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Desire()Mastermind Shuichi x Female Reader() by SHUITCHY
Desire()Mastermind Shuichi x SHUITCHY
(RECONTINUED.) Y/n L/n, a seemingly perfect girl, who has nothing better to do than watch anime in her room all day and help her friend sell drugs, is placed in Danganro...
Little detective (saiibo) (age Regression Au)  by cloverleaf777
Little detective (saiibo) (age cloverleaf
Shuichi is a little that regresses whenever he stressed. The problem is that he's in a killing game. The situation couldn't be more stressful! Who can take care of him w...
Locked in - OumaSai - COMPLETE by DanganronpaV3fan
Locked in - OumaSai - COMPLETEby V3fan
Shuichi Saihara, Ultimate detective. Kokichi Oma, Ultimate supreme leader. And Monokuma, the ultimate....pain. It was Monokuma who managed to lock him and Kokichi in thi...
Torment and Lies (New Danganronpa V3 x OC) by Eevee_leaf
Torment and Lies (New ur mum
!!!NOT A READER INSERT!!! A young girl finds herself trapped in a killing game where only two can remain. It's survival of the fittest where strong bonds can be made or...
Experiment Gone Wrong [Female!Kokichi x Shuichi] (DISCONTINUED) by ballshjgfk
Experiment Gone Wrong [Female! Mark
Miu, being the amazing girl genius that she is, creates a new invention, and attempts to test it out on a certain someone, specifically a purple-haired liar. Unfortunate...
Danganronpa 53 Is Mine And You Are Too~ (SaiOuma) by Bravo_Dumbo
Danganronpa 53 Is Mine And You ℍ𝕚𝕤 𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪 ❤️
Mastermind Shuichi! Who would thought the main Protag would be the mastermind? He fooled you all! After shedding more fake tears on Kirumi's execution, Saihara knew they...
Snowy Saimatsu Angst by Kaedecuddles
Snowy Saimatsu Angstby Nelly
(this is my first fanfic! please go easy) tw: suicidal thoughts, possible scars (s/h) it's cold and snowy... shuichi and kaede's fingers intertwine as the two love bird...
The Mastermind's Lies | Mastermind Shuichi AU by Kaenito
The Mastermind's Lies | Kaenito
Cover fanart by @nlize22 on Twitter. Danganronpa is a VR in this AU. • Shuichi is a Danganronpa enthusiast. After a serious talk with his uncle, he wishes to get rid of...
Mastermind Obsession (Mastermind Shuichi) by HaruiEverlost
Mastermind Obsession (Mastermind HaruiEverlost_anime
16 students trapped in a school, forced to kill. One student is the traitor. Though, I wonder who it is? Kokichi Ouma, your not so friendly brat of the year. He always l...
Phantom Thieves of Hope - A Danganronpa X Persona 5 Story. by Creepercraftguy
Phantom Thieves of Hope - A Creepercraftguy
"Makoto Naegi is the Ultimate Lucky Student as the esteemed school of Hope's Peak Academy. Now beginning his second year with little to no problems, Makoto's life i...
☆ opposites attract | saiouma fic ☆ by fuk4wa
☆ opposites attract | saiouma fic ☆by 𝗄𝗂𝗍𝗍𝗒
Kokichi is your average little shit of a teenage boy, his main source of entertainment is just him being the class clown and causing trouble to get laughs out of people...
Saiouma/Oumasai comics & pictures  by HotPinkChoco
Saiouma/Oumasai comics & pictures by Emi
The artwork and comics do not belong to me, credits go to the original artists Also, I might've put the same pictures twice... sorry I'm losing track
Three summers | SAIOUMA by gothsaiouma
Three summers | SAIOUMAby cici !
Kokichi Ouma and the rest of his classmates wake up after the killing game, learning how to get used to real life for the first time again. [this is a saiouma story... i...
oumasai/saiouma comics by ghostly_presence
oumasai/saiouma comicsby avocado
I dont own any of the comics on here :p {All credit to the artists of these comics} 🍡updating every other day🍡
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You Always Will Be" // A Saiouma Angst Story by fuzziibunnii
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You fuzziibunnii
NONE OF THE ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE (Sneak Peak) My eyes couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. My... friend.. just... killed himself.. and I couldn't even see his last...
The Despair Disease Strikes Again! by kokichithecat
The Despair Disease Strikes Again!by chiyo
• Monokuma decided that the one time use of the despair disease was not enough! He decides that since Kirumi already got executed, and he was running out of motive ideas...
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆i̺͆ - COMPLETE by DanganronpaV3fan
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆ V3fan
The killing game was over. It was finally over. Out of the sixteen students, only three remained. Maki Harukawa, Himiko Yumeno and Shuichi Saihara. All Shuichi wants i...
Liar, Liar, the Mage's Desire Vol. 3 (Return of the Oumeno) by SolaSista
Liar, Liar, the Mage's Desire S.S. (SolaSista) Oumeno! Toot...
Yeah, it's the third volume of Oumeno greatness brought to you by the self-proclaimed Oumeno Queen (as long as nobody else wants that title, I will happily take it)! ^-^...
✔️More Than a Game (Oumasai/Saiouma) by aesthetic-saihara
✔️More Than a Game (Oumasai/ aesthetic-saihara
Shuichi Saihara wasn't fond of Kokichi Ouma at first, but a killing game trapped in a school with fifteen other people can change someone's mind. A lot. Though Monokuma...
Work Partners (Mute Kokichi AU) saiouma by Ouma_Ch4nz
Work Partners (Mute Kokichi AU) ꧁ ✦ ─ Your Local Simp ꧂
Kokichi was a shy, overthinking boy whose life felt bleak. But one day, his boss Kirigiri called with an opportunity - Kokichi would be working with a man named Shuichi...