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The Tempest Of Truth by Mae-chan13
The Tempest Of Truthby 🌹 May Rose 🌹
Hiccup and Valka were taken and "killed" by dragons. Astrid and Fishlegs are runaways who were claimed to be traitors for befriending dragons. The two traitors...
The Dragon Boy (a HTTYD fanfic) by ggg1223456765
The Dragon Boy (a HTTYD fanfic)by ggg1223456765
What if Hiccup lived his entire life with dragons instead of vikings? Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, son of Stoick the Vast, had never known the comfort of man. His mot...
The Dragon Master and Mistress by itsallaboutships
The Dragon Master and Mistressby Phoebe Cardenas
meet the dragon master and his mistress a hiccstrid runaway story
Lost and Found: Family by Cloverpool
Lost and Found: Familyby Cloverpool
A fifteen year old boy. Skinny, forgotten, alone. No one liked him; he was a natural disaster. He runs away one day, with his only friend, and finds someone he though...
Frozen2- HTTYD3 : Hidden World BOOK 3 by Bringmeback_18
Frozen2- HTTYD3 : Hidden World Brıŋg Me-Bʌck
Elsa, Anna and Kristoff and Olaf and Sven come to visit Hiccup to berk because they have not visited him before. Hiccup begins to remember what his father was saying whe...
How to train your dragon-Like Mother, Like Son. by Alishba37
How to train your dragon-Like PokemonMaster37
What if Hiccup and Valka both had the souls of dragons? What if Hiccup had exactly the same eye color as Toothless and they could turn into slits when angry, irritated o...
OUR LOVE- hiccstrid by writing222
OUR LOVE- hiccstridby writing222
When Princess Astrid's mother Queen Ingrid dies, her father starts receiving threats of war from the neighbouring kingdom the Outcasts, lead by Alvin the Treacherous. Fe...
HTTYD: Lost Son of Berk by PeterParkerStark19
HTTYD: Lost Son of Berkby Peter Parker
This is a story of the Lost Son of Berk. The story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, and how he became the legend known as...the Dragon Master!
Hiccup's Journey by FantasyWriter345
Hiccup's Journeyby FantasyWriter345
Hiccup is tired of living on Berk. So he and Toothless decide to leave to go on a journey of discovery. Along the way, they find new lands, make new friends, discover ne...
Mysterious Rider by MinaTano
Mysterious Riderby Laylah Thomas
Hiccup was five years old when he was snatched up by a Night Fury in a raid and was never seen again. 15 years later, Berk is on another hunt for the nest, but things go...
The Dragon Keeper (HTTYD2 x Reader Story) by Galactic_Timezone
The Dragon Keeper (HTTYD2 x Galactic
At the age of four Y/n was taken by a Shadow fury to the Dragon Sanctuary where she discovered she could understand dragons. From then on she would be raised by dragons...
The half missing family(httyd) by lifecan
The half missing family(httyd)by lifecan
What if hiccup was not bored before valka gets taken and only lives with his Mother and the dragons around him untell one day a boat hits there island will there lives c...
An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2) by Galactic_Timezone
An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2)by Galactic
Iris used to be Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's best friend. Helping him train Toothless and defending him from the others, but after he became popular she was totally f...
Renegade  (a HTTYD runaway story) by Emoimerh
Renegade (a HTTYD runaway story)by Amaj Ikman
Complete!!! Hiccup was always a nuisance to the vikings on Berk. He was viewed as a runt, a shame, and a screw up. That all changed when he became the top of dragon trai...
How To Protect Your Dragon (Hiccup x Reader 3)  by OneArtsyGamer03
How To Protect Your Dragon ( Art ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** Ah, Berk. Located in the middle of nowhere, the people aren't too normal, and, oh yes, Dragons! Only... This island is getting a little too crowded... ...
I ran away for good... I think... by Mikki1233
I ran away for good... I Mikayla Scott
When Hiccup gets the honour to kill the Monstrous Nightmare in Dragon Training, he decides that he must leave Berk to protect his best friend Toothless. What will happen...
Toothless Found His Mate  by rirenLover
Toothless Found His Mate by ~~~ angel fox ~~~
Hiccup Is a dragon and so is toothless First chapter will explain 😗 Art is not mine unless I say so ( don't copy my art please ) I do not own httyd ,if I did I would...
Night Rider by Hermione_Hofferson
Night Riderby Hermione Di Hofferson
Night Rider - A httyd and Hiccstrid book. -Astrid's pov- 8 years. That's how long it has been. 8 lonely, cold, devastating years of my life that I will never get back. E...
Love At First Flight: Toothless x Reader |!ADOPTED!| by ArrikkaXDD
Love At First Flight: Toothless //
A Nightlight a species of the 'Unholy' offspring of death a Night fury and a Light fury, this is Y/n she is a Nightlight and a very powerful one, she has spent her life...
The Wild Stryke by Lightningfelix
The Wild Strykeby Cerulean_Arctic
Perhaps one of the rarest dragons is the Triple Stryke, a huge dragon with three scorpion-like tails, a barbed hide, explosive firepower and speed only rivalled by the N...