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Starrlings 1: House of Fire by ellekirks
Starrlings 1: House of Fireby elle kirks
FANTASY TRILOGY SERIES ✩ The princess of the Fire Lands is sold into marriage to a foreign prince. While trying to adapt to the new kingdom, she discovers a plot to reig...
Soul Seeker by sambalazs
Soul Seekerby Samantha Balazs
She set out to kill him. Instead, she is drawn into his world. Ciara hunts to survive in the desolate Arctic, despite her sister's disapproval. But when her beloved men...
Prince Eli ✔️ by WinterLafae
Prince Eli ✔️by Winter Lafae
~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ------- "Mate can hear like a wolf?" Ember questioned in my head as I walked out the front door, smirking at Jess one more time. "I don't kn...
The Kingdom of Bones and Ash by UniqueelyMe
The Kingdom of Bones and Ashby Secret Writer
**NOW COMPLETE** "I'm not doing it," I say, crossing my arms with a glare. "For fucks sake, lay down and shut up," he grumbles, tossing the blanket o...
Dragons Rising ✔️ by Silverfstreak
Dragons Rising ✔️by Silvana F. Streak
To wizards and mind readers, shapeshifters are disposable. The only way to prove that a shapeshifter is worth more than the dirt on their shoes is to become a dragon rid...
Ve'Rah Daa (The Ephemeral: Book 3) by gtgrandom
Ve'Rah Daa (The Ephemeral: Book 3)by Erica Gallegos
Book 3 in The Ephemeral series. After the attack on Havenbrooke, Alex Kingsley―a social outcast turned war hero―is now the most powerful woman in Ells. But her life, al...
Stealing from Wizards by raconsell
Stealing from Wizardsby R. A. Consell
Volume 1: Pickpocketing Living in secret and stealing to eat is a hard life , but it's all Kuro has ever known. Fear and necessity honed him from a young age into the f...
The Peak of Oblivion by Ardarail
The Peak of Oblivionby Ardarail
Hidden within a mountain cave, in the depths of an endless forest, lies an ancient secret that once threatened to consume the world. Forgotten, until today... This is th...
The Fall Of Grace (Fall Series #1) by ReiAnn-Chan
The Fall Of Grace (Fall Series #1)by Rei Ann
In a world where peculiar beings existed, where thousands of castles stand tall, where inhumane strength and high intellect are possible. That there are things that cann...
Throne of the Forsaken  by iiAstroPanda
Throne of the Forsaken by Erin
~~ Sequel to "Realm of Remorse" ~~ One war, several lives on the line, one choice to make. ~ War is a game, but can it always be deadly? ~ ~ Who will be left...
Shooting Star by UnravelAsha
Shooting Starby Asha
(Completed) The one thing that can be assured, for generations and generations to come, undoubtedly would be this: If you see a shooting star, know that it will grant yo...
She Broke The Illusion by TheaMayy
She Broke The Illusionby Teodora
// featured // She lost everything to gain justice. - But what's left to redeem? Neelan Lee's life has been a road spiraling towards its doom ever since she uncovered h...
The Light in the Dark by axgirl13
The Light in the Darkby axgirl13
In a world damaged by magic, the Inquisition is eradicating all who can command the arcane power. Iris has been hiding her gift all her life. Until one day, she must re...
Outcasts of Aquila (Aquila's Originals 2) by starlightmagpie
Outcasts of Aquila (Aquila's Origi...by Becca Lusher
Return to the Overworld and the home of the Rift Riders in the second installment of the Aquila's Originals series, where danger surrounds the citadel. The misfits of Aq...
Lord of Winter by StacieMunro
Lord of Winterby StacieMunro
A prince tricked out of his throne by a cruel betrayal... A Lord who must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his kingdom... The seasons have grown unbalanced within the...
Of Whispers and Daggers [Book 2] by avadel
Of Whispers and Daggers [Book 2]by Laine and Aria Nichols
RUTHLESS POLITICS Aster Jacques' predecessor is dead, his capital ruined, and his people struggling to fight back against their most hated enemy. Determined to save the...
Kieran de Norvimr by melifluousgelatoo
Kieran de Norvimrby melifluousgelatoo
'The past is in the past' they say. But when time seem to stop for you, the sentence made no sense at all. Past and present blends in so perfectly, reliving the past yo...
We Are the Eclipse (Tethered: Book 1) by littorature
We Are the Eclipse (Tethered: Book...by Litto Rory
There is a line where the light and shadows meet. A line to keep order and balance. A line that both shall never cross or chaos will erupt and darkness will rise. To pre...
Siren by UnravelAsha
Sirenby Asha
(Completed) A mermaid must obtain the Mermaid shell using the Shell of Siren Songs. There's a Protagonist, so there are some things that are guaranteed to work out for...
Violent Moons by bookworm4967
Violent Moonsby locket girl
In a world with four moons, Tasi, Lua, Tolu and Fa. (which translated to 1,2,3,4 in samoan.) corrupt governments people and society. But when three seemingly unconnected...