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Sister of darkness by SnowyNights12
Sister of darknessby SnowyNights12
What if Darkstalker had another sister? What if Arctic and Foeslayer never went to the night kingdom and went to an island instead? What if the war between the IceWings...
Clearsight's Choice by NoahHHhha
Clearsight's Choiceby NoahHHhha
(This is a Wings of Fire fan fiction. All characters belong to Tui T. Sutherland. None of the art belongs to me; credit to the artists!) What if Clearsight changed her m...
Meeting the...Future? Wings of Fire Fanfic! by ultrareader123446
Meeting the...Future? Wings of Fir...by CoolButUnderrated
The Jade Winglet finds themselves in deep when a strange form of magic sends them to Darkstalker time. Lost and without a way to return home, they must work (reluctantly...
synesthete by Raven_Li
synestheteby Raven
"'Definitely azure inside.[...] I like the way she knits.'" This is how Whiteout, as a dragonet with synesthesia, views the world, and, more importantly, the s...
What if Darkstalker helped Whiteout out of the egg by Molliegrowls1
What if Darkstalker helped Whiteou...by Collie
What if Darkstalker let Whiteout out of the egg what problems would ensue. Would Whiteout be the one to betray Darkstalker or the other way around. Would Whiteout go ins...
White Noise - A WOF Fanfic by HiIAmRuhi
White Noise - A WOF Fanficby Ruhi Da Cereal Killer (I eat...
Amidst all the chaos of the Icewing-Nightwing War, three thousand years after the Scorching, Whiteout is just noise. Weird, irrelevant, white noise. But nobody knows tha...
Wings of Fire: Overcast by Frostwind88
Wings of Fire: Overcastby ⁠☆
Eclipse was hatched to Whiteout and Thoughtful shortly after the mess with Darkstalker was resolved. She was supposed to bring her family great happiness, and yet all th...
melted hearts - an icicle story by invisiblegerb
melted hearts - an icicle storyby invisigerb25
set shortly after icicle first arrived to JMA and uh im not good at descriptions so read the damn story if you like eventual icicle x sora
Wings of Fire: Whiteout's Diary by Tsunami113
Wings of Fire: Whiteout's Diaryby Tsunami
This is basically a diary in Whiteout's point of view. I don't think I'm going to make it very long, but hopefully it will be something all you Whiteout fans enjoy!
Wings of Fire: The Sands of Time by TallshadowleaderAJ
Wings of Fire: The Sands of Timeby Whitebli
Legend has it that there is another animus touched object, but this one can take you through time. Anywhere you want to go. Apparently, an animus named Jerboa created it...
After Darkstalker by Whiteout4ever
After Darkstalkerby Whiteout
Ever wondered what happened to Whiteout and Thoughtful after th crisis of Darkstalker? Well your about to find out! Whiteout: She deals with the voice in her head, and h...
What if DarkStalker was good? by DarkStalkerRules
What if DarkStalker was good?by Darkstalker2nd
This is a Book about if Darkstalker had been good. Please dont sue me if any of my characters share things in commen with yours because I am not a copycat at all.P.S Thi...
lockdown's sparklings (lockdown, breakdown and malejest) by diamondclawprime
lockdown's sparklings (lockdown, b...by diamond claw prime
knockout is 5 months sparked with 2 boys and 2 girls. what happens when he gets bot napped by malejest, viper and nocturne and learn a secret about his spark mate, break...
What if Arctic got Foeslayer Back? by baihemwa
What if Arctic got Foeslayer Back?by xo.qiuu
What if, instead of Arctic meeting an unfortunate end, he succeeds in saving Foeslayer? What if Darkstalker didn't make Arctic disembowel himself? Read this story to fin...
Whiteout's Goodbye by Snowleopardcheetah
Whiteout's Goodbyeby Snow
It has been sixteen years since Darkstalker disappeared. The NightWings have settled in their volcanic home. Whiteout has moved on, begun a new family. But she has never...
Wings of Fire: A Tale of Two Dragons by Dapplesong
Wings of Fire: A Tale of Two Drago...by Fallen
Darkstalker is gone. Nobody knows where he is. If they did know, then they would've told her, right? It's been 6 years since Darkstalker disappeared and Whiteout is happ...
Darkstalker What If by ChaosKing2233
Darkstalker What Ifby ChaosKing2233
What if Clearsight failed to stop Darkstalker. Read this story made by me and Fanartist31 to find out.
Snow Anthology by SarahBensonBooks
Snow Anthologyby Sarah
SNOW is a published anthology filled with sixteen stories of forbidden love, featuring bestselling authors and Wattpad super stars! The #SnowAnthology will be PUBLISH...