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Winterwatcher! - Light in the Dark by MaddiTheMagic
Winterwatcher! - Light in the Darkby MaddiTheMagic
//COMPLETED// The Jade Mountain Academy certainly wasn't shaping up to be what Winter expected. He was always surrounded by dragons from different tribes. He was forced...
Wings of Fire: The First Animus by ShadowClawEclipse
Wings of Fire: The First Animusby Syzygy the NightWing
𝗗𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗰, 𝗮 𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗽𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝘄𝗮𝗶𝘁𝘀... Aurora is a normal IceWing, one without powers. Normal, and almost a nobody. So she doesn't expect...
Wings of Fire Adoptables by Ocelot-the-rainwing
Wings of Fire Adoptablesby Ocelot
In this book, I will be making Wings of Fire Adoptables.
Wings of Fire Name Ideas by Starry-Enigma
Wings of Fire Name Ideasby Slaughtern't the frogs
---FIRST IN #woffanfiction --- Hello! Welcome to a book which is entirely dedicated to flinging random names in your face to help you with your Wings of Fire naming cris...
Weeping Stars ࿐ྂ Clifflet/Aukliff ❁ // !UNDER HEAVY EDITING! ♡ by GYU_GALAXY
Weeping Stars ࿐ྂ Clifflet/ galaxy ‼
Cliff and Auklet have similar feelings for each other. It feels like love... It is love. But that is only one of the many adventures that they experience along with th...
Crystal's Art Book #1 -- Wings of Fire Art/Doodles and More!! by WolfDragonQueen18
Crystal's Art Book #1 -- Wings ON HIATUS ;) [BLACK IS SUS, G...
Hello! I'm Crystal da Animus, a creative and feisty RainWing-IceWing hybrid!! I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my semi-good doodles! I'm sort of unsatisfied with my...
Adoptables by DawntheHybrid
Adoptablesby Moonshadow Elf and Earthbender
Adopt a cutie to take care of!
Worthy - A Wings of Fire Fanfiction - Complete (4) by UltimateFanWing
Worthy - A Wings of Fire ~Wings of Furry~
Snowdrift, a seven-year-old IceWing, wanted nothing more than to be in the First Circle. To do otherwise brought shame upon her family, as they would frequently remind h...
After Winter Snapped - WoF Moonbli Fanfic by LimenadeTree
After Winter Snapped - WoF Limenade
"..Winter?" After Winter goes insane and kidnaps Moon, the futures don't look bright. However, Quibli saves her and brings her back to the Sandwing Stronghold...
Fury - A Wings of Fire Fanfiction (FAF reboot) - Complete (1) by UltimateFanWing
Fury - A Wings of Fire ~Wings of Furry~
Flurry, the RainWing/IceWing hybrid, was always taught to stay inside her rainforest hut. Be safe, be hidden, and don't ever let anyone see you. She never questioned the...
Wings of Fire - Fallen Souls by FrozenGemYT
Wings of Fire - Fallen Soulsby Frozen Gem
This is Wings of Fire - Fallen Souls. A fanfiction story I am currently writing about my OC, Whitedust the SandWing-IceWing hybrid after "The SandWing Succession.&q...
Wings of Fire Fanfictions by GlorybringerAnyone
Wings of Fire Fanfictionsby GlorybringerAnyone
Hey people! As you can see from the title, I'm going to be writing about Wings of Fire Fanfictions. Wings of Fire is a book series by Tui T. Sutherland just in case you...
WOF OC Creator by WaterElementalGirl
WOF OC Creatorby Water Elemental Girl
Basically the title, but I have a twist from the ordinary: be sure to check it out! Cover art from the wiki I, of course, am not Tui T. Sutherland, and I did not write W...
Winterwatcher - Arctic Night by XXSunwillowXX
Winterwatcher - Arctic Nightby Arianna
Winterwatcher AU where the Pantala storyline never happened. Instead, there's a new Prophecy and a new danger. Moonwatcher is content with Qibli. But when she ends up w...
Exile [A Warrior Cats AU fanfiction] by DawnWings-
Exile [A Warrior Cats AU DawnWings-
The chaos of the Great Battle is dying down. The four leaders come to the conclusion that killing the traitorous cats who had betrayed their kin is the best punishment f...
Qinter (Qibli x Winter)  by WarmlyRed
Qinter (Qibli x Winter) by Warm Red!
Sometimes love comes from most unpredictable way Fanfiction relationship between Qibli and Winter
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The Darkest Night - A WOF Roleplay Reboot by multicolored_cow
The Darkest Night - A WOF Multi
Beware the power bearer, For dragons' lives are in great peril. Beware the dragons of the night, Eleven eggs all out of sight. The heirs who fight and shout and yell...
Clearsight's Choice (COMPLETED) by QueenClearsight11
Clearsight's Choice (COMPLETED)by QueenClearsight11
COVER ART IS NOT MINE, ALL ART CREDITS TO BIOHAZARDIA! Link to her DA account- Highest Ranking: No. 1 in wingsoffire out of 5.5k...
Fourth Wheel ||Qinter|| by Frost_byte1221
Fourth Wheel ||Qinter||by 🍉 whatta melon?
QINTER SHIPPERS UNITE!!! All feedback accepted in comments. Also, I do draw, but I'm not that good. The cover art is not by me! I only wrote Fourth Wheel on it. All cred...
Wings of Fire; The Scorching by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; The Scorchingby MindlessTyper
The first snowflake that falls on sand, will make the sky light up in flames. A queen with many heirs to her throne, will be rattled to her bone. Wings that hide away at...