One Night Stand Dra...
By StzzMak33
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Waking up bare naked on a morning wasn't what Lucy planned. Not that she woke up naked but along with her idiotic best friend, Natsu Dragneel. Feeling both embarrassed and ashamed when realization came down to them, the two try keeping their distances away from each other due to their awkwardness. Not just that they knew they slept together but their lack of communication causes a scarlet hair mage to get suspicious of her comrades. Will their friendship reunite? or would there always be the awkwardness settled between both Natsu and Lucy every time they see each other? Well this is my NaLu Drama story, hope you like. "Uh..hey uh Lucy" Natsu scratched the back of his head nervously, facing elsewhere. "Hey um..Natsu" the blonde said before gulping her drink. Both ignoring the looks guild members sent them for their awkward behaviour. P.S. This story is under great edition. Don't be shy to correct the author of her grammatical or spelling mistakes. Just do things in a civilized order. I hate rude commenters. I mean I'm not perfect am I? Read at your own risk. This story contains Adult Situations and language. This was also my very first story on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy it. Once again. This story is under GREAT edition so pre-readers I may be adding in new details into this story. Feel free to vote and comment your positive opinions on this story. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Awkward Situation

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One Night...
by StzzMak33