Secondmate Stories

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The Gift of the Moon Goddess by AlexusXOXO
The Gift of the Moon Goddessby Alexus
Not everybody gets a second chance.
Mystery of the Rejected Alpha ✔ by collinsamye
Mystery of the Rejected Alpha ✔by May
[Book I from the Series of the Wellington Brothers] A curse. All it took was one single curse to turn a human village into dreadful creatures known as werewolves. Th...
Alpha's Second Chance by amplebust
Alpha's Second Chanceby Juana Makan
Braille is the first born of Brandon Wilson, the alpha of Moon Howlers pack. She was groomed as the next alpha since it was a responsibility passed down to the first off...
The Rejected Mate✔ by Gaby_Wongso
The Rejected Mate✔by Gaby_Wongso
A girl named Melissa was rejected by her mate who is an Alpha. She hates her life with the pack so she runs away together with her friend who is also an Omega as her Dan...
Fire And Ice by ElementalMadness321
Fire And Iceby Nikki Nyt
Formerly titled "Against the Odds" You know how there's the whole world then there's the Supernatural world then there's the werewolf world then there are pack...
Rejected  by ZoeyGabriels1
Rejected by Zoey Gabriels
Kelly Ruiters is the Beta's daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. She's the nerd at school and gets bullied What happens when her friends drag her to the soon-to-be Alpha's 18...
Trash? Ok. Rejected? Cool. Now Let Me Be Lazy. by Zoodat88
Trash? Ok. Rejected? Cool. Now Kil8_no
What do you do when you don't shift into your wolf? Learn magic of course. What happens when your family wants nothing to do with you? Cool more time for myself and no...
Saved by the Alpha by clairesclairey
Saved by the Alphaby clairesclairey
High school senior, Ivy Castro, was just like any other 17 year old girl. Nothing out of her ordinary ever happened to her. With a raging alcoholic for a mom and a dad t...
The Alpha by AngelaLayton8594
The Alphaby AngelaLayton8594
She is a hybrid who's life is at a threat because of people wanting her powers. He is an Alpha who lost his mate and is protective over his daughter. Will he be able to...
Rejected mate| Jungkook FF by Diamondgirl3
Rejected mate| Jungkook FFby Dani
Book cover not mine,credits to Aaru250. Kim hyerim was a weak werewolf. She always loved the idea of having a mate but when her sixteen birthday comes and finds her mate...
I Loved The Battle by Knight_Bunny
I Loved The Battleby Latest craze
Living in the village of Nova is easy, if you're an Alpha, Beta, Gamma or a normal Were/Shifter. Omegas, not so much. Bought and sold, kiddnaped, raped, and shown off as...
Queen And Ruler Of All by bdtwmf7hwgdi
Queen And Ruler Of Allby Zoëmartin
I have always had hard life But the truth behold I was no innocent and sweet soul like my brother I was the she devil and anyone who disobey my rules it is over with you...
Regret it yet?. by Harshitadhawan
Regret it yet?.by Silenteyes
Athena is not who she thinks she is. Her old pack thought she was just another weak girl who could not shift and rejected her, treated her the way she shouldn't be treat...
Aella by woke_unknown
Aellaby i.amwoke
Aella is an orphan adopted by the beta family of the BlackMoon pack .They love her and welcomed her like their own child. Everyone in the pack loved her even though s...
You Are Mine Now **REWRITING** by ShalyJ
You Are Mine Now **REWRITING**by ShalyJ
After her mother's death she moves with her father and brother and discovers that she is mated to the Alpha. Her brother disappears before the Alpha could kill him for b...
Rejected by DivTiger
Rejectedby Div Tiger
Nicole Bailey has hidden everything inside of her. She doesn't show her true looks, personality, and life to anyone in her high school, everybody thinks she's a weak wer...
Second Chance At Love by EvenTheBrokenRise
Second Chance At Loveby Just Call Me ~A~
Mates. They suck. They make you believe they'll love you but then they knock you down and say the worst three words. 'I Reject You' That was Symphony's point of view on...
Why Didn't I Die? by AbleMable
Why Didn't I Die?by FBGM
All Elizabeth wants is death after she was rejected by her mate, making it the last straw. but of all people, her mate that rejected her saves her from an overdose and...
The Alpha King's Mate by elemental_ish
The Alpha King's Mateby Frances
Evangeline Riya Cross is the omega of the Blue Blood pack. She is ignored by the pack and is bullied by them. She is known as the nerd of the whole school. Kyle Adrian C...