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Wings of Fire: The Golden Sisters #1 by 514997enter
Wings of Fire: The Golden Hybr1d!!s-Ye@H!
Sunny and Sunshine were born from the same egg. They are both weird looking and don't have the Sandwing barb. Sunshine is different from Sunny in two ways, Sunshine has...
Wings of Evolution (WoF AU) by Repeat932
Wings of Evolution (WoF AU)by Repeat - taepeR
[Wings of fire - Evolution AU] What if Darkstalker listened to Fathom? The dragonets of destiny never had a destiny. They were hatched just like every other dragon...
What if Darkstalker helped Whiteout out of the egg by Molliegrowls1
What if Darkstalker helped Molliegrowls1
This Au is about if Darkstalker let Whiteout out of the egg. I really enjoy typing this Au in my free time, I mainly come up with this story as I go along so there might...
WOF OC Creator by WaterElementalGirl
WOF OC Creatorby Water Elemental Girl
Basically the title, but I have a twist from the ordinary: be sure to check it out! Cover art from the wiki I, of course, am not Tui T. Sutherland, and I did not write W...
Wings of Fire: Human AU by Skywatcher_68
Wings of Fire: Human AUby Sky / Rylan
What if the dragons in Wings of Fire lived instead in a modern world, and attended school as either a student or a teacher-the boarding school of Pyrrhia Academy.
Y/n, a NightWing-IceWing hybrid, is a mindreader and seer, just like her best friend Moonwatcher. This is the story of how they attended Jade Mountain Academy, saved th...
Winterwatcher! - Light in the Dark by MaddiTheMagic
Winterwatcher! - Light in the Darkby .MaddiTheMagic.
//COMPLETED// //edited 2021// The Jade Mountain Academy certainly wasn't shaping up to be what Winter expected. He was always surrounded by dragons from different tribe...
Fortune Favours Queen Glaciers Nephew - A Qinter Fanfic by TOLoquacious
Fortune Favours Queen Glaciers TOLoquacious
"I mean, Clay really seems to think that by us being together, we could change the school for the better." "And? What's your point?" "I guess my...
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Sea by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Seaby MindlessTyper
Adventure, that was what Robin loved most. She loved the thrill of exploring someplace new and untouched. So when she's already seen every nook and cranny of Pyrrha, she...
Nymph's Art Book by Nymphaea36
Nymph's Art Bookby Nymph
Hello! I'm Nymph, and this is my art book! Yay! This is mostly of wings of fire dragons, but there may be other stuff too depending on whatever I feel the need to draw...
Wings of Fire; Crowns of Betrayal by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Crowns of Betrayalby MindlessTyper
This book is being rewritten to be up to date with my current writing style. Since it is being rewritten, it is best to only look at the most recent comments as to not s...
Wings of Fire; The Scarlet Sunrise by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; The Scarlet Sunriseby MindlessTyper
"You're just like her! You'll be nothing more than a shadow, HER shadow!" Every dragonet is born with a purpose, each one born with a future. They will have th...
Art, Adoptables, Colour Edits and Requests by Lightfeather123456
Art, Adoptables, Colour Edits Kai
Basically just my art, but I'll be doing a few adoptables here and there, as well as some colour edits of the Wings of Fire bases. I'll be doing art requests for anyone...
Jade Mountain's Next Generation by Anemarin319
Jade Mountain's Next Generationby gay wof ships <3
This is a story of the next generation of dragonets at Jade Mountain Academy. This fanfic is written from the point of view of my oc Darkshine, a mind reading seer born...
Wings of Fire: What If... by Fantasy510
Wings of Fire: What Fantasy
In Wings of Fire, have certain things happen that you aren't happy with? Have you ever wanted for something specific to happen? What if Starflight died? What if Clay sta...
Mag_The_Tiger's art book by Macaroni_Pizza
Mag_The_Tiger's art bookby Macaroni_Pizza
All my new digital art I'm making! Once I get to 100 artworks I will create a second art book! #6 in digital nov 10 2022 #12 in digitalart nov 11 2022 #38 in artbook nov...
Wings of Fire Headcanons by Oaapha
Wings of Fire Headcanonsby General Oapha
Feel free to use any of these as fic ideas. Cover art is by me.
One True Queen: A Wings of Fire fanfiction by dragonwritesthings
One True Queen: A Wings of Fire dragonwritesthings
BOOK THREE IN THE TIMELINE SERIES "Anything about the future can be changed," he said. "Even that. I could enchant the mountain to stay up if I wanted to...
WoF AU || ARC 1 by Doedorogon
WoF AU || ARC 1by EvDra
Instead of the well-known group: Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny, the dragonets of destiny are the POVs of Arc 2: Moon, Winter, Peril, Turtle, and Qibli plus...
Healing (A Wings of Fire Fanfic) by WarriorofFire2of3
Healing (A Wings of Fire Fanfic)by Warrior
Just so you know, Wings Of Fire do NOT belong to me! WoF belongs to Ms.Sutherland! This is just a fanfic!