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"When She Woke Up"- (Newt&Thomas x reader) The Maze Runner by cloudyskies13569
"When She Woke Up"- (Newt&Thomas x...by OkayButTreeKangaroos
The soft pitter-patter of footfalls on damp grass approached. She laid back on the grass, staring at the sky. There were no stars up there, but in her eyes was the whole...
When Two Different Worlds Collide (Larry Stylinson AU) by temptingmistakes
When Two Different Worlds Collide...by temptingmistakes
A few times- or at least once in your life, you'll find yourself in a situation where a certain someone catches your eye- yet, you never seem to catch theirs. Your adora...
When Formalities Are Forgotten. [A Student/Teacher Love Story] by JaseyStellaRaex
When Formalities Are Forgotten. [A...by Char
17 year old British girl Jasmine has just started her senior year of high school in America, and on her first day back from summer break she realises that her old Englis...
stiles imagines! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. sorry for the inconvenience !! enjoy!
When green met blue || Clexa AU COMPLETED by Pseudo_Wariatka
When green met blue || Clexa AU CO...by Pseudo_Wariatka
Lexa is sick and tired of being under her mother's control. All the time she is learning. She can't go out with someone. She doesn't even have friends. So when the princ...
When A Fan met Her star [ Editing ] by nila_c423
When A Fan met Her star [ Editing ]by Nila
Jai Prakash Raj is a dashing superstar. heartthrob of many girls. Darling of the industry and the Greek God for everyone. Srishti Preyansh Verma is his biggest fan. His...
Don't be scared when I am around (yoonmin) [finished] by Christyflowerlove
Don't be scared when I am around (...by Christyflowerlove
"I love you. You should never question it" "I am scared of love, Yoongi". Meeting the beautiful boy was Jimin' s biggest accomplishment this year. Af...
J.J.K | When Time Stops [BOOK 1] *EDITING IN PROGRESS* by kathynam0924
J.J.K | When Time Stops [BOOK 1] *...by Jeon 🐰
"Why were you kissing that girl then?" I asked in a furious voice as I glared at my husband with my arms firmly folded across my chest. "Y/N, how many tim...
When life was easy. by pinkstrawwberriess
When life was easy.by pinkstrawwberriess
luego de años de no ver a su amor adolescente, Ingrid lo ve en las noticias, viendo como actualmente es una estrella famosa. Recordando así todo su pasado con el.
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by Mouki21
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy)by ENJOY!
Tyler Montgomery is a space geek. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and Avatar. But most of all, he believes that we are not alone in the universe, and he's d...
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𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 ── dylan o'brien imagines by chaoticstiles
𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 ── dylan o'brien im...by ˗ˏˋ 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐞 ˎˊ˗
❝He's very good at baseball!❞ a book filled with imagines of the white boy of the decade and his characters. #635 in Fanfiction
Love at First Sight (A MCGA Fanfic) by majesticlqvee
Love at First Sight (A MCGA Fanfic)by .majestclqvee
A FierroChase Fanfic made purely of inspiration and love from the MCGA book series and the fandom. Magnus woke to another day of being woken by the ungodly hours of the...
My Boss Is My Ex Boyfriend by onince_forever
My Boss Is My Ex Boyfriendby vitonia_forever
this story is about the relationship of toni & vince who broked up there are 19 years old but after 3 years vince dad give his company to his son that's why vince is the...
Lost, Found, And Chosen. by Frostg35
Lost, Found, And Chosen.by Jamel Campbell
This is a poetry book, it talks about lovers, it talks about everyday situations, it talks about love and the pain accompanied by it; It can break your heart or build it...
Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Does (Slash) (BoyxBoy) by mis4-2n8
Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Do...by Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(New story XD) BL Stories -^o^- 13 stories inside and more to come (^o^)/ WARNING: IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOYXBOY better not to read it...Please don't hate boy love... Age i...
Future Child by adrienette4life42001
Future Childby MusicGirl42001
A new girl comes to the school and is immediately noticed by Marinette and Adrien. Who is this girl and what is she doing?
When Lightning Strikes by VanessaRose
When Lightning Strikesby Vanessa
When Gracie Elwood comes back from teaching in France, she's ecstatic to find out that her sister's a bride-to-be. What she doesn't know is that her brotherly feelings t...
When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed } by heytherezayn69
When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed }by ♥Directioner♥
Ellie's not much of a party animal, but when your best friend's brother is throwing the party, you say yes, no questions asked. It wasn't like Ellie didn't like parties...
Teen wolf when... by InfiniteLoveStory_
Teen wolf when...by Rosie🙊🙈
Just some TW when imagines :) hope y'all enjoy! X
✩⋆ Dylan O'Brien When's ⋆✩ by stilinskitrashplease
✩⋆ Dylan O'Brien When's ⋆✩by s
✑ A book about Dylan O'Brien and all the beautiful people he plays. Contains lots of fluff hope u enjoy my doods x ♡ *This was written when I was 14/15 so does not refle...