
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