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Pokemon Indigo League - Pokemon x Male Reader by Konomies
Pokemon Indigo League - Pokemon Konomies
Let's just get to the point. You go on a Pokemon journey through Kanto region. (Ps. This is a rewrite of my old Pokemon story. I wasn't really happy how that turned out...
Pokémon: Indigo League by Kenon96
Pokémon: Indigo Leagueby Kenon96
This story is the same as the original anime. My character will be on his own journey as a Trainer and will try to win the Pokémon League. (Please know that some chapte...
Pokémon-Kanto adventures  by Christopher569218
Pokémon-Kanto adventures by Christopher569218
In the town of pallet lived two boys Ash Ketchum A boy how wanted to be a Pokémon master and Green how dreams becoming the world strongest set out on journey change thei...
To Kill a Kyng by pettibratz
To Kill a Kyngby maiya. (my-yuh)
Kaoir "No Name" Prescott is the Capo-regime of the Prescott crime family. She manages her own crew within the family, and occasionally gets particular racket t...
Rock Prodigy by jules130
Rock Prodigyby Julia
Delinquent, Reject, Prodigy. Orphaned Rosemary Adams manages to find a family only to be tossed aside when she's wrongly accused of vandalism. She's sent to a boarding...
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Tough Love by pettibratz
Tough Loveby maiya. (my-yuh)
Aya Weathers is a hardworking, talented, aspiring songwriter who prefers to put her goals before her personal life. Christopher Brown is a stubborn, rude singer who has...
Sorry Enough | Chris Brown Fanfic by August_Slays
Sorry Enough | Chris Brown Fanficby #AlsinaNation
Said you need space from me, I never felt love but it feels like I'm falling.
Lost And Found by pettibratz
Lost And Foundby maiya. (my-yuh)
Sequel to Tough Love Christopher Brown was known to have it all. The money, the fame, even a beautiful family. Yet, there was something missing to this dream world he wa...
Among us new generation (Rodamrix)  by yume_95
Among us new generation (Rodamrix) by yume
Toda la historia más reciente del futuro se centrará en la familia de Indigo.
Wings Of Fire: Icefire by starsandspells
Wings Of Fire: Icefireby Liz
What if, Darkstalker had an older sister that everyone thought Arctic killed. What if, the sister, Icefire, had the same powers as Darkstalker, but another power as well...
My Blue | DISCONTINUED by loverehly
When bad boy Everett North bumps into tiny Indigo May, he's immediately infatuated with her innocent persona and she's intrigued with how he treats her like no boy ever...
SU Indigo Diamond by MarionetteGaster
SU Indigo Diamondby FunkyFlow
Garnet x Gem! Reader- Harem - Oc-ish -
Discover (Completed) by pettibratz
Discover (Completed)by maiya. (my-yuh)
India Manory thinks life in Queens, New York will never change. It's the same routine, same bullshit she has to put up with. But can one faithful month change her whole...
My Baby's Daddy (re-arranged/on hold) by littleIndig0
My Baby's Daddy (re-arranged/on LiL.Indigo
I am tasting the waters right now. Dear readers, I don't know if you read my story or not but if you do please comment on this story. I like the plot but I am not sure a...
Working Out [RM Sickfic] by SSears90
Working Out [RM Sickfic]by SSears90
[Oneshot/Requested] Namjoon begins to feel insecure about his body so he starts dieting and exercising to extremes, making himself sick.
The One With All the Sokeefe. by Indigo3939
The One With All the Indigo :)
This takes place right after book 8.5 in the series Keeper of the Lost Cities, and it's told by mostly Sophie and Keefe's points of view. This is my first fanfic, so I...
Somebody To Love // Queen, Roger Taylor, Ben Hardy by themoonkeeper
Somebody To Love // Queen, Roger themoonkeeper
This is the story that tells the journey of one of the biggest rock bands of all time and their "guardian angel" and best friend, India Clover. India was an Am...
Pokemon: The Path of a Pokemon Master - Kanto Arc by Orochimaru_Wife23
Pokemon: The Path of a Pokemon Yumie Yashagoro
This is the story of a young boy named Marshall, a newly turned ten-year-old boy from Pallet Town. Follow him on his journey through the Kanto Region as he catches ne...
Misteri meninggalnya rachel by khaniaa25
Misteri meninggalnya rachelby sstrwberry
Pemujaan pun dimulai, Brashhh!.. wanita yg tadi berada di atas meja itu pun langsung dipenggal kepala nya oleh sosok jubah hitam yg memegangi kapak besar itu ....
Meeting the...Future? Wings of Fire Fanfic! by ultrareader123446
Meeting the...Future? Wings of CoolButUnderrated
The Jade Winglet finds themselves in deep when a strange form of magic sends them to Darkstalker time. Lost and without a way to return home, they must work (reluctantly...