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The Lethal Princess (Completed) Wattys2015 Winner by tlwsweety2
The Lethal Princess (Completed) Wa...by tlwsweety2
Avril Bright always felt like she was different, but never in her wildest dreams would she imagine that she was that different. When Avril literally runs into a boy and...
King Dice x Reader by Snake_writer_hm
King Dice x Readerby Snakes
I do not regret my desicions
Avenger Soulmate (Avengers Fanfic) by Puner_Chan
Avenger Soulmate (Avengers Fanfic)by ~Puner_Chan~
I suck at Description's so just read it. I said JUST read it JUST read it! JUST READ IT! OK.OK. Ok. I'll go home.
Darkness - {BNHA} Evil deku fan fiction by DekuSunshine
Darkness - {BNHA} Evil deku fan fi...by Sophie
Darkness filled my head, no thoughts came in or out. Just emptiness. Where am I? I can't see or breathe, my eyes being forced shut by cold waves. Under water? How...
Yan Giorno x dumb but smart ass reader  by 1stickyfingers6996
Yan Giorno x dumb but smart ass re...by 1stickyfingers6996
Giorno is child hood friends with a girl named y/n. He would cling onto her even if she was 2 years older then him. She doesn't really care if he clings onto her or show...
The Grinch X Reader by saltypopsicle
The Grinch X Readerby edward culinary
you know ;) might get smutty eventually (warning) nvm it got smutty good luck
Wanted | Minchan [✔] by Lee_879
Wanted | Minchan [✔]by Lee_879
*Trying to edit* _________ Bang Chan most wanted criminal in Seoul, wanted for robbery and most importantly drug dealing. Lee Minho a undercover detective just wanting...
Cotton Candy (BNHA x Male!Oc) by Maybe_A_Roll
Cotton Candy (BNHA x Male!Oc)by Gay_Rollllll
A young boy gets sold and used. He's hurting, day after day, but one day, he gets saved by none other than Erasure Head. How will things go from there? Warning: There wi...
Various Eagles Things by golddustghost
Various Eagles Thingsby 茶
Love the Eagles? Love memes? This book is filled with them! From Don Henley's embarrassing moments, to Glenn Frey's secret modeling career, to imagines. This book is li...
BJ Alex (jiwon x fem reader) by smayweather2
BJ Alex (jiwon x fem reader)by Smayweather2
Yes I'm here to fuck things up Also I made this for myself (Some parts will be Changed and or replaced) Also it will contain a smut because ✨why not✨
I Have A Thing For Birds. (Robins X Reader) One Shots by Slootybio
I Have A Thing For Birds. (Robins...by For Me To Know For You To Fin...
Dick Richard Grayson Jason Todd Tim Drake Damian Wayne Most of the oneshots will be you finding out their idenity when you come into contact. It's mainly rushed stuff so...
MUSIC PLAYLIST by xxxtentaeecion
I think I have good music taste?
Fnaf x Female Animatronic Reader by Gatomon917
Fnaf x Female Animatronic Readerby Gatomon Dragonheart
In this x reader the Fnaf characters can transform into a human form, as can you. It is my first time writing one of these and would like some criticism on how to make i...
El ninja del Dragón Negro by DaniiAlbarn
El ninja del Dragón Negroby DaniiAlbarn
Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que Ayane dejó atrás la aldea, pero ha decidido que es hora de volver al lugar que ha de llamar hogar y retirarse por un tiempo del deber...
Creepypasta Zodiacs  by shadowangel119
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Vanessa
Mostly started it cause why not. Hope you enjoy! If you don't, sorry about that.
A lost voice and a guitar  by Jackstrider152
A lost voice and a guitar by Jackstrider152
So basically Izuku is at U.A and out of nowhere all the classes have to go to the auditorium because principal Nezu wanted all the students at the school are doing a kar...
Not a Mistake * g!p Camren Short Story by camren_arianator
Not a Mistake * g!p Camren Short S...by Vic😬
Camila gets pregnant with Lauren's child. Nothing more nothing less, read on my people 😊 Lauren g!p
Fluent Sarcasm by ok_310h224
Fluent Sarcasmby Elizabeth
This is for people who like, talk, and breathe sarcasm it's not for people who can't take a joke at all and are boring people irl