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Mute //Joshler// by ladytyler
Mute //Joshler//by Trash™
Tyler is a silent 17 year old who has never spoken. But only through text and notes. Josh is a lonely 18 year old who suffers from depression. When they first meet at...
Love Thy Saint//Joshler by ladytyler
Love Thy Saint//Joshlerby Trash™
Tyler is a Catholic who's family is loving, but very sensitive when it comes to Catholicism. Josh is an atheist who's family is very strict, and they hate him for his s...
Voiceless //Joshler// by ladytyler
Voiceless //Joshler//by Trash™
"You're a pretty boy. What's your name?" Tyler writes his name down on a piece of paper. "My name is Tyler Joseph. I cannot speak." "I have no...
Drown //Joshler// by ladytyler
Drown //Joshler//by Trash™
Josh is Tyler's best friend and wants him to stay alive. Tyler is suicidal and wants to die. Josh likes to swim to have fun. Tyler wants to drown.
Fallen {Joshler} by ladytyler
Fallen {Joshler}by Trash™
"The day he fell was the worst day ever." Tyler and Josh perform at a concert in which Tyler collapses and doesn't get back up.
Six Feet Under [Joshler] by ladytyler
Six Feet Under [Joshler]by Trash™
Josh was born with a rare syndrome that gave him merman abilities, like breathing underwater and living in the ocean. Because of this, he cannot live like normal humans...
Nico And The Niners || Joshler  by ladytyler
Nico And The Niners || Joshler by Trash™
SECOND BOOK IN THE TRENCH SERIES "East is up" Tyler has been taken by Dema. Josh and Jenna are the only ones who can save him. Special thanks to @blurrywhisp...
Snow White {Joshler} by ladytyler
Snow White {Joshler}by Trash™
Young prince Tyler Joseph lives happily with his widowed father, the king, until he remarries a new queen, who is jealous of the little boy's beauty. When she tries to...
Jumpsuit || Joshler by ladytyler
Jumpsuit || Joshlerby Trash™
FIRST BOOK IN THE TRENCH SERIES "Dema don't control us" Tyler is taunted by a demon, known as Blurryface. Josh wants to help him, but he doesn't know that Bl...
Joshler FairyTale Oneshots by ladytyler
Joshler FairyTale Oneshotsby Trash™
Do you enjoy the classic fairytales and Disney Princess movies? Well, would it be more exciting if Tyler and Josh from TØP reenacted those amazing Disney movies we enjo...
dm // tyler joseph by hellshomepage
dm // tyler josephby hellshomepage
"i promise if you vote for me i will answer all my dm's in the next week!" "and if he doesn't respond to yours, vote for me!" ~ "dude..." ...
TEXTS Josh Dun x Tyler Joseph Twenty One Pilots by Aesthetic_Books
TEXTS Josh Dun x Tyler Joseph Twen...by Not-So-Professional
When Tyler Joseph gets the wrong number and accidentally contacts Josh Dun.
keep it up ↠ joshler ✔ by jupitermavericks
keep it up ↠ joshler ✔by in·ad·e·qua·cy
"life is precious, man. appreciate it." "sometimes there's just nothing to appreciate, you know?" --- it's only been a week since high school ended a...
fuckboy - joshler by chubbydobrik
fuckboy - joshlerby mads
tyler joseph is a fuckboy. josh dun is a fuckboy. they're both the top of the school foodchain and conveniently hate each others guts. what happens when a bet goes too...
Twenty One Pilots Imagines  by melody_of_tears
Twenty One Pilots Imagines by Fanatically yours
Feelsy and fluffy imagines from your favorite two man band *requests are open*
chokers :;  joshler + muke by grungymuke
chokers :; joshler + mukeby grungymuke
where tyler and luke go to a new school, and they like to wear chokers and josh and michael like to flirt with them. fem!luke fem!tyler punk!michael punk!josh 2016
Josh Dun, The Dad by joshudun
Josh Dun, The Dadby Angie Thommas
In which josh dun - a single father - (who's wife dies in childbirth) raises a beautiful daughter named beth. (lower case intended)
under the same stars - j.d. by that-weirdgirl
under the same stars - j.d.by kylie_mac
[completed] "could you promise me something?" i nodded, closed my eyes, and took in the warmth of the setting sun. "don't leave me." i looked up and...
Fall Away: Joshler by ladytyler
Fall Away: Joshlerby Trash™
Tyler Joseph has Cardiomyopathy. He's trying to stay alive for his best friend Josh Dun. They soon fall in love. But Josh soon finds out the devastating truth about Ty...