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Like Before (a pregame saiouma story) by SomeTiredTrash
Like Before (a pregame saiouma sto...by A person
Maki and Himiko were becoming very fed up with Kokichi's normal attitude and behavior. They want to make him stop being so annoying some how. But there was only one idea...
Danganronpa V3: A Genderbending Motive by padwriter14
Danganronpa V3: A Genderbending Mo...by padwriter14
A genderbending story involving the Danganronpa V3 characters. This includes a main story with Monokuma making a genderbending motive, a couple of pictures of genderben...
Save Me (shuichi x kokichi) by rose_melody
Save Me (shuichi x kokichi)by Angel
"shuichi...i-" "What is it Kokichi?" "i-i...really hope we get out of here" "Yeah..." In the game where they have to kill each ot...
The liars sister (Oumasai/Saiouma)(Rantaro x Reader) by Silverwillow_12
The liars sister (Oumasai/Saiouma)...by Silverwillow_12
(Y/N) is Kokichi Oma's twins sister and the ultimate fashion designer. When they suddenly get put in a killing game, Kokichi Wants (Y/N) to keep the fact that they're si...
Lying Yourself to Live (Kokichi x OC) by Kstalia
Lying Yourself to Live (Kokichi x...by Castallation
This is an Alternate Universe version of Dangaronpa V3, based on the game. Sachiko substitutes Himiko, this makes a lot of things happen differently. Actually the story...
Locked in - OumaSai by DanganronpaV3fan
Locked in - OumaSaiby V3fan
Shuichi Saihara, Ultimate detective. Kokichi Oma, Ultimate supreme leader. And Monokuma, the ultimate....pain. It was Monokuma who managed to lock him and Kokichi in thi...
DRV3 Chat [OumaSai/Saiouma] by xkokichix
DRV3 Chat [OumaSai/Saiouma]by ☆koki☆
Kokichi has invited you to join the group chat. Accept or Deny? • not entirely a chatfic, has oumasai off text aswell.
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆i̺͆ by DanganronpaV3fan
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆...by V3fan
The killing game was over. It was finally over. Out of the sixteen students, only three remained. Maki Harukawa, Himiko Yumeno and Shuichi Saihara. All Shuichi wants i...
Anime X Reader Oneshots by DanganronpaCos
Anime X Reader Oneshotsby Robinn
UwU 0w0 Requests are open!
Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots  by M1chelle124
Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots by Michelle-Sarah
{New!} Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots! ~How To Break A Heart~ DR1 DR2 DR3 Girls & Boys -Game & Anime I take Requests!! (Just write your request in the comments) (In...
Insecurity | saiouma by citrustooru
Insecurity | saioumaby ily okay?
Once you reach the age of twelve, your soulmates biggest insecurities show on your wrist. The number can go as high as the amount of insecurities you have, there are no...
Yandere!Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots by wavystars_
Yandere!Danganronpa X Reader Onesh...by Cori ♥︎
No matter what you do or where you run, they'll always find you. You are theirs, and theirs alone. Requests open, they can be from any Danganronpa version, any character...
Attached to you ~ Saiouma/Oumasai by xkokichix
Attached to you ~ Saiouma/Oumasaiby ☆koki☆
Kokichi was the easiest person to manipulate (or so Saihara thought)
Danganronpa v3 boyfriend  by Candysugarush
Danganronpa v3 boyfriend by Candy
Me : HAHAHAHA ! Finally this book is out ! Kaito : And I'm back bitches! Ryoma : Watch your language... Kokishi : Nishishi ! Rantaro : Ah~ it's good to see people who...
SaiOma images. { Read the Description. } by SleepyKurpy
SaiOma images. { Read the Descript...by A sleepy boye
I just need to put all of my OmaSai in here just because... I filled up my entire storage with just OmaSai. This M A Y become a oneshot book as well- soo.... yeah... An...
°• Old Personalities Since The Start •° // Pre! Shuichi x Pre! Kokichi by littleann_gacha
°• Old Personalities Since The Sta...by Little Ann Gacha
in the killing game, monokuma had a little adjustments to the students, meaning he change two of the student's personalities who is Shuichi and Kokichi. of course the o...
Just My Job (Shuichi Saihara x Reader) by Detective_Holmes
Just My Job (Shuichi Saihara x Rea...by Sherlock Holmes
You, a bartender. Shuichi, a detective.
Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots  by stressed_simone
Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots by ~ Fire ~
Requests open! Welcome to my unoriginal book. I will do girlxgirl and boyxboy when I want to, so if you don't like it, either skip that chapter or don't read. Enjoy!
Danganronpa Lemons by Panta_Gremlin
Danganronpa Lemonsby sore wa chigau yo!
danganronpa smut for all you horny bastardz