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Arknights: Fractured Memories by Immortality_Sucks
Arknights: Fractured Memoriesby Immortality Sucks
Rosmontis doesn't remember much about her past. The second she woke up she was riddled with bandages and other medical stuff she can't seem to remember the name off, eve...
A Page of Thoughts by MatthewsonGibs
A Page of Thoughtsby Matt(ress)
Art by "the empty trip" on Pixiv One-shots, or two-shots of various topics. HoloLive or anime, mostly. I will include games now and then as well. I will make...
The Courier's of Remnant by combatmonster44
The Courier's of Remnantby combatmonster44
What if the rocket exploded inside the Divide where the two courier known as six aka Y/n L/n and Ulysses where at them in a few others that six knew got blasted into ano...
5 Ways I Made LibreOffice Work For Me by HatedLove6
5 Ways I Made LibreOffice Work For...by HatedLove6
5 ways I made LibreOffice comparable to writing software, such as Scrivener and Ulysses, just enough for me that I actually use it instead of wasting money on features I...
University essay collection by magicseeker
University essay collectionby magicseeker
A compilation of university essays made the night before the due date.
Feito/Sābanto Mu siegen by Kurondaiku_Aoi-ashi
Feito/Sābanto Mu siegenby Umi … no Koufuku.
A fan-fiction of the sequel "Feito/Sutei Naito." The five-star rated anime in fighting. This fiction is a continued love story between Shirou Emiya and Arturia...
Ulysses O'Mooney by BrendanONeill
Ulysses O'Mooneyby Brendan O'Neill
A young alien crash-lands in Ireland in 1969 and has to find a way back home helped or hindered by eccentric locals, the U.S and Soviet superpowers, friendly talking ani...
Please Mr. Postman by QueenDragonie
Please Mr. Postmanby Dragonie
The multiverse contains an infinite number of possibilities, but two things are constant across all parallel worlds: 1) Ulysses is always supremely, intensely Extra...
Ulysses owners by Mielia13
Ulysses ownersby sciya li sans
this is not a story! its a list of the people that own one of my closed species characters.
Voyage Out by MireillePavane
Voyage Outby MireillePavane
Lucia and Charley are the products of Old New York's ruling elite. Prestige. Wealth. Tradition. Scandal. No one is immune. Not Charley, reckless, blithe courtier of trou...
The Experience of Being Alive by HillelCooperman
The Experience of Being Aliveby Hillel Cooperman
What happens to characters in books when the book isn't being read? Where do they go? What do they do? Find out through the eyes of Binny Jordan, a character in a relati...
The Legend of Odysseus by ImtiazKaish
The Legend of Odysseusby Imtiaz Kaish
This is my first ever story that I wrote in English.It's a sci-fi modern world fantasy story.Borrowed the legend Odysseus' name.Hope you enjoy it!!
Ulysses AU by bounce2it
Ulysses AUby bounce
title and cover subject to change just a little Franz Ferdinand minific about demons and dreambeings
Make You Mine  by leeash136
Make You Mine by Rae April
Ulysses Markus Davidson is a perfect example of a perfect man. Everybody's ideal guy. Gentleman, respectful, caring, loving - to everyone, except her. 10 years. Althea...
Project M.U.L.E by g1itt3r-b100d
Project M.U.L.Eby g1itt3r-b100d
We've got: -monster girls -emoticon faced, Morse-code speaking girls -insecure, happy bois -and nerdy bois with Irish accents and terrible eyesight :D *Also: there are n...
Regarding Naylons by EdwardWestJr
Regarding Naylonsby Edward West Jr
One of many short stories from Nevarre featuring Ulysses, a traveler with control over magic who often encounters supernatural beings known as esttusir.