Lucy's Lost Magic by BlazingSunn
Lucy's Lost Magic by BlueSunn Fanfiction
Lucy, part of the strongest team in Fairy Tail, doesn't want to be defenseless and wants to be able to depend on herself. So, she quits her family, and starts to learn n...
Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✔ by parkjiminswings
Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✔ by 신류진 Fanfiction
Highest ranking: #100 in fanfiction [051317] » who knew two strangers getting married from an arrangement could eventually fall in love for real ? started : Apr.16, 15 ...
Wait...You're a Girl?!? [Wattys 2017 Entry] by FairyTail_Dani
Wait...You're a Girl?!? [Wattys 20... by Nyo! Prussia Fanfiction
Lucy Heatfilia, 17 years old, and is a beautiful transfer student at Fiore Magic High School. Many students attend this high-end school for the magically gifted. But ins...
The Insanity of Fairy Tail by Kawaii_Otaku12
The Insanity of Fairy Tail by Kyon Fanfiction
Living in a rehabilitation center as a teen, can be harsh. Especially when you have been stuck there for several years, without being able to see family. Rehab? More lik...
The Assassin (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by PixieUnicorn2003
The Assassin (Fairy Tail Fanfictio... by Pixie Fanfiction
The Heartfilia Assassin, a infamous, ruthless murderer who is willing to kill anyone as long as she gets something out of it. Lucy Heartfilia, a kind, well respected la...
Can I hear your voice?(nalu fanfiction) by irisyuki1501
Can I hear your voice?(nalu fanfic... by irisyuki1501 Fanfiction
Lucy heartfilia is mute she has been like that since she was 10,she had been through a lot she was now 17 years old. she use to have a mother and father but right in fro...
Demons Love (Nalu) by saphirekey
Demons Love (Nalu) by saphirekey Fanfiction
"Luce...?" His voice pulling her out of her thoughts. "W-what type of deal.....?" She couldn't help her shaking wings that seem to now quiver in fe...
 Roomates (Nalu Story) by Lu_chan_official
Roomates (Nalu Story) by Lu_chan_official Fanfiction
Lucy being a new student at Fairy Academy, has to be roomates with a boy named Natsu. They have a tough time getting along, but soon start getting to know each other slo...
A Celestial Wizard's Promise ~ A Lucy's Revenge Story~ by EmptyLilPotato
A Celestial Wizard's Promise ~ A L... by ~Lil-Chan~ Fanfiction
It's been a year since Lisanna came back from Edolas. People have began to ignore Lucy as if she was a replacement for Lisanna. But Lucy and Lisanna have become great fr...
Vampire In Love  by angel_samm_anime
Vampire In Love by ✨✨✨ Fanfiction
Natsu Dragneel a vampire at Fairy Tail Academy, a school only for vampires. He is one of the top vampires at his school. All the girls love him for his good looks and hi...
The Devil's Angel(Nalu Fanfiction) by CHarmaineH19
The Devil's Angel(Nalu Fanfiction) by A dreamer Fanfiction
Heaven and Hell, An angel and a devil, Black and white, Light and dark... Like a fitting key that matches its lock, and like the sinful Romeo and Juliet. They were made...
Fairy Tail Memes by crissythedimondgem12
Fairy Tail Memes by Crissy Random
Yes just yes lol let the memes begin my Childern XD #961 in Random - 7/12
Fairy tail one shots {Closed!} by otakutwilightgirl
Fairy tail one shots {Closed!} by Timeless Soul Fanfiction
Just a book full of your favorite ships❤ (as in ships, I mean it's mostly character x reader) *I'm no longer taking any requests!
Masked (old title: Gone) by Lost_Alice
Masked (old title: Gone) by Wendy-chan Fanfiction
" After all I've done, I could never return... "
Mating season  by Lucy1342
Mating season by Lucy1342 Fanfiction
Natsu feels desires for Lucy .... Lets find out what happen between them two when Lucy finds out that Natsu has a mating season and that she is his mate
Fairy Heart (On hold) by Simply_An_Author
Instagram ↠ Nalu by 5sosgoofs
Instagram ↠ Nalu by ˗ˏˋ ᴋ ᴀ ʀ ᴍ ᴀ ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
@Natsu_Dragon: "Wanna hook up?" @LucyHeart: "@Natsu_Dragon get off my page" She's hot // He's popular. She's sassy // He's cocky. She's broken, but s...
Flames and Stars by DevinBear224
Flames and Stars by Devin Fanfiction
Just a bunch of random one-shots. I'll take any ideas you may have.
The Geek's Game by tammy_moi
The Geek's Game by tammy_moi Fanfiction
Natsu est l'étudiant le plus populaire du lycée "Fairy School" Il est beau sportif intelligent sexy Et surtout tellement charismatique! Mais à la tombée de la...