Tear In My Heart//J...
By ladytyler
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The Boy The Colored Haired The Whore It was just them for 2 years straight. Until one day in Los Angeles, the boy (Tyler Joseph) met a girl, who shattered his heart, who could of killed him upon meeting him. She was a whore (Jenna). She only lived on the streets and was paid for love. Tyler bought her and loved on her many times. But his heart started to melt for her. He started to really appreciate her. The colored haired (Josh Dun) was soon forgotten. Each time he reminded Tyler of their relationship, he shunned him away. Josh's heart turned black. He became something he never was in the past. A desperate monster who will do anything to take back who he loved, even if it means he'll spill blood for it. Special thanks to @blurrywhisperer for making the cover!


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Tear In M...
by ladytyler