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Everlasting Dawn by the_greywolf
Everlasting Dawnby The Grey Wolf
Most of you may know Sauron as the evil villain of the Lord of The Rings, but few know the true story of how he grew from the beautiful maiar Mairon to the malicious mon...
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The War of the Valar by CirdanGlorfindel
The War of the Valarby CirdanGlorfindel
Morgoth and the Darkness, Manwe and the Light Iluvator and Arda
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The Return (Sequel to The Beginning) by legxcyhaiz
The Return (Sequel to The CEO of Emily Junk
(sequel to The Beginning) 60 years after her passing, she returns older, stronger and smarter than ever. She is still herself, but one thing has changed about her. She h...
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Why? by The_Owlery
Why?by Helena
Why was he alone? A Melkor/Mairon oneshot after the defeat of Melkor. (Cover art is mine)
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I am the Enemy (Thranduil Fanfic) by geckokay
I am the Enemy (Thranduil Fanfic)by Kay
She was an evil elf who had never known love, nor did she plan to. She was raised with orcs and the black speech. When Elrond "rescues" her she meets an old en...
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Guardian Of The Forest by thelostentwives
Guardian Of The Forestby thelostentwives
This story takes place during The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey enjoy
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Wayfarer's by GuardOfMirkwoood
Wayfarer'sby whatchamacallit
This is a story about a alternative ending. Where Sauron gets the one ring and takes dominion over Middle Earth. A small group pushed through to survive these drastic ti...
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The Dark Lady by Dragongirl49
The Dark Ladyby Dragongirl49
An elf, but not a normal elf. She was a trusted servant of Sauron. The Black Lady. The only creature that had compassion in Sauron's armies. What if she nurtured the you...
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Twelve Days of Christmas... Son of Sauron style... by AnodienFirestorm
Twelve Days of Christmas... Son Makenna, Anodien, Alora, Dark...
Son of Sauron... With a twist! Just a little one- shot thing for Legolas and Anodien... Legolas embarrasses the living daylights out of Anodien while she has something e...
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The Valinor Court of Justice ~ Policing Middle-earth by incognitobombur
The Valinor Court of Justice ~ David Kamski
What if Middle-earth had police and laws were enforced to keep everything safe. In this story, each part is a different trial based off of crimes in Tolkien's novels. Wh...
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The journey home ~ the skinchanger book 2 (ON HOLD) by LordOfHobbits
The journey home ~ the Happy Hufflepuff
The Fellowship got one purpose; to save the world. With them is Aspect, a skin-changer known to be both festive and rough. The Fellowship goes through a rough time, and...
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The Ways of a Dragon by planless
The Ways of a Dragonby Hannah
The first time Thranduil entered the mountain, he felt nothing but surprise and shock. The second time he entered the mountain, he almost lost his life. The third time s...
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The Beginning Of Sauron by Stark_Oblivion
The Beginning Of Sauronby Stark•Oblivion
This is a story about a boy who grew up to be the dark lord Sauron. This book is about how he turned evil and what he is and how he came to be who he is now.
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Out of the Darkness (LOTR) by the_mighty_smaug
Out of the Darkness (LOTR)by banana!
set in between LOTR and The Hobbit, this is a story about Saurons daughter, and what happens after she meets Legolas. ;)
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The Lord of the Rings: The Age of Fear Begins by TravisLinton
The Lord of the Rings: The Age Travis Linton
When the Fellowship fails in their quest to destroy the Ring of Power, the survivors flee Middle-Earth and find themselves in a strange land that is war-torn with endles...
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Mistletoe & Dark Vala: YuleTide at Angband [Lord of the Rings] by CJ_Callahan
Mistletoe & Dark Vala: YuleTide CJ_Callahan
Even Dark lord's get that festive feeling...and no one deserves to be alone at Yuletide...right? All credit goes to the man himself, the Professor, JRR Tolkien! I am me...
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Luith of Lothlórien by DropD3adDork
Luith of Lothlórienby Drop Dead Dork
"Who are you?" "Now!? You want to do this now!?" ~~~ Joining what remains of the fellowship of the ring, a girl who has no name must find her way ho...
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Lord of the Mountain (The Hobbit Fanfiction) by ThorinII
Lord of the Mountain (The Hobbit Justin
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The Deceiver by Soviette
The Deceiverby Polska
I'm sure my tale won't fall upon open ears. But if I write this before the water rises and I am lost forever, perhaps someone might gain a glimmer of insight into my tor...
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The Void by NyghtOwl
The Voidby Ashlynn
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