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Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma) by kaylafiee
Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma)by kay
What if Bulma and Vegeta met when they were teenagers? How will their developing romance change the story that we're all so familiar with? -Takes place during the origi...
BACK TO THE BEGINNING by nevaeh_kings
BACK TO THE BEGINNINGby nevaeh_kings
Vegeta has been practising instant transmission. One day while he is training, instead of transporting him and Bulma to the bedroom, he sends them back to the Saiyan Sag...
The gurl. ( Vegeta x bulma ) HIGHSCHOOL?❤️ by vegeta_gurl05
The gurl. ( Vegeta x bulma ) Suga_101
‼️‼️‼️She is beautiful is is every boys dream but sometimes a special someone breaks there heart and lives them broken with nobody to help them there lost in a void of d...
DBZ Love Stories  by ShamillaLuna134
DBZ Love Stories by ShamillaLuna134
Just some of my favourite love stories online. I don't own the stories, but I love them!!!!!
Curse and Sacrifice by mitsuru_senpai
Curse and Sacrificeby Chocorobo-kun
Bulma started to feel tired to remind Vegeta on their wedding anniversary date every year. This year she had it enough and refused to remind him about that anymore. Mea...
Change by ObsessedWithDemons
Changeby DazaiKinnie
Raditz was always thought as a weakling. But what would happen if he survived the fight with Goku and Piccolo? Based off of Masakox's "What if Raditz Turned Good&qu...
soulmates  by DelanieJehl
soulmates by DelanieJehl
everyone got tired of bulma and vegeta fighting all the time so they tricked the two onto a ship together blasting off into space where they will be together for a while...
Primal Urge 18+ (DBZ Fanfic) by SupremeVeigar
Primal Urge 18+ (DBZ Fanfic)by UnfunnyName
Once a year, there's a special time Saiyan's get certain...'urges' and...'traits' that make them act differently from their former selves. In a blinding flash of events...
Android 21: An Android 17 love story by Star_ball
Android 21: An Android 17 love Star_ball
You wonder and think, did Doctor Gero only create 17 and 18? Guess again. Matters turn worst for the Z fighters as they realized that he had constructed and designed yet...
Clarity {Dragonball Z Fanfiction} by Roseblade22
Clarity {Dragonball Z Fanfiction}by Roseblade22
Vegeta doesn't know how to react when Bulma asks him one very important question. One-shot. Completely canon, in-character fluff.
The Saiyajin UnderWorld by Literature_Freak_
The Saiyajin UnderWorldby Literature_Freak_
This is a love story between Bulma and Vegeta, two characters of the dragon ball manga, set in a different world. Vegeta is a 27-year-old boss of the saiyajin syndicate...
Runaway Princess  by anime_girlyz
Runaway Princess by Anime 4 Life
Hey peeps this is for all you dragon ball fans. So what if planet Vegeta never blew up but instead Vegeta had a sister and grew up on planet vegeta, what if goku grew up...
West City High by FanServiceVersion
West City Highby FanServiceVersion
A class full of delinquents
As I Caress Your Face by Senzu0
As I Caress Your Faceby Senzu
Three Years After the Events of the Buu Saga, Vegeta and Bulma Are Heading To America for their Yearly Vacation, this time without Trunks Bulma Wants To Be Romantic as P...
If you Truly love them, set them free by RobbieRockHard
If you Truly love them, set them RobbieRockHard
Yamcha has to deal with the horrors of breaking up and coming out.
Strong by FanServiceVersion
Strongby FanServiceVersion
An AU where planet vegata wasn't blown up by Frieza. ~~~~~~~~~ Saiyans like to conquer planets, one of the nearby planets was named earth. King Vegeta had the amazing id...
The bad future by jokerluver98
The bad futureby Stevewantsum19
Just what I think should have happened in future trunk's timeline.
Trupan & Braten ~ Un Amor Eterno by SakuraMikuHatsune333
Trupan & Braten ~ Un Amor Eternoby Sakura Miku Hatsune ;3
Basado en la novela de Irupe La Angel Kawaii (de youtube), espero que les guste (es hora de terminar lo que empeze hace algunos años)
A Saiyan Prince In Kindergarten by Bailstorm
A Saiyan Prince In Kindergartenby Bailstorm
Rehashing an old fanfiction I wrote on another site here. Just editing it to make it better. You know, better discriptions and better pacing much better grammar than lit...