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When Spring Came || Trunks/Marron DBZ Fanfic by DulcetShoujo
When Spring Came || Trunks/ Mia
A drunken confession to the wrong person is bad. A drunken confession to the wrong person who also happens to be your childhood frenemy is even worse. After a devastatin...
Raindrops by DulcetShoujo
Raindropsby Mia
Marron moves to West City, chasing her dreams as a fashion writer. Trunks disillusioned with life finds a new spark through a rekindled friendship. What will become of t...
Dragon Ball: The Sentiments Beneath the Surface  by icecream8114
Dragon Ball: The Sentiments icecream8114
Goku....a saiyan, protector of Earth. Dead for 7 years now. This greatly impacted all of his friends, but mostly his family. Milk can't withstand the grief, while Gohan...
Legally Blonde by DulcetShoujo
Legally Blondeby Mia
T/M Legally Blonde AU: Marron Chestnut, a fashionable sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to West City University. While she is there sh...
Te amare Para siempre *trumar* by mili_alexaa
Te amare Para siempre *trumar*by mili_alexaa
Son dos jovenes que se Conocen desde niños. Y bueno despues biene el amor.<3
Playful Kiss (DBZ) by DulcetShoujo
Playful Kiss (DBZ)by Mia
[Hiatus] T/M Trunks Ouji Briefs is the prince of the school. Marron is just a lowly little speck crushing oh-so-hard on him. But when fate brings them to stay under the...
Mend My Heart (DBZ) by DulcetShoujo
Mend My Heart (DBZ)by Mia
[ONESHOT]"Because everything I see is a constant reminder of what I don't have and what I do want." Three months after visiting the present timeline a second t...